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  1. how do you keep from going crazy otherwise? do you just disable all traffic? they are just listing the problems that already exist with default traffic that asobo needs to solve cheers,-andy crosby
  2. there was a big update released this morning so it's most likely some issues related to that, like you got the version yesterday and then now have the new version to grab. i can't really offer any specific advice though, all the updates and installs have worked as expected for me. might want to ask around on the msfs forum also cheers,-andy crosby
  3. i think a big part of the speedbrake usage is the transition to <250knots when you get below 10000 feet. it's less efficient to descend at 250 knots, you'll have a very shallow and long path down and since you are going much slower it also ends up taking a lot more time which is more fuel. econ descents usually are something more like 260 or 270 etc. a lot of STARs also have restrictions like they want you to be at a specific speed like 280knots for traffic purposes so eventually you'll need to burn off that speed also and just waiting around coasting at 10000 takes a lot more time than hitting the brakes. think of it as like driving to the grocery store without using your brakes. sure it could be possible but the last street before you turn in you'll have to coast very slowly if you actually want to stop at the right place. better to just go the speed limit and use the brakes when you get there. just like the car, the spoilers are meant to be used when necessary it's not an indication of poor piloting or planning. cheers,-andy crosby
  4. i used the steam version for many years and i never found any issues with this. i think it may have been a trouble after the first few months of release when devs had to update their installers to be able to find the right folders but it's very mature now, we are talking about an 8 year old app . runs a2a planes, pmdg 737 just fine. maybe yah haha...besides, it looks and performs better than the fsx version 😃
  5. can you elaborate on why the WASM needs to be compiled locally on each users machine instead of just distributing the binaries? like why not just have a amd and intel version precompiled and shipped with the product? is it optimizing the compile specifically to how many cores i have or other unique things?
  6. the options are also greyed out if you have 'live players' selected instead of 'all players'
  7. are there any calculators that have the CFM56-7B27 out there? i looked in topcat and this app and also TOPER i'm not finding a calculator to use for the BBJ the calcs for the regular 700 sorta work but the B27 has a lot more thrust and also it gets capped at about 20k less MTOW than the bbj supports
  8. i have an ancient machine that i'm was surprised to learn is even capable of running msfs (i7 930 @ 3.5ghz, gtx 970). i use the medium settings preset and no other tweaks and get like 40ish fps over the ocean with some clouds with the 737 performance on the milviz, concorde, and 737 is really solid for me, the 737 smooth as all git out...it is smoother and higher frames than i got with fsx and the pmdg back in the day... amazing! the 146 is definitely too much for my system tho, not sure why it is worse, but the fps seems like half of what i get what the other ones. i think that is unique to my system though cheers
  9. aha! good eye, i didn't think to look at the wind until you mentioned it. interesting!
  10. hmm i just tried this SID and it didn't overshoot like that. maybe like a tiny bit but nothing like your vid. i wonder what is different? i was using the bbj and loaded at 140.7, climb 2 (same as yours) assumed thrust 40 puzzling
  11. i have never had this happen before, but today it happened on almost every flight. only difference for me i'm flying the 737 today instead of the crj or dc-6. wonder if that is a clue to what is happening... (i found this old post while searching for answers about it haha). on 2 flights i could only hear the copilot responses, on another one i could only hear the controller. the strange thing is the missing party also did not show up in the text log either. cheers
  12. i was going to try this out but it seems that KSLC does not have a 30R or that SID haha. typo in the airport name? ohh found it, KSJC . i'll give it a try and let u know how it went cheers
  13. lol i tried to do that. i had heard it was coming out at 1pm or something so i figured i would wait until after work to try to order it. i didn't actually check these threads unfortunately, i hopped onto their site and there it was! so i ordered it but it apparently turns out that was just a few minutes after release haha took around 20 minutes for my license code to show up but seems like we are in business. woot! edit: sounds like the authentication servers are also slammed i think i will go have dinner before i try installing haha
  14. if you have "live players" set for your multiplayer settings it greys out the weather and time options
  15. just started it up myself for a friday flight. did not see an update dialog or anything unusual. i'm using the steam version cheers
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