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  1. I just started using it for the CRJ and it’s really good. Would love to see it for the CJ4 and the A32X as well!
  2. So I have done another flight and have found that LNM is only getting data from one engine, ie fuel flow during cruise is approx 1000kg/hr, LNM only shows as 500... is there a way to fix that?
  3. Hi, yes the fuel report is coming from my own performance file that I have been merging over 5 flights. I will check what LNM is reading compared to the plane next time I fly.
  4. I havve done about 5 flights with the WT CJ4 mod merging the performances everytime and I have found that what the Fuel Report suggests for trip fuel is almost exactly half of what Simbrief suggests (which is v accurate). I have set up the same contingency (5%) and reserve fuel (30mins) for both. As example a trip from LiEO to LIRQ at FL230 (no alternate): LNM calcs - Trip: 206, Block as 408 SB calcs - Trip 400, Block 615 I have found that Simbrief gets it almost perfect. Why would LNM be calculating half of what SB calculates?
  5. Wish we knew the pc specs of these images. Some look phenomenal and others look like FSX! Hard to tell if it’s just the image quality though
  6. From what I have seen and read, Asobo seem very proactive in engaging and working with 3rd party devs to give them the tools and access they need to be able to create what they want to create, rather than what we are used to in that we have to work within the often rigid constraints of what current sims offer...
  7. Hi Roland, Can you tell me if your AI should follow AFCAD taxi path directions. I'm currently doing some spotting around Manchester EGCC, and I am seeing that the AI get a bit confused during taxi in. I'm seeing the AI stop on the runway and rotate really slowly to exit and spinning around nodes trying to find their way to the gate and generally taxiing around quite erraticaly (like double backing on themselves!) before finding their way. I'm wondering if the cause could be due to the direction of the pathways in the AFCAD? Any ideas?
  8. I use FSCaptain, it can be a bit tricky to get it configured for your particular aircraft but the documentation is very good and everyone on their forums are very helpful if you get into problems. More importantly its also being actively worked on and improved and there have been some great updates recently and from the sound of things from the developers, there is much more to come. I would highly recommend it.
  9. This sounds really interesting and could revolutionise AI In FSX! Keep up the good work. Just one question, will this still work with external ATC programs that control ground traffic such as Radar Contact and ProATC?
  10. Hi all, Does anyone know if there is any software available that can monitor specifically fuel flow/usage over all phases of a flight, for example, fuel burn during taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise etc
  11. Hi FS++ I'm hoping to get back into FSX, been a while, would you consider doing the Carenado B1900? PS I might be pestering you again to add more buttons to press to the 737NGX in the near future (unless over the last few updates you've done that yourself )
  12. Just noticed I got a mention :-) Useful info :Peace:
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