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  1. markadeane

    B747-8 Beta Program Bug Report- FULL DISCLOSURE

    I've been doing most of my testing in and around Australia and as yet I've not splattered any bugs, then again it IS mid/late winter there right now. Autumn and early winter in parts of Oz is Bogong Moth season, and those swarming suckers can really cover your airplane. Currently planning a series of long-hauls from YSSY through KSFO, EGLL and VHHX so I'm sure I'll have a very exotic bug collection by the time I am back in Sydney!
  2. A TO thrust derate would likely be called for here.
  3. markadeane

    Where Did You Start At?

    Flight Simulator II on the Amiga was the first one for me. Honorable mentions on the Amiga were: - F/A-18 Interceptor (with its faux top-gun intro music) - Fighter Bomber - F-19 Stealth Fighter (massive gameplay area and the first truly immersive flight sim I played, good career mode as well) - Wings! (A bit arcadey but had an excellent back story) - Lancaster (totally arcadey but fun) At some point in the early 90's my Dad got an IBM compatible laptop, which I immediately got FS 5.1 for. No sound card so the prop and jet sounds were just a buzz form the PC speaker! After much saving (and probably a bit of begging) I got the Japan, New York and Caribbean packs for that sim over the course of a few years. I can still remember going into the computer store and just staring at the box for New York, admiring the detail of the city. Along the way I had FS98, and FS2002, and then FS9 and beyond.
  4. markadeane

    Beta Preview - 747-8i Over New Zealand

    Mark, Air NZ has a 77W, 787, ATR72, and a Dash 8 each in a black scheme almost identical to this. I'm told it has a negligible impact on temperatures but incurs a not-inconsiderable weight penalty, particularly on the larger aircraft.
  5. Good evening Gents, Some pictures taken last night showing the 747-8i in fictitious Air New Zealand colours. All credit for this livery goes to Pete Sterling, who does amazing work I think we can all agree. Flight was over ORBX NZSI on a test flight where I had enough time to step outside! Remember this is a BETA at present, so any errors or oddities are still being worked on. That said, I think PMDG has definitely done a fine job on this model! Larger formats available directly through the flickr links. Enjoy! 2018-7-10_22-33-22-159 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr 2018-7-10_22-33-33-229 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr 2018-7-10_22-34-37-626 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr 2018-7-10_22-42-22-804 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr 2018-7-10_22-42-26-709 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr 2018-7-10_22-49-30-297 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr 2018-7-10_23-34-55-289 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr 2018-7-10_23-44-52-388 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr 2018-7-10_22-48-39-547 Panorama by Mark Adeane, on Flickr 2018-7-10_22-51-52-994 Panorama by Mark Adeane, on Flickr
  6. markadeane

    My morning ritual and AirDailyX

    Hi Steve, long time no see. FSElite, Avsim and ADX are pretty much my go to sites although as you say ADX quality/frequency is variable to be honest. Beyond that you are looking at youtube identities like Froogle for example, or following the facebook 'channels' for your favoured developers. Cheers Mark
  7. markadeane

    Prepar3d V4.3 has been released

    I heard a guy refer to it as "Pree-Parr-three-dee" recently and my eye twitched for a good five minutes. Now I can't hear it mentally any other way!
  8. 744 is my suggestion.. Similar overhead layout to the 748 and the dynamics of a 4-engine jet are somewhat different to those of a 2-engine jet. As Kyle said, the automated 777-style aspects of the 748 are things that are relatively straightforward to pick up.
  9. markadeane

    747 and Active Sky P3D V4 CTD

    Teofilo, What Dan says is correct, currently you should select your desired airport, time/season and weather along with the default airplane (the F22). Once it has completed loading then you can use the P3D menu to select the 747 and it should load fine. If you've tried this and it still doesn't work then fair enough, there may be another issue.
  10. markadeane

    Like to purchase but

    Danny, PMDG aircraft come with a range of "panel states" which define the configuration of the various systems when you load the aircraft in the sim. These range from completely shut down (aka "cold and dark") all the way through to fully powered up and ready to taxi. At a bare minimum you can start with the engines running and then load a flightplan, enter your takeoff weights and calculate the required takeoff speeds. This is not too complicated after a few practice runs and is well-covered in the tutorials. A cold and dark panel state will require you to spend about 15-20 minutes minimum powering systems up, then loading a flightplan as well as weights and takeoff speeds. Again there is plenty of documentation available to help you through these processes, and it is a large part of the immersion! The forums will also be available to you to help you through the learning curve. Once you know what you're doing it becomes second nature.
  11. Kevin, I was making a joke with respect to the log running PMDG pogo stick gag. 😉 I have no idea how Prepar3D models springs, or indeed if it even does.
  12. Well we wouldn't want them just relying on the native P3D spring modelling. I'd want to see them do their own complex algorithms outside of the sim. 😆
  13. Not worth doing unless you model the spring tension in accordance with the principles of Hookes Law. (Seriously, google Hooke's Law - I am amazed at the extent to which the properties of a spring have been evaluated by science!)
  14. markadeane

    Good First Airliner

    600/700 expansion provides you with the model-specific system differences and the aircraft DO all fly slightly differently, certainly enough that you'll notice it. One thing you could do is start with the 800/900 and if you enjoy the experience enough then branch out into the smaller models. A couple of additional points to add to my post from earlier. I tend to fly a mix of GA and RPT stuff usually (although during PMDG beta periods I do 100% heavy iron!) and from that 'mixed mode' type of flying I would say the 737 is a good bridge with which to cross the GA/Airliner divide. You can operate it largely from takeoff to landing on autopilot, but equally it hand-flies very well and can even be flown in the pattern using a combination of pitch attitude and power settings and raw data. Remember that the 737 is an aircraft that a lot of relatively inexperienced pilots start their airline career on, so it isn't a stretch to replicate that in the sim with your experience so far. If you are confident flying IFR in GA, and are meticulous with your forward planning, you shouldn't have too much trouble making that transition.
  15. markadeane

    Good First Airliner

    NGX would be the easier option in the first instance due to the higher level of automation, and above all is a fantastic aircraft. Q400 will make you work much harder, and being a turboprop., needs to be handled somewhat differently but is equally a great aircraft.