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  1. Out of context, that sentence is one of the most unhinged things I've ever read!
  2. I can't find the archived webpage now, but the Reality XP Airbus looked amazing from a graphical standpoint. The screen reflections and light casting on the underside of the glareshield looked so far ahead of its time in the 'early noughts'. I put hundreds of hours into the Wilco series airbus products around the same time, and they were respectable enough. It is amazing to think how far we've come!
  3. This reminds me of that hokey old gag about the aircraft maintenance write-up: PILOT: Autoland on this aircraft is excessively firm MECHANIC: Autoland not fitted on this aircraft
  4. Hi Bob, You could also use the skyvector.com website, which has enroute charts for the whole world. Go to that website, then at top right, click "World Lo". You'll then be able to move around the world map to locate your desired airport pair, and see the various routes and waypoints you could enter between the two. Once you get a little more confident, I'd recommend going to www.aip.net.nz, where you can get all of our Aeronautical charts for the various airports. This will help you with locating the Initial approach fix for a given approach. Most airports have a specific page of "Standard Route Clearances" which show the usual routes used between there and other commonly flown destinations. At a bare minimum you could pick the first waypoint in the clearance, then depart visually to that point. I agree, it's a fun aircraft. What they've done well, they've done very well. It does need some polishing on a number of key areas that directly affect the usability, and it's easy to get the autopilot in a muddle if you go clicking the wrong button at the wrong time, but for the money it's a good proposition.
  5. G'day Bob, If you don't have navigraph nav data installed, then it's possible TOONA isn't in the simulators native database. It falls on route Q718 which isn't typically used for arrivals into Auckland. If you don't wish to load a STAR then I would suggest GITUK then LENGU as an alternative for RWY 05R. If you're going to 23L, you could just go direct to EMRAG
  6. We might not be able to help with the dishes, Noel, but I think everyone here would agree we're happy to talk with you after each meal if it's company you want or need. My sincerest condolences on the passing of your wife.
  7. I opted out of the SU12 beta after it had started (but before I had run MSFS and pulled the new content). I found that the content in the C:\Users\<name>\Appdata folder structure was removed, but the rest of my install on a separate drive was OK. Also the MSFS icon in my start menu was gone. I used the Xbox app to launch MSFS and it downloaded a 2.4GB 'update'. Then I was able to launch MSFS but had to point the install location back to my secondary drive. After that, it loaded fine, but I lost all of my settings bar the controller profiles. Mildly annoying, but I knew that it was a risk before I signed up for AAU1. To be honest I'll think twice before I opt back in to any future betas.
  8. I went from no traffic on the initial release to having traffic after the update. I flew YSSY-NZAA last night, and while there wasn't a LOT of traffic, there was indeed traffic at departure, enroute and destination. I haven't tried any of the large airports like KLAX or EGLL yet. I would update and see for yourself.
  9. Mine is at C:\Users\<My Username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_<random letters/numbers>\LocalCache\UserCfg.opt I made this file read-only early on, and only make it editable if I want to change settings. I've never had MSFS2020 revert any of those settings unilaterally. Hope that helps.
  10. What do you see? Momentary dusk effect? Or just the moon blocking the sun?
  11. For those getting the disconnects, where are you flying? It seems to be a particularly big problem in new Zealand, but nowhere else for me personally.
  12. Is the OP thinking of the Bredok3d 737 perhaps? I can't vouch for that aircraft as I don't have it, but the PMDG 737's all have appropriately modelled handling characteristics, including the subtle differences between the -600, -700 and -800. If you roll into a turn in a swept wing jet and don't apply the requisite back pressure, you are going to lose altitude. The subjective impression of how much back pressure is required will be at least partly influenced by what hardware you are using and the axis sensitivity settings you have in-sim.
  13. By any chance are you switching between tiller and rudder steering? On the top of the steering tiller by your left knee there is a button "PEDALS DISC". With the button pressed in you have full nosewheel steering for taxi. With the button not pressed in, you have rudder control and a limited nosewheel steering authority. General rule of thumb is press the button after your engine start and before you taxi, then when lined up on the runway before takeoff press it again. Once you've landed and slowed to a suitable speed for leaving the runway, press it in again. There isn't a keybind yet for you to map it to a joystick button but hopefully in the next update? What you're describing does sound like you are landing with the button pressed in already. Cheers
  14. Sounds like you mean Milford Sound, and not Masterton (NZMS) which is a long way north, though I could recommend a few great cross country routes from there also, as it is my RL base for flying. Here's what I would do. This has no regard for ATC or controlled airspace, just the best scenic route. If you have Accuseason, I suggest you set your date to late April to see the spectacular autumnal colours in this area. Also if you have the ORBX mesh for NZ, the terrain will be a lot more accurate. Depart Milford and head west, climb to cross the homer saddle at 5000ft and follow the valley out. There is a road running along the floor of this valley, when you see it go out of sight to the right, make a right turn of about 60 degrees. There is then a mountain range in front of you with a couple of saddles that lead to Lake Wakatipu (Queenstown). Track via the southern shore of the lake past Queenstown, admiring the Remarkables Range at your right as you pass. Carry on past the airport to follow the Kawerau gorge to Cromwell. From Cromwell track NNE along the eastern shore of lake Dunstan and follow the highway (State Highway 8 ) up and over the Lindis Pass (3500ft) then down to Omarama. Keep following SH8 to the southern end of Lake Pukaki and then up to NZGT from there. This part of the country has a most stunning barren feel to it. I'm not sure if MSFS2020 has the colour of Lake Pukaki correct as I haven't flown down there VFR but in real life it is a brilliant turquoise blue due to the glacial flour deposited in the lake. Google KMZ showing the rough plan here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-TymIbGPEC0Qwsk508q6GvfRXly510EH/view?usp=sharing
  15. Check your rudder trim. I just completed a flight and during the shutdown flows I saw that the rudder trim was out to the right a unit or two. No idea why as I hadn't (knowingly) touched it at all. On my second leg now and will keep an eye out for it.
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