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  1. Great little airplane, even if it does try to kill me every 5 seconds! Does anyone know how to start the engines on the jet model if you commence the flight parked on the apron cold and dark? Couldn't work it out.
  2. Love the plane overall, having not previously owned a version the price felt reasonable to me. One thing I have encountered is a tendency to roll left once airborne. Almost like a torque induced roll you'd get in a large prop aircraft. Has anyone else seen this?
  3. Couple of observations. Not sure where AH does their support, as I see no link to a forum. If there is one, perhaps someone could kindly point me at it? Summary: I really like it! There are, however, some things that might need polishing. - Texturing is amazing all round, but I notice some speckling on the flight deck windows once you're moving, and on the right side window you can make out the reflection of the engine. It's almost as if the external reflection is showing up on the inside of the pane? - On the external model, the spinning prop blade blur is visible at all times. Even with engines off, you can see the stationary prop blades and also the blur disc. - White tail light is always on, even with aircraft de-powered. - The engine sound is quite 'tinny' to my ears, and suffers from considerable phasing, especially on the ground. Also engine RPM sound appears to be tied to the MAP setting and not the RPM itself. - Performance is buttery smooth from the 30 minute flight I took. - The flight model is excellent and one of the best hand-flying models I've encountered. Feels very stable and is very easy to fly hands off. - The Sperry autopilot works really well. I do wonder of the pitch index control dial should be labelled L and R though, and not UP and DN, or similar? - The gear operation is going to take quite some time to get used to, though that's hardly a fault, it's just... idiosyncratic, shall we say? - I am a little confused about the blower high and low settings. I was in the cruise at 4000ft, 30" MAP with the blowers in HI. I switched them to LOW and then re-set 30" MAP. The aircraft then performed better at the equivalent power setting, Perhaps this is a misunderstanding on my part of how the blowers impact on engine performance at lower levels? Interested in everyone's thoughts, and whether anyone else is seeing the same as me above?
  4. Thanks again Gennadly, the second picture is where I live, funnily enough!
  5. Thanks for the comprehensive reply Gennadly! Will look into it.
  6. Hi Gennadly, Can I please ask what PTA preset(s) you were using for photos 1,2 and 5 (if any)? Great images all round! Cheers Mark
  7. I don't mean this to come across as rude, but why didn't you mention that in your first post then? I've spent 10-15 minutes of my morning trying to help you find an answer that you already had, because you didn't outline the efforts you had already made. Like I said, I don't mean that to be rude - and I apologise if it comes across that way - but if you need help with a problem, the least you should do is outline the specific problem you face, and the steps you've taken to deal with it. At any rate, and setting all that aside, the aerosoft Antarctica X scenery has never given me any performance issues, mainly because it's very sparse scenery. Perhaps you could go to the aerosoft forums and ask them to help you with what might be causing the problem.
  8. I'd say there is a good chance that there is a freeware offering out there. Search the file libraries here and on any other FS sites that you use.
  9. Perhaps you could be more specific? What problems exactly - you're looking for it and can't locate it physically in the sim, or you can't locate it in a third-party add-on's nav database? The aerosoft Antarctica X product has a season configurator that adjusts - among other things - the extent of the sea ice around Ross Island and McMurdo sound. If I recall correctly it also makes some of the seasonal ice runways appear/disappear. Not sure if NZWD is one of the airfields affected by this. If the issue is nav database related, it would help to know what add-on you are using. I know for a fact that the PMDG add-ons have Phoenix field (NZFX) in the database, as I have operated there from NZCH on a number of occasions. Pretty sure that NZIR (The seasonal ice runway) is also there. In short, I hope something in the above response helps you, but if not, you'll need to provide more information in order that anyone here can assist.
  10. Lake Station Airstrip. Flown through here IRL a few times over the years. Very scenic spot! https://goo.gl/maps/ZB19o7sxYTb6i6Ar5
  11. It might not be quite what you meant, but if you take off in warmer temperatures and climb at 96kts at climb power you will fairly quickly get a gearbox overheat warning. You need to increase airspeed to about 106kts to alleviate/avoid this.
  12. Fair question Bert, and the answer appears to be no. There is a retrofit called 'insight' and of course there are some proline retrofits as well, which makes more sense I guess.
  13. Hi Mark, and all, After sitting on the fence for some months I finally took the plunge and purchased the FA50 and I'm very impressed. In addition, I think Wickedbacon deserves considerable credit for bringing the visuals up to the high standard of the system implementation. The combination of his work and your airplane makes this a true top-shelf add-on in my opinion. My question is whether FSW might consider supporting the VC implementation of the Flight1 G500/600 gauges? These appear to operate in a similar vein to the GTN navigators in that the gauges run with the Garmin trainer in the background. I would consider the FA50 an excellent candidate for a glass cockpit retrofit, and it seems sad to me that more developers haven't taken on the challenge of adding these gauges to their VC. Interested in people's thoughts on whether they would support this as a feature? For my money I would probably alternate between the two of them, being a big fan of steam gauge and hybrid flight decks! Cheers Mark
  14. General thoughts, i like what the program does but it is quite aggressive. I flew into YMML last night with winds in the 14 Gusting 24 range, straight down RW34, and the turbulence was severe all the way down from about 6000ft. No turbulence mentioned in the METAR or TAF and winds aloft were not particularly high., Certainly there are some ActiveSky sliders that can be tweaked here but overall I'm enjoying the challenge!
  15. I have acquired Realturb oceania but haven't had a chance to fly yet. I'll pop back here to post my thoughts once I've had a chance to fly it.
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