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  1. in the 747 it works pretty much the same way as the 777. go to the legs page, route data, send request, etc.. you have to load your flight plan into active sky for everything to work properly i think. in the 737 there is no import for data at the waypoints but if you load the flight plan into AS and look at the briefing page you can get the avg wind speed/dir for the trip and plug it in on the perf init pages and it will be reasonably accurate at least for shorter flights.. cheers, -andy crosby
  2. spesimen

    FSX Deluxe and FSX Steam on Same Computer

    if you just want to use only vanilla version of fsx:se independently it will probably work.. it will install with registry entries for 'co-existence' mode ... until the problem starts when you want to install more addons... some addon installers can handle the dual usage case, but in my experience most of them assume that you only have one or the other installed. a few will give you a choice but others will try to detect it from your registry setup, this leads to lots of fun with modifying registry entries and things like that to try and get them to play nice and install where you want. other older installers won't work at all be cause they don't detect the dual version, but they will work fine if you only have the steam version installed because the registry looks identical in that case.. having 2 installs also raises questions for you to decide, like do you want all future addons to go in the steam version or are you planning to integrate them to the original install..or both? do you have addons in the old version that you absolutely must use in the new version? if so you will likely have to reinstall them anyway...does the installer even include the ability to install to multiple locations? some apps like active sky you can do it but you have to go into the options and switch it back and forth every time you want to use it, things like that. stuff like orbx i don't even think will support multiple installs, you might be able to fake it out by creating virtual file links from one scenery library to another and hacky stuff like that but you are basically just creating potential headaches.. unless you really enjoy messing around with registry and installation problems like that, i'd advise to just pick one or the other and stick with it.. and i would also add that the steam version is superior to the old ms versions in many ways, if you fly a lot i'd suggest it is worth the trouble to just dig up/re-download the installers for addons you want to keep from the old version before you switch, and then do a clean install.. even in that case it's recommended to do a really clean re-install or you will get the same problems with confused installers. there's a pretty good guide to how to make sure it's clean here: https://fsxinsider.com/transitioning-from-boxed-fsx-to-fsxse-part-1-fsx-stripback/ https://fsxinsider.com/transitioning-from-boxed-fsx-to-fsxse-part-2-installing-fsxse/ good luck! cheers,-andy crosby
  3. spesimen

    Auto Cruise Question

    auto-cruise is engaged by right clicking the switch on the chronometer. i haven't used those other options but i'd guess they only are active if you enable the mode. i think if you want it to stay in realtime you can to change the auto-time compression to 1x cheers, -andy crosby
  4. spesimen

    How bad do I need a camera App?

    basically they provide an interface that lets you more easily setup different camera views in the virtual cockpit and external cams. compared to doing it by hand editing text files with lots of numbers you can just kind of nudge around the camera to where it looks perfect...also nice things like sort of smoothly interpolating between views it is much more immersive and feels like you are looking around the cockpit. they also add extra effects to the camera based on physics like a little shaking when you land or are in turbulence, when you lean into a turn, etc. i'd recommend just checking out their pages and watch some videos if you're curious. personally i love them (i used ezdok for many years, been using chaseplane in recent times) for their simplicity of rapidly setting up a simple group of hotkeys for the views i normally use.. set it up the same way for all planes, reduces a lot of that fumbling around when switching to a type i haven't flown in a while.. they don't really do recording or replays although i think i heard somewhere (probably this forum) that chaseplane may have some functionality like that planned for the future? cheers, -andy crosby
  5. well, it's also a default scenery issue...are you really certain the buildings are placed correctly but the more accurate coastline from vector is incorrect? there are many instances where the default scenery objects are in the wrong place because they were nudged around to match the original default coastline and terrain layers which are fairly low resolution. by changing to a more accurate coastline you have moved it out of the place where the original buildings were set. so either you'll have to modify them yourself, or go back to the default coast, or live with it. or as suggested the orbx norcal is actually a pretty great scenery that adds tons of fixes and stuff to this area. cheers,-andy crosby
  6. spesimen

    New Computer Upgrade Question

    are you planning to build your own machine or looking for a pre-constructed system? for that price budget you should be able to get something quite decent.. look for cpu with high clock speeds as this has a big effect still on most of the pc simulators. something like the intel i7-7700 or -8700 chips. consider getting a good cooling setup so you can overclock it. at least 16 gigs of ram, an ssd for your system drive, and for the video card something like a gtx 1060 or 1070/1080 or however high end you want to go... i usually do my parts shopping from newegg but i will also search on amazon or sometimes just get it from my local computer store which has pretty good prices sometimes, just depends on the situation. if you are looking for a pre-built machine there is generally a premium price added but you will be looking for a machine with similar specs to the above anyway. sites to try are alienware, jetline systems, msi, dell, a lot of local companies will also put a system together.. cheers,-andy crosby
  7. maybe have a look at this thread. some boards disable the c-states in other cores by default, which keeps the cpu from turboing itself to 4.7. to solve it is just a setting to flip in the bios. not sure if this applies specifically to your situation but worth a look perhaps. http://www.overclock.net/forum/5-intel-cpus/1645297-8700k-doesn-t-exceeds-4-3-ghz-stock-3.html cheers,-andy crosby
  8. hi in active sky go to options->general options->common data export path and it will show you where it is writing that file. by default it should be about where tamsini said.. the file itself that is written is called current_wx_snapshot.txt perhaps that might also be a source of confusion cheers,-andy crosby
  9. spesimen

    DHC-2 Beaver: Very, very low FPS

    same experience for me. it's maybe 8-10fps in orbx alaska which is my favorite bush flying spot. further complicated by the bug with the switches not toggling reliably under 15fps. i wasn't expecting it would match the 40-50fps i get in the aerosoft one, but i figured it wouldn't be at borderline unflyable levels of slowness either. the main suggestion i would recommend is to to turn off the GPS except when you need to look at it, as that seems to eat an insane amount of frames for some reason. but unfortunately i don't think much can be done without an upgrade. hardware wise, i have a similar, older system as you. (3.5Ghz, 1gig video card).. and it's not just this plane, i've had similar issues lately with the QW787 and aerosoft CRJ and finally decided just to quit buying addons and save up for a new computer. strangely, the pmdg stuff is at least marginally flyable on my system, but i think that is partly due to using autopilot for most phases of flight so it's not as noticeable... but also stuff like the T-6 from a2a runs quite well (20-30ish) despite having a much more sophisticated engine model. cheers,-andy crosby
  10. i don't know what the current roadmap is exactly for cannon lake, it might be worth waiting for the next refresh because it will solve the spectre/meltdown exploits in hardware and skip the current troubles with that. unless you desperately need to upgrade (which imho you don't that system looks pretty decent already) it might be worth waiting to see a little more info about when they are releasing anyway... https://www.pcgamer.com/intel-hints-that-cannon-lake-and-ice-lake-will-not-be-affected-by-current-exploits/ for some reason i'm thinking that i heard it was mid 2018 for those but i don't really know if there's an official announcement anywhere cheers,-andy crosby
  11. spesimen

    FSX default ATC and Airac cycles

    there's a few options: 1. http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html will update the navaids, ils approaches, ndb's, vor stations, etc.. and it's free! 2. https://www.fsaerodata.com/ is more comprehensive, but requires navigraph sub. a lot of the things it adds like updated STARS and such are probably irrelevant because the default ATC doesn't pay attention to any of that stuff either! as far as i know it just vectors you to the approach and ignores those procedures. i would guess that the first option will probably suit your needs pretty well cheers! -andy crosby
  12. spesimen

    pfpx profile for c-47

    it's not very big file, i'm just going to put it in a reply here, just copy this into a text file etc. happy flying! cheers,-andy crosby ; PFPX Aircraft Performance File c-47 [GENERAL] Author=andy crosby Version=0.1 AircraftType=Douglas C-47 EngineType=P&W R-1830-90C Type=Prop AircraftTypeShort=C47 ATCDesignator=C47 NrOfEngines=2 PaxCapacity=22 Equipment=SGRY Transponder=S PBN= NAV= COM= DAT= RMK= WakeTurbulenceCategory=M RVR=550 PER=A ;L..Light, M..Medium, H..Heavy, S..Super MaximumAltitude=10000 MinLandingRunwayLength=2500 ;The Minimum Runway length for automatic alternate determination Units=LB ;Enter KG for Kilogram or LB for Pounds EngineAntiIce=0 TotalAntiIce=0 TakeOffBurn=0 LandingBurn=5 TakeOffTime=0 LandingTime=2 MinWeight=17100 MaxWeight=26200 StandardClimbMode=0 StandardCruiseMode=0 StandardDescentMode=0 AlternateClimbMode=0 AlternateCruiseMode=0 AlternateDescentMode=0 [DEFAULT_DATA_KG] DOW=8101.1 MTOW=11430.5 MRW=11884.1 MLW=10641.1 FuelCapacity=2443.5 TaxiFuelPerMinute=0.3 APUBurnPerHour=0 [DEFAULT_DATA_LB] DOW=17860 MZFW=22670 MTOW=26200 MRW=26200 MLW=25346 FuelCapacity=4824 TaxiFuelPerMinute=0.67 APUBurnPerHour=0 [HOLD] WGT; 24000 1500; 400 4000; 400 6000; 400 8000; 400 10000; 400 [/HOLD] [CLIMB.0] Name= 115kts/36map/2350rpm [DATA] ISA; 26200 2000; 2; 36; 4.5; 4000; 4; 58; 8.8; 6000; 7; 84; 13.1; 8000; 9.5; 110; 18.7; 10000; 12.5; 138; 25.1; [/DATA] [/CLIMB.0] [CRUISE.0] Name=2050RPM/30HG/chON MinCruiseAlt=1000 CruiseModeBelowMinAlt=0 FuelAdjust=0.00;-0.00 SpeedAdjust=0;-0 OptAltAdjust=0;0 MaxAltAdjust=0;0 [DATA] WGT; 24000; 26000 OPT; 10000; 10000 MAX; 10000; 10000 2000; 400.0; 145; 404.0; 143 3000; 394.0; 146; 403.0; 144 4000; 404.0; 147; 402.0; 145 6000; 400.0; 149; 404.0; 147 8000; 406.0; 151; 406.0; 149 10000; 406.0; 153; 422.0; 151 [/DATA] [/CRUISE.0] [CRUISE.1] Name=2050RPM/30HG/chOFF MinCruiseAlt=1000 CruiseModeBelowMinAlt=0 FuelAdjust=0.00;-0.00 SpeedAdjust=0;-0 OptAltAdjust=0;0 MaxAltAdjust=0;0 [DATA] WGT; 24000; 26000 OPT; 10000; 10000 MAX; 10000; 10000 2000; 434.0; 151; 424.0; 146 3000; 424.0; 150; 434.0; 148 4000; 434.0; 152; 436.0; 149 6000; 430.0; 153; 434.0; 150 8000; 434.0; 156; 436.0; 152 10000; 436.0; 158; 438.0; 154 [/DATA] [/CRUISE.1] [CRUISE.2] Name=2325RPM/31HG/chOFF MinCruiseAlt=1000 CruiseModeBelowMinAlt=0 FuelAdjust=0.00;-0.00 SpeedAdjust=0;-0 OptAltAdjust=0;0 MaxAltAdjust=0;0 [DATA] WGT; 24000; 26000 OPT; 10000; 10000 MAX; 10000; 10000 2000; 486.0; 157; 486.0; 156 3000; 476.0; 158; 482.0; 157 4000; 488.0; 161; 486.0; 159 6000; 484.0; 165; 484.0; 163 8000; 490.0; 167; 492.0; 165 10000; 494.0; 170; 484.0; 166 [/DATA] [/CRUISE.2] [DESCENT.0] Name= 1000FPM/20map/2000rpm [DATA] ISA; 25000 9000; 9; 38; 22.2 8000; 8; 34; 21.3 6000; 6; 26; 16.7 4000; 4; 18; 11.3 3000; 3; 14; 8.6 2000; 2; 10; 5.9 1000; 1; 4; 3.3 [/DATA] [/DESCENT.0]
  13. spesimen

    P3d V4 New computer out of disk space

    1TB= 1000Gb = 1,000,000Mb roughly speaking anyway once you get addons in there it grows pretty fast, my fsx dir is around 300Gb you should have plenty of room if you just install to the the D: drive, you probably don't need anything extra for now. cheers,-andy crosby
  14. spesimen

    A non standard request

    hahhahaha awesome cheers,-andy crosby
  15. spesimen

    Using Navdatapro AND Navigraph

    even if the fms data is different, i'd expect that the charts themselves pretty much match your navigraph data at least in most significant respects.. aren't they just supposed to be updated real world charts anyway? and if not then what are you paying for hehe? i'd guess maybe there could be some mismatches if they have a delay from certain ones being updated or something from time to time, of course thats why it's cheaper than the certified charts. cheers,-andy crosby