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  1. Thanks for the replies. I like the idea of the adjuster on the Virtual Fly one but since I mostly fly the jets I'm not sure its the right style for me.
  2. I am looking to replace my Saitek Pro Flight throttle quadrants and would appreciate some recommendations. My budget might stretch to about £500 including shipping. Mostly I fly large airliners but also fly the Dash 8. I came across one that seems to fit the bill but I would like to hear from anyone who already has one of these, or any from the same maker. My Saitek throttles are beginning to spike (again) and I don't want to keep having to clean them. I am also considering the 737-style ones on that website. Any suggestions of similar products would be appreciated.
  3. tipitout

    Autogen on top of airport

    What traffic packages, if any, do you have? At least one installs additional afcads which may conflict with others.
  4. I seem to recall some developers doing this in order to stop default ground services vehicles appearing at the gates. I could be wrong, though.
  5. tipitout

    Finding Duplicate Airports/BGLs

    Which VABB is it? Is it from Thai Creations? At least some of their customers are reporting problems which sound similar to yours.
  6. tipitout

    Finding Duplicate Airports/BGLs

    Glad to be of help, but did removing them or changing the file extension actually solve the problem you were having? If you get the same problem elsewhere, a quick and dirty test is to deselect the MyTraffic entry in the scenery library. If that works, then re-enable it and do as above. I have had the same problem at many payware airports, and a conflicting MyTraffic entry has always been the cause.
  7. tipitout

    Finding Duplicate Airports/BGLs

    Are you running any version of My Traffic? That contains enhancements for many default airports. If so, search within its folder for any files containing the ICAO code of the problem airport. If you find any, back them up, then delete them or change the file extension to . BAK, for example.
  8. tipitout

    Any FSnavigator lovers out there..check this out

    I managed to get it working in the end. One of two things did the trick. I don't know for sure which it was as I didn't start FSX between them. The first was to right-click the main FSX folder and, under properties, removed the read-only attribute from all files. Then I did the same for the FSX folder in app data. The other thing I did was to remove all files and folders relating to the FXAA mod recently discussed on this forum. All things considered, I think I'll pass. While there is much to like, I don't think it justifies the price. Also, I prefer to get support at an official forum, and I don't think FSTramp currently has one.
  9. tipitout

    Any FSnavigator lovers out there..check this out

    Same here. Followed all instructions to the letter, and I always load FSX in windowed mode. When I try to switch to FS Tramp, the map appears for a split second, then it, along with FSX, disappears. Its a straight and immediate crash to desktop without error messages or restarting. Event viewer lists terrain.dll as the faulting module, except one time when it was fs-traffic.dll.
  10. tipitout

    Dxtory And FSX

    While Dxtory might have secondary functions, it's primary function is to record video, and that is what I am trying to do. My framerates are good enough for me, and are not affected at all by having Dxtory running in the background. The problem is that when I hit the "record" hotkey, my otherwise good FSX framerates grind to a crawl. Not even FRAPS has this much effect on my FPS. If anyone here is or has been using Dxtory for recording FSX, please share your experience and your settings.
  11. tipitout

    Dxtory And FSX

    I recently decided to give Dxtory a try as an alternative to FRAPS for making videos of my flights. Although I have heard good thigs about it, I cannot get it to work well. The problem is that my framerates nosedive when I start recording. For instance, I was cruising in the PMDG 737NGX over France at about FL350 (UTX+GEX Europe) and averaging 45FPS in the VC. After starting the recording, this reduced immediately to 8-10FPS. I also tried the default Cessna 172 in northern England (again with UTX+Gex Europe). On the ground at EGCB (UK2000 VFR) I had about 70 FPS, much more in the air. Once again, the framerates dropped to 8-10 when recording, both on the ground and high up. I have only the trial version at present, so I have not parted with any money. If anybody is using Dxtory with good FPS during recording, could you please share your settings (including codec used) and give me some suggestions?
  12. Thanks Jim, I appreciate your efforts, as do a great many other people!
  13. Hi Jim. Could I also have the gauge please? Thanks.