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  1. Hi there, I hoped it is just a very odd issue, that FSX-SE won't start in full screen mode after EZCA 2 launches, but I had to realize it is true. Ather that I found a line in FSX.cfg under the [MAIN] tab, calls "Maximized=" and I set it's value to 2. EZCA or FSX always writes this value back to "1". My FSX starts in an ugly small window every time. I have no luck, and yes full screen is feezing when I hit shift+D (show EZCA window). Other problem, I found the HAT switch movement laggy (slow) and I decided to turn it off back to basic FSX settings and I failed, totally impossible.
  2. I purchased the IRIS - Pro Training Series - Pilatus PC-9/A (for FSX) from JustFlight in 28/12/2017. I did not test it under other base platforms like P3D or FSX:SP2 or Acceleration, so might be the aircraft behaves the same way, as I expect the IRIS SIMULATIONS development has been cancelled to provide or support this product from now on. The problem that I was facing was the following: Any time I turn on the BAT Switch - ON - (which part is attached to RADIO Master or AVIONICS Master) I got a huge frame (FPS) hit, minus 10 or 20, if I turn it back OFF, everything goes back stable and normally. The issue appears harder when the plane turns, without using the RADIO Master BAT the plane turns as fast as the default FSX Cessna. What can I do? If I not turn it ON and I use the GEN only then the attitude indicator will not appear. Anyone can confirm my words?
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