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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I gave this a shot and it seems to work as advertised. I am happy with the purchase.
  2. On my (not so up to date) system, setting the slider on the lowest setting resolved my blurries issue. I guess your mileage will vary. I would suggest testing with a light-on-resources aircraft in an area which you find is prone to blurries, while keeping all other variables (other than the tessellation slider) equal. I would also suggest setting it at the lowest setting first to see if there is any appreciable change.
  3. Did you try reducing the tessellation slider?
  4. Hey Ryan, Switching HDR on seems to alleviate the problem, particularly when used with the settings suggested in: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/465890-p3d-hdr-brightness-mod-bright-daytime-and-dark-night/ I never really liked the default HDR settings, but these settings make it useable.
  5. Hi Ryan, I have a GTX 660Ti. I've never had this problem until P3D v2.4. It too suspect that it's a card setting/driver related issue. I'll flag it to LM, should a solution not be forthcoming. At least I know it's been observed by others with different hardware/settings.
  6. I've been experiencing an issue, specifically a visual artifact in the sky (banding) as per the screenshots below. I've started observing this since v2.4 (no issues in v2.3 and earlier versions). The artifact tend to be more pronounced than what is depicted in the screenshots. The resolution is set to 1920x1080x32 in both Windows and P3Dv2. Any help to resolve this would be greatly appreciated. I should add that this happens with both default sky textures or with REX4 textures, but I'm convinced the problem isn't related to the textures.
  7. Curbz, How are you getting nVidia inspector to work? I have followed a few of the setups suggested on AVSIM, including Rob's, but I can't get it to force/enhance AA for love nor money. I have a 660Ti.
  8. Hi all, I've followed the several instructions recommended on this forum to get nVidia Inspector to force AA in P3D v2.4. I followed the several methods/settings to the letter, but to no avail. P3D v2.4 on my machine that sports a modest GeForce 660ti, "refuses" to comply. Would anyone know if this might be an issue with this particular card (that would be odd, I suppose), or of a sure-fire way to get Inspector to work? I've tried, but was not overly impressed with the results, and would rather opt for 2xSGSS, if I can get it to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Resounding 1, but (there is always a but), it would be nice to see a concrete "roadmap" towards the resolution of long-in-the-tooth problems with this platform that afflict some if not all simmers using this platform: The micro/0.5 second/[insert your neologism here]-stutters Blurries The dramatic loss of performance in the notorious black holes of the sim, namely the Seattle area, London, Milan (and potentially others) As of recently, an issue with aircraft carrier lights, and wake effect (I appreciate this is a niche request) These issues would be really great to resolve, and it would be great to see Lockheed Martin devote attention to these issues over and above eye-candy items that are usually found in their request list, like sloping runways, etc. But then again my interests/priorities as a simmer are probably different from their commercial goals/imperatives/etc. Just my unsolicited 2 cents/pennies.
  10. issgazer, many thanks for the workaround! Shame you have to faff around to get it to work fully in P3D, but at least it does! The workaround also works for the Duke soundpack!
  11. I am glad it is working for you.
  12. Well hopefully it will show up at some point tomorrow without having the onus of having to prove the purchase. In any case, enjoy your NGX.
  13. Not everyone will see it "there" as you suggest.....
  14. Hi Jimmy,

    Afraid not. Re-installing FSX from scratch. What joy!


  15. Hi,

    I have exactly the same problem, are you able to resolve it?



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