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  1. Hello, have exactly the same problem by the end of 2019. I tried all possibilities (firewall out, run OC as admin, having newest OC etc.). Support from PMDG was also quite good in the beginning, but after the 3rd or 4th mail changes, when the possibilities to solve the problem became less and less, my ticket was deleted without further notice. On my request for an alternative download link, and my statement that such problem solutions are not the task of the buyer, this was not answered either, and deleted again. Quite honestly, this is completely unacceptable behavior. With PMDG I am ready for all times! Greetings Ingo
  2. Wilco asap. Same happens when you change landing runway at destination airport. In this case, only the next coming waypoint is visible on the MFD and in LNAV mode the aircraft flies over it, without having an idea were to go next. Only solution is to make a further new DTO shortly after crossing this waypoint to get to the next coming waypoint. In this scenario both MFD's are effected. Greetings Ingo
  3. Hi folks, When I have made a DTO into an existing waypoint in the FMC, no or a broken magenta line appears in the MFD 1. In MFD 2 it's okay. What could be the reason? Greetings Ingo
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