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  1. I own all 3 Sims: FSX, P3D and XP!0. There's a thing called a JOB and MONEY....if u have both of these then you can afford to buy many Sims
  2. With 10.30rc1, Skymaxx Pro v2, and hundreds of dollars worth of Airports......it looks pretty awesome. Loving the progress so far.
  3. 1 more question JC: will PSX run ok on 1 monitor or does it need a multi monitor setup?
  4. Hey JC how is PSX, it looks good. Is it easy to install the XP10 scenery? Or does PSX install into XP10?
  5. Only use P3D compatible Payware or else you're asking for trouble
  6. I agree, the Qpac is Amazing. if FF creates their own default FlightModel it won't be as good.
  7. Less than 5 people replied on the first ever A350 Simulation......lol WOW!
  8. I have never had this in XP10, probably your PC Setup.
  9. 757 Freemium, no wonder you had 30fps. That plane is fugly
  10. 32bit SIM, that's LIFE lower some sliders.
  11. Why do people blame the software when their Computer setup is at fault.
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