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  1. thejoe

    A Couple Of Movie Questions

    is #1 "Ghost Bomber:Lady Be Good" ?
  2. Yes there is and has been. It is by Camil Valiquette and available in several (fictional) liveries.
  3. thejoe

    Where to get this program?

    Please send PM with information. Thank you in advance
  4. WOW! So much to read, so much to think about. I am usually a passerby so to speak (read but don't post a lot), but as I understand that the speculation aspect of this is fun, we really don't know what will be in the product (if you do, please send me the lottery numbers). 64 bit, DX22 (a joke), whatever... I am just hoping that it will look nice and not require a supercomputer for smoothness. After that, does it really matter, as long as we can afford it? Of course I will buy it, just to add it to my collection if nothing else. Just have fun, whatever that is to you! Joe Balmas
  5. thejoe

    aitraffic visibility

    I fly FS9 and P3D. At night the AI traffic is very visible (position lights/strobes) in FS9 but has never been in either FSX or P3D for me. I actually increased the scale (to 25 X original scale) of fx_strobe in P3D so that I could see the traffic. I really don't know the limitations, so I leave that to the experts.
  6. @Sesquashtoo What scenery and night package? KDET is my home airport RWF and this looks very good. GO WINGS! Cheers Joe Balmas
  7. I was looking at the throttle kits at, but no response to my inquiry at their web site, other than a "thank you for asking" automatic response. Too bad too, because it looked very promising. Supposedly did everything you want (me too, I'm trying to build a cockpit). ...not to hijack the post...but...has anybody dealt with them? Throttletek makes exactly what you want, but expensive. cheers.. Joe
  8. thejoe

    Taburet night lighting in P3D 2.4?

    I have the Taburet lights for MI/ILL/MO with FTX Global and Vector. The products work together without issue on my system. I experienced a minor frame drop, but not enough to make a difference to me. I find, that to my eye, the Taburet lights fill in much nicer than the ORBX lights, as for me, the ORBX lights tend to "pop" into view as you are flying over them, but the Taburet lights fill in to the horizon, as it looks when I am flying RW. With that observation, I admit, that I am still experimenting with my setup. P3d v2.4 ORBX FTX Global/Vector Taburet MI/ILL/MO tested flying TDS B783 KDTW - KORD, POSKY ERJ145 KDTW - KGRR
  9. thejoe

    Help with OpusFSI and P3Dv2.4

    On a recent install of V2.4, I had a similar issue with Linda no longer loading from exe.xml as it had done originally. I went into the properties and selected "Run as Administrator" and everything back to normal. Just a thought. Cheers. Joe EDIT: "Run as Administrator" set in properties for Linda.exe as well as prepar3d.exe.
  10. thejoe

    My $100 MCP

    Looks interesting. What is it?
  11. thejoe

    What is the millionth digit of Pi?

    I am sorry, all this talk about Pi has made me irrationally hungry.
  12. thejoe

    Cockpit Sim Parts

    I purchased the entire 737 set. No issues on delivery (5 days across the pond to Michigan), items were exactly what was stated on the website.
  13. thejoe

    New Vrinsight MCP II Boeing Setup HELP!

    Have you tried pressing the "1, 2, 3" auxiliary buttons at the top of the radio portion? The Linda setup for my MCP uses those buttons to toggle between different functions for various payware aircraft. Since I don't use payware aircraft (I usually fly a TDS 783), I had to comment these out in the MCP lua file before I could get anything to function. Also, the rotaries on the EFIS didn't work until I pressed the switch in once. Good luck. I really like mine. Cheers Joe
  14. Based on my observations; 1. Airspeed hold is just that, plug in an airspeed value and the autopilot holds it, regardless of altitude. 2. Mach hold holds a particular mach number to which the associated airspeed value varies with altitude. As the altitude rises (aircraft climbing into the FLs), the airspeed value associated with a set mach number gets smaller, and the autopilot will automatically adjust the airspeed setting to correspond with the mach number at the given altitude. If following just an airspeed setting, as the aircraft climbs, the maximum operating speed of the aircraft can be exceeded causing at the least an "overspeed" warning and at the most catastrophic damage to the aircraft (if you have that sort of thing set up in your preferences). Keep em flying. Joe