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  1. Ian, Nice SWA paint! I photograghed that aircraft at Oshkosh 2010 and your paint is a great match.
  2. I received an email from Mike Ray today. He said he will be contacting his web site developer to resolve the un-secure url in the checkout process.
  3. Did anyone, who has already purchased the new book/download, notice that during the checkout process the website did not show it was secure? I got to the credit card entry page and the browser's url area didn't indicate a Lock icon or an https:// url. I stopped there and didn't make the purchase. I tried with Chrome, Safari and Firefox and had the same indication for each.
  4. Steve, This pic from your Cathay Pacific upload is absolutely stunning! Beautiful work! http://library.avsim.net/sendfile.php?Location=AVSIM&Proto=file&ImageID=315358
  5. http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxacrp&DLID=171178
  6. Steve, Being another Marty with the initials of MB, I will be adding your paint to my fleet. Nice work!
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