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  1. markadeane

    Thank you for your service...

    New Zealand does have a certain, "get on with the job, you're not in it for the recognition" type of culture. We often talk about tall-poppy syndrome as being a cornerstone of the NZ psyche. People who self-promote or are even seen to be self-promoting are often cut down (hence, tall poppy). The notional NZ heroes, usually All Blacks Rugby Captains, ANZAC soldiers and the like, are typically self-effacing and un-welcoming of attention and praise, at least outwardly! Few people would stop emergency services or active duty military personnel in the street to thank them for their service, largely because there is a perception that these people would not want the attention. That said, the annual ANZAC day dawn services draw thousands of people who want to pay respect to those who have served in the military. The one in Wellington is typically well attended by old and young alike, regardless of the weather. Its a strange feeling to silently walk the streets of your town in the pre-dawn calm, surrounded by thousands of people doing the same thing!
  2. EDIT: Kyle beat me to it.
  3. markadeane

    The Vertx DA62 Coming soon to Prepar3D v4

    Sean Moloney is involved so the pedigree of this is looking pretty solid.
  4. markadeane

    B748 Holding problem

    Thanks Chris I'll take a look at this when I next get a chance. Based on your parameters that should be a direct entry.
  5. markadeane

    B748 Holding problem

    I did a bit of hold testing early on in beta and had no issues with the three entries when I tried it. Could you advise your exact holding parameters and I'll attempt to replicate. Cheers
  6. markadeane

    747-8 let down

    To be honest Matt, there was so much champagne on the PMDG Beta Testers Yacht I couldn't tell whether we were partying in Aruba or the Bahamas half the time, let alone what 747 I was testing. 😉
  7. Probably my favourite difference is the MTOW increase. Load up the airplane to MTOW and try a flaps 10 takeoff, don't forget to do your takeoff calcs in the EFB. V2 ends up being a whisker shy of 200kts, and the takeoff roll feels like it goes on forever!
  8. markadeane

    747-8 let down

    It'll certainly help with the 'non-functioning items', which I can assure you all work if you know what you're doing, hence the suggestion you read the manuals. Flightplan building is not really any different to the -400.
  9. Eric, I'm sure it depends on the specific brand or model of mouse to an extent, and also whether you can assign the middle mouse button behaviour via a program of some sort. I have my middle mouse button functioning in the way you describe, and the Beta 747-8 ECL worked nicely with it.
  10. The 748F at MTOW is quite something. Using Flap 10 for departure your V2 speed is a whisker away from 200kts. Out of YSSY on a 24 degree afternoon with TOGA thrust, the takeoff roll felt like it went on forever. The rattling and shaking at those kind of ground speeds is pretty impressive too!
  11. markadeane

    B747-8 Beta Program Bug Report- FULL DISCLOSURE

    I've been doing most of my testing in and around Australia and as yet I've not splattered any bugs, then again it IS mid/late winter there right now. Autumn and early winter in parts of Oz is Bogong Moth season, and those swarming suckers can really cover your airplane. Currently planning a series of long-hauls from YSSY through KSFO, EGLL and VHHX so I'm sure I'll have a very exotic bug collection by the time I am back in Sydney!
  12. A TO thrust derate would likely be called for here.
  13. markadeane

    Where Did You Start At?

    Flight Simulator II on the Amiga was the first one for me. Honorable mentions on the Amiga were: - F/A-18 Interceptor (with its faux top-gun intro music) - Fighter Bomber - F-19 Stealth Fighter (massive gameplay area and the first truly immersive flight sim I played, good career mode as well) - Wings! (A bit arcadey but had an excellent back story) - Lancaster (totally arcadey but fun) At some point in the early 90's my Dad got an IBM compatible laptop, which I immediately got FS 5.1 for. No sound card so the prop and jet sounds were just a buzz form the PC speaker! After much saving (and probably a bit of begging) I got the Japan, New York and Caribbean packs for that sim over the course of a few years. I can still remember going into the computer store and just staring at the box for New York, admiring the detail of the city. Along the way I had FS98, and FS2002, and then FS9 and beyond.
  14. markadeane

    Beta Preview - 747-8i Over New Zealand

    Mark, Air NZ has a 77W, 787, ATR72, and a Dash 8 each in a black scheme almost identical to this. I'm told it has a negligible impact on temperatures but incurs a not-inconsiderable weight penalty, particularly on the larger aircraft.
  15. Good evening Gents, Some pictures taken last night showing the 747-8i in fictitious Air New Zealand colours. All credit for this livery goes to Pete Sterling, who does amazing work I think we can all agree. Flight was over ORBX NZSI on a test flight where I had enough time to step outside! Remember this is a BETA at present, so any errors or oddities are still being worked on. That said, I think PMDG has definitely done a fine job on this model! Larger formats available directly through the flickr links. Enjoy! 2018-7-10_22-33-22-159 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr 2018-7-10_22-33-33-229 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr 2018-7-10_22-34-37-626 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr 2018-7-10_22-42-22-804 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr 2018-7-10_22-42-26-709 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr 2018-7-10_22-49-30-297 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr 2018-7-10_23-34-55-289 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr 2018-7-10_23-44-52-388 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr 2018-7-10_22-48-39-547 Panorama by Mark Adeane, on Flickr 2018-7-10_22-51-52-994 Panorama by Mark Adeane, on Flickr