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  1. Haafingar

    737 PMDG NGX

    Hello, i got some questions about the PMDG 737 NGX, well im used to the default 737 but after i saw the PMDG i got that one instead. So when i gonna fly from A-B i always use APP Button, but when im in the air and press it nothing happens. So how to fix this? And when i want to autoland with the default 737 i just enter the runway freq into NAV1 and press APP button and the plane land for me descending and all, i just take autopilot off 2 secs before i touch down. So the second thing, how to autoland with the PMDG 737 it seems not to be in same way as the dafault 737?.... I have been looking on youtube to solve the problems i have, but i dont get it. I will also be glad if someone will give me a simple step by step guide how to do Well thats everything for this time Regards From Filip Gustavsson