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  1. Hi Roland, Can you tell me if your AI should follow AFCAD taxi path directions. I'm currently doing some spotting around Manchester EGCC, and I am seeing that the AI get a bit confused during taxi in. I'm seeing the AI stop on the runway and rotate really slowly to exit and spinning around nodes trying to find their way to the gate and generally taxiing around quite erraticaly (like double backing on themselves!) before finding their way. I'm wondering if the cause could be due to the direction of the pathways in the AFCAD? Any ideas?
  2. Great video! I don't suppose you could send me your PFPX dispatch sheet. I'm intrigued by the edits you have made :-)
  3. Amazing program thank you so much!
  4. I use FSCaptain, it can be a bit tricky to get it configured for your particular aircraft but the documentation is very good and everyone on their forums are very helpful if you get into problems. More importantly its also being actively worked on and improved and there have been some great updates recently and from the sound of things from the developers, there is much more to come. I would highly recommend it.
  5. Does anyone know if its possible to Hotkey buttons to increase or decrease Autogen complexity without having to go into the menu's, probably via FSUIPC? I understand it will still have to load in the textures again etc... Thanks Dan
  6. I have a fly5 joystick and I'm having a bit of trouble with the throttle. I'm mainly flying the Majestic Dash but the joystick seems to have terrible accuracy on the throttle. For example I push the throttle all the way forward and it goes to max power, I try to back it off a bit and nothing happens and then continue to back off millimetre by millimetre and then it just drops down to about 80% power! Like wise it's similar at low power, it seems to jump from 6 to 17 to 30% It's really difficult to get accurate throttle response which is quite important with this aircraft. I've got the throttles configured in FSUIPC and in the majestic dash config. Should the throttle be doing this, can I improve it or do I need some new controls?
  7. I'm hoping you guys can help me with this. Basically, I want to run with my Autogen at Sparse, as after some testing I've been doing today I get best performance at this setting. The only drawback is that when I put my autogen to sparse I get no ORBX night lighting. Does anyone know how i can keep the Autogen setting at sparse but still get the benefits of the ORBX night lighting? (Or failing that does anyone know how to improve Autogen performance when set to Normal :-)) Thanks for the advice chaps
  8. daan_vb

    Electronic Flight Bag

    What exactly is this? Any more inforamtion, it looks very interesting! Is this something you're making Ralph?
  9. daan_vb

    Clicking HS crashes FSX

    Hi Brian, I can do the voice training no problem, my microphone works fine with Voxatc and MCE (which I decided to replace with FS2Crew) I think I have narrowed down the issue to my audio drivers. I decided to uninstall them and now it seems to be ok. Not done any serious testing but pressing HS doesn't the sim. I've tried to update and roll back to previous versions of the driver but it seems to hate them! Have you had any reports by people not being able to use Realtek HD Audio drivers in the past? Thanks Dan
  10. daan_vb

    Clicking HS crashes FSX

    Well after spending more time on this I still can't fix it, I am very frustrated. I have reinstalled twice, made sure the speech recogniser is set to US English, tried all manner of sound settings for my microphone, tried different USB ports, tried reinstalling DirectX, nothing works as soon as i hit HS - instacrash
  11. Hi guys, Hope you can help me. Whenever I press HS on the Config Panel to route sounds through my headset, FSX crashes with the error message XACT Audio Init Failed. Contact FS2Crew error code 0x8889000a. Before this, FSCrew worked but I couldn't get sound through my headset and on the panel it said HS: No such device. So I tried a reinstall and now it detects and shows my headset but whenever I press HS it crashes.... Not sure what else to try! Please help Many Thanks Dan
  12. This sounds really interesting and could revolutionise AI In FSX! Keep up the good work. Just one question, will this still work with external ATC programs that control ground traffic such as Radar Contact and ProATC?
  13. daan_vb

    DASH 8

    Great shots! I've just started learning to fly this in FSX. So much fun!
  14. daan_vb

    Aerodrome Chart package download

    Ah right, that;s great, thanks guys.