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  1. I agree, the Qpac is Amazing. if FF creates their own default FlightModel it won't be as good.
  2. Less than 5 people replied on the first ever A350 Simulation......lol WOW!
  3. The new update 1.04 is Amazing, bravo Dev Team. The Saab 340 by LES and this 747 by SSG are ny favorite planes.
  4. I have same problem with the IFly 737 at Toronto only when Landing at RWY 23.
  5. Buy it, it's amazing. I only fly the SSG 747 and Saab 340. All my other payware is on hold.
  6. you can't just move the aircraft folder, you have to also move the EFFECTS and GAUGES that belong to the DC9
  7. yes from scratch with Migration Tool.
  8. i installed it into the sim but the only isue I have is the Splash/Configuration screen not appearing. Is there a .cfg tweak I need to enter somewhere? Thanks :help:
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