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  1. masterofdoh

    Blurred Scenery

    Ok, now it is getting crazy.... I've started a flight with the suggested settings and got this : Any Ideas? Masterofdoh
  2. masterofdoh

    Blurred Scenery

    So, I've found the slider ( I've must hev been blind) but I tied it on full/med/low already but nothing changed... I'll delete the Aff. Mask from the .cfg and will leave the tesselation on medium and give it a try... Thanks for all your answers... I'll post the result later... Thank you masterofdoh
  3. masterofdoh

    Blurred Scenery

    There is no slider, just a checkbox...
  4. masterofdoh

    Blurred Scenery

    So, I know that this was discussed many times, but I've tried nearly every fix for this and there is no change. Sometimes the textures are excellent ( ) and sometines they are horrible ( ) The crazy thing is, that both pictures are taken in the same flight. I've tried Low-End, Mirgrange and High end settings in P3D, made any tweak to my p3d.cfg that i was able to find, but nothing worked. Also, independent to the settings and twaks i do, the performance is horrible. In an Aerosoft Airbus A318 at FL 380 over Italy I have at maximum 10 FPS. Tweaks and seting changes don't made a difference. Even a reinstall hasn't fixed it. My Hardware: AMD FX-8350 with 8 Cores @ 4GHz , a GTX 680 with 4GB RAM, 16GB DDR3 RAM, Win 10 Pro. My addons are: EZDok, ORBX Global/Vector/Open LC, Rex 4 + Soft Clouds, Active Sky Next, Approaching Innsbruck X (Via the Migration Tool) and the AS Airbus. My P3D.cfg is : Thanks in advance, masterofdoh
  5. Moin erstmal. Ich habe folgendes Problem: Die Szenerie in P3D ist manchmal "rattenscharf" (Bild 1) und manchmal unglaublich verschwommen (Bild 2). Beide Bilder wurden im gleichen Flug aufgenommen. Ich habe "sämtliches versucht was ich finden konnte, von p3d.cfg tweaks über low-end Einstellungen mittlere Einstellungen und hohe Einstellungen, aber nichts hat etwas bewirkt. Egal ob scharf oder nicht, ich habe immer miserable FPS ( max 10-15 eher 6-10). Zum System + Addons: AMD FX-8350 mit 8 Kernen @ 4GHz , eine GTX 680 mit 4GB RAM, 16GB DDR3 RAM, Win 10 Pro. Verwendet ist ORBX Global/Vector/Open LC, Rex 4 + Soft Clouds, Active Sky Next, Approaching Innsbruck X(über das Flightsim Estonia Migration Tool) und in diesem Fall der Aerosoft Airbus. Auf dem 2. Bild sind keine Gebäude zu erkennen, aber dieses Problem ist gefixt (Autogen war zu niedrig eingestellt). Anbei noch meine p3d.cfg: Danke im Vorraus, masterofdoh Bild 1 (scharf): Bild 2 (verschwommen):
  6. masterofdoh

    Effects are not showing up

    So, i solved the problem... I rebuild the p3d.cfg and for no reason it works now, but anyways, thanks for your support. David
  7. masterofdoh

    Effects are not showing up

    No. P3D Version 2.5
  8. So i've bougt PerciptFX and the 777 Immersion Pack and installed both, but I don't see any effects. The weather is set to the required situations via Active Sky Next. FSUIPC 4.947 is installed and the effects are listed in the aircraft.cfg [SMOKESYSTEM] smoke.0 = 95.315, 00.00, 8.000, fx_PMDG_777_vclight smoke.1= -004.22, -031.14, -003.35, fsfx_T7_left_WetEngineWash_rev //FSFX_777IM_Effect smoke.2= -004.22, 031.14, -003.35, fsfx_T7_right_WetEngineWash_rev //FSFX_777IM_Effect smoke.3= -004.22, -031.14, -003.35, fsfx_T7_left_WetEngineWash_rev_low //FSFX_777IM_Effect smoke.4= -004.22, 031.14, -003.35, fsfx_T7_right_WetEngineWash_rev_low //FSFX_777IM_Effect And so on. The effect files like fsfx_T7_right_landingLight_mid_FO.fx are in the effects folder. What's wrong with my installation? Greetings, David