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  1. Thanks all, works great. The Editor is very useful 🙂
  2. I’ve just ordered a StreamDeck but the 5x3 regular sized one. I have next to no knowledge about programming them but I was looking on Flightsim.to today and noticed there are a few XL profiles (32 button?) about and was wondering if it’s easy to either “downscale” the larger profile or pick and choose the events I want from the larger XL profile and plug them into the smaller SD device?
  3. What kind of performance does one get when taking off on runway 09L at inibuilds Heathrow with Vatsim and AIG in the Fenix? That’s the acid test for me!
  4. Yeah it’s hard to keep track of all these media places! heres’s the link to the post, not sure if you can view it or not. https://www.facebook.com/427573564108449/posts/1895410900658034/?d=n
  5. They posted some more renders towards the end of April on Facebook
  6. Hi @Crabby, @mrm0508 Sorry for fnot getting back to you sooner, I have been away for work. So I use the Sim Event for my tiller axis called STEERING_SET. Its located under the AIRCRAFT MISCELLANEOUS EVENTS section. https://imgur.com/a/Gu2SRXS
  7. I use this code, tried it with a toggle switch and it seems to work OK. 1·(>L:S_FCU_EFIS1_FD,·Number)·(WAIT:100)·0·(>L:S_FCU_EFIS1_FD,·Number)·(WAIT:1000)·1·(>L:S_FCU_EFIS2_FD,·Number)·(WAIT:100)·0·(>L:S_FCU_EFIS2_FD,·Number)
  8. Thanks Oliver, So the LVars to turn on are: 1 (L:S_MIP_AUTOBRAKE_LO) 1 (L:S_MIP_AUTOBRAKE_MID) 1 (L:S_MIP_AUTOBRAKE_MAX) So i guess I would want cycle through all 3 then turn off MAX at the end (so 4 Positions?) before starting at Min again. What is this LVar in your code: L:switch229dir Is that an "internal" LVar or a PMDG one?
  9. Do you use LVars? If so all the LVar CDU buttons are already there and available.
  10. If anyone can help me with a script to cycle through different LVars that would be appreciated. I would like to cycle through the Autobrake settings: LO > MED > MAX > OFF and then back round again etc.
  11. Hey Crabby, I have this working with AAO as for some reason when setting it in the sim, it made the nose wheel go hard left! Did you set the Nosewheel sim event from the !! Flight Control Axis !! list Also double check that the Ped Rudder Disc option is actually selected as those settings don’t seem to be persistently saved. Lastly there is a button on top of the Tiller in sim, press that and see if it works that way…
  12. Here's a link to my scripts. Got a few in there and might save you all some time! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1s0OYu0gSwzKS_SY9P4SRapvjlT4U0NnS?usp=sharing
  13. Use the one that has _EX1 on the end, i got it working through AAO quickly last night.
  14. So a few of us have been asking about simvars and if the new Fenix 320 will be mappable to our hardware. So far these questions have been disconcertingly ignored on the discord, so was wondering here if anyone had any educated assumptions about the inner workings of aircraft and variables in MSFS… Is it possible to have such an environment where mapping can’t be done? The Fenix leverages ProSim some how but I’m not sure how they combine the two into a desktop sim…has any other addon used ProSim before in Xplane or P3D?
  15. Thanks Oliver, got it working
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