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  1. Ryan, You are on top as far as I am concerned! Im not going to go any farther with my comments because I feel like the issues has been thoroughly discussed. (thank you for the adult conversation btw...) Your support is fanatical, and I have not and will never deny that. We all appreciate the work that you and the other mods put into maintaining this world class forum! Thank you for the info Ryan!
  2. iFly- Hasnt even released the Feature pack update that they have been planning for months and months- Stalled FSL- Is focusing on the scarebus and wont be working on anything else for a bit Leonardo- Maddog, thats about it Quality wings- they model simplistic "jump in and fly" planes that do not compete with PMDG Flyjsim and the other one I have never heard of.... Looks pretty quiet to me...
  3. Ryan, Thanks for your reply! By "closed" I dont mean that you are no longer operating, I mean that you are non transparent in your development process. I can't expect you to document every single detail, but maybe a once a month official update would be really nice! In the end I know that a forum post won't be considered in your highly secret and confidential virtual airplane development process, but It would be very nice to see updated information coming directly from PMDG on a regular basis! Once again I don't want to bash, and regardless of how opaque you are I will buy the next plane, I would just love the process to be a little bit less painful!
  4. What Competition? They wont pounce on Level D, Wilco and feelthere really dont make products comparable with PMDG, Flight 1 doesnt handle too many large airliners, and in a direct plane vs plane competition against Aerosoft , PMDG would win. I understand some secrecy, but sometimes they act like my good friend. He refuses to tell me about his father's job at NetJets because he works in "security" turns out his dad is a flight attendent and will talk to me directly about anything I want!
  5. I would love a 717! I just wonder sometimes, please correct me if I am wrong but how many times has PMDG listened to the user base, and produced an airplane that the end user's wanted? With that being stated I believe that PMDG doesn't care what request's are being made in the forum. It's my belief that they already have a list somewhere that has every plane they will develop for the next 10 years. PMDG is a company that is very closed and kept out of public eyes, why they do this, I have no idea?? It would be my little wet dream to wake up on a consistent basis to news reports, screenshots, video's, or just posts that let us know what the developers are doing, and how its coming! Yet even with all this I keep coming back, and so do the thousands of users. Long live PMDG! Evan Thrams
  6. Eddie thank you so much! The edit is wonderful!
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