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  1. I am also declining the 777 due to lack of P3D support and if they do something to prevent the NGX from functioning as well, I will be one irate former fan. FSX is no longer installed on my machine and I have no plans to in the future. I hope everyone is doing well!
  2. Sorry it's so late, but what started as a few changes in the tail turned in to a remixing of all the colors. American "Soaring Spirit" has been uploaded. Download here: http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=174916
  3. Yes, I'm in the middle of Arkansas, about 20mi NE of LIT. There were a lot of warnings, but not a lot of damage this time around. The weather is always fun in the south. lol Sorry to hear you're not well, Steve. I hope you bounce back quickly. I'll email the only person I've talked to that has actually seen the plane in person and ask if they remember about the number of colors. AA needs to be nice and give us a pattern and color standards! That's looking great, Ian! I don't envy you on that one! I got your message about the weathering. I'm trying to decide how to best go about explaining it without making it more complicated than it has to be, because it's really quite simple. I need to take some screen caps of the process.
  4. Hey guys. I'm running behind. We had severe weather last night and I kept my pc unplugged as a precaution, so I'm aiming for late today. I started making adjustments again this morning. I can't stop tinkering with it. I think I'm starting to understand why George Lucas keeps changing Star Wars .
  5. As more photos of AA's new livery hit the net, I can see there are more shades than I was able to discern from the earlier photos. It looks like there are three shades of red and three whites/grays instead of just the two shades of each I used in my livery. I reworked the specs quite a bit too. So... v1.5 will be uploaded tomorrow. I think I'm finished, but I'm supposed to be cooking shrimp etouffee and should have been in the kitchen 20 minutes ago!Here are the preview pics.
  6. 916NN is now available in the library. I hope you enjoy it! Have a great weekend, everyone. Download link below. http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=174762
  7. Thanks, Steve! I really don't know what I was thinking when I set out to do the 700. I think I have Southwest on the brain and was thinking AA used both the 700 and 800. I decided to wait on the 700 since it would be fictional. Roman, thanks for the link! I forgot about that site. I had it bookmarked a few months ago. I'll get a new reg from there.
  8. I'm about 90% finished. In the clean up stage now. I still have to line up a stripe around the tail skid, then I have to re-do the bump maps I made for it because I have a setting set incorrectly. I think I'll have it uploaded in another 24 hours.
  9. First teaser images. I still have a LONG way to go. I haven't picked a registration yet. I'll see if I can find a list of soon-to-be-painted aircraft. Silver sunrise
  10. Darrian, I'm working on a package of logo jets that will include the 500th. I don't have a shot of it handy, but here are two others: Maryland One may or may not happen. Best case scenario, it will be several months away. I only work on it until it frustrates me, which is about 5 minutes at a time. I'll look in to some of the others in your list and see if they are something I can achieve.
  11. Has anyone commited to the new AA livery yet? I was thinking about giving it a try after watching the unveiling.
  12. Good morning! Glad you're enjoying the files. You can use the _bump files on any -700, and the _bump file for the tail can be used on all NGX models, but the _spec files are customized for my Southwest planes. The next time I update the bump file package, I'll include a set of spec files without the flag and additional markings. Hope everyone has a great day! Digging out from the biggest snow storm since the 1960's here in Arkansas today. I'm one of the fortunate few who still has electricity. Christian H.
  13. Merry Christmas, everyone! Have a safe and happy holiday.
  14. Ian, the Delta looks great! Nice. :lol: Much appreciated!
  15. Well, one minor problem... When I loaded the plane to fly after uploading it, my panel options had reset to default. I may have messed something up during the packing process. If they aren't correct, just import the options from another Southwest and give it a aft SATCOM dome.
  16. Thanks so much, guys! It's been uploaded. If I didn't overlook anything, it should be available when the library is updated. Have a great weekend!
  17. The plane is finished. I wasn't able to get it uploaded tonight before I ran out of free time, but I'll get it packed up and uploaded in the morning.
  18. It's those checkerboard squares in the back. I've had such a hard time trying to blend the whale where it crosses the top and bottom and it's still far from perfect. I think I would go insane trying to do Maryland One. I would LOVE to do it. It's an awesome livery, but I think it's just way beyond my skill level. I'm so sorry!
  19. If I ever finish obsessing over little details, I'll be uploading this one with a new bump file for the tail and aft fuse. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
  20. Christian Mohr, I already thought of you as one of the best repainters, but I have gained so much more respect for you this weekend. I decided to finish my long-abandoned Shamu. I'm stuck on the top of the fuse trying to undo the warping that occurs when the whale tail overlaps the side and top sections. I hope you had an easier time of this than I have so far!
  21. Did someone do the "Building on Success" house livery for the 737? I thought I remembered seeing it, but I can't seem to find it now.
  22. Good evening guys, I've got a re-do of "Dirty LUV" ready and I plan to get it uploaded tomorrow. Here are the preview shots:
  23. Yes it does. If I remember correctly, the steps should be the same.
  24. Hey there Bill, I took some screen shots for you because I'm bad at trying to explain things. This is how I do the equipment decals: When you open the file in the paint kit, it looks like this I erase it with the eraser tool. Then bring up the "channels" tab and select the alpha channel I use the paint brush and paint out the white area of the alpha layer with black Next, re select the RGB channel, go back to the layers pallet and paste in your new logo Once it is in place, ctrl-click on the logo's layer in the layers pallet to make a selection around the logo Now go back to the alpha channel in the channels pallet. You should see something like this Take a paint brush and white color and paint in the selected area Reselect the RGB layer, then flatten and save like normal. Did that make any sense?
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