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  1. Hello, when I add P3Dv5 sceneries with the Organizer addon, I miss the buildings in many sceneries. What is the reason?
  2. After installing the FS2Crew Majestic Dash P3D v5 package I have to add the US language pack to Windows 10 Unfortunately my German keyboard layout changes to the US style. Is it possible to use the QWERTZ keyboard?
  3. Hi serviceceiling, thanks for replay! Unfortunately was my description not precise. My controls are HOTAS -Thrustmaster joystick and dual throttle. The joystick has no twist function. The rudder control is driven by the slider on the dual throttle unit. Letter Rz does not work! In FSUIPC is it letter Z. Kind regards
  4. Hi guys, many attempts to config my HOTAS-THRUSTMASTER in the MJC84-PRO-ini (125 Hz) are frustrating. All buttons work very well but only the slider-axis concerning the rudder doesn't work. I can't find the correct letter to assign. Is there anybody who can help me? Thanks
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