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  1. Hi guys thanks for your replies. I'll stick with my current DX10 Fixer. I also see "Please Note: Work has begun on transferring files to a new service, however many download files are still inaccessible. This transfer process is expected to be ongoing for several days. We apologise for any inconvenience." There's obviously some major issue with that site so I'm going to avoid using any retailer who sells via flightsimstore.com from now on. Guess they've either run out of money or interest or both. Poor show. Regards, Adam
  2. Hello I've been away from this for a couple of years. Have just reinstalled FSX and attempted to download the updated file from my account at Flightsimstore (over a WEEK ago) and the site keeps crashing. It says they have a server issue but from searching around on Google this appears to be something more serious. So how do I access my DX10 scenery fixer updates? I found an old one (v2.11) stored on my FSX files backup disc but would like to use the latest version? Can anyone advise? Thanks Adam
  3. Apart from FSUIPC/ASN/ACCUFEEL my favourite "always on" add-on is Plan-G from Tasoftware.co.uk - a great flight planner and moving map which I have networked across to my old FSX computer. Great for VFR or IFR.
  4. I've been using the excellent AI ships packages since FSX and have also noticed little or no FPS impact. A great addon to make those ocean journeys less monotonous and looks very realistic with the wake fx in P3D (from altitude at least..)
  5. I have been looking for some freeware scenery for Ibiza and installed a nice addon I found available on another FS site. This includes photographic base scenery and handmade autogen buildings and landmarks. Result: Smooth as silk with scenery/trees/buildings on max. Before I was getting slight pauses and minute stutters with the Orbx autogen (on normal/dense/dense). If I turned all the Orbx BUILDING autogen OFF then everything would smooth out. However their HD trees dont appear to affect the PC performance even on max. I wonder if that's a clue. So I think when I next do a clean install of P3D I will drop Orbx scenery altogether and try some of the others available. On my PC at least it looks like their building autogen is the reason for my occasional pauses/stutters. Also I am now flying stutter free across the UK. Have reinstalled the Gen X photographic scenery. I know you lose the autogen but from 3000ft in my real aeroplane it's not something I notice. Even at that altitude trees and houses just merge into the landscape. It looks brilliant in P3D and FPS is over 120!
  6. Thanks for all the useful info regarding Project Lasso - very helpful! Are you guys running P3D with "classify as a game" ticked in the Lasso options?
  7. If it helps anyone this is how I have P3D set up on my 6 year old PC. I am using Nvidia driver 361.43. Not the latest version which causes performance issues and stutters in my P3D. No AM in P3D.cfg. No other "tweaks" in cfg. Like many I use Project Lasso https://bitsum.com/ and have set P3D to run on Cores 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. ASN and other processes (ie antivirus) running on Core 0 only. P3D is in "gaming mode" (option in Project Lasso). Both antivirus (Windows Defender and malwarebytes) have P3D folders added in "exceptions" I don't use Nvidia Inspector. I find the graphics in P3D perfectly acceptable without (on my system at least). I run GPU TWEAK http://www.asus.com/supportonly/ASUS%20GPU%20Tweak%20for%20Graphics%20cards/HelpDesk_Download/ in the background. No overclocking. I just set GPU TWEAK to limit frames to 60fps. In the P3D settings FPS is set to unlimited. No V sync or buffering. I don't use HDR and never have in P3D. In my opinion it makes the sim look like an animated movie. Not realistic. HDR also kills some FPS on my system. I don't use Volumetric Fog, I can't see much benefit and it also kills some FPS. I have cloud shadows on 20000 and set to low quality. No terrain shadowing - it looks awful on my system (shaded areas popping on and off randomly). I run ASN with 3-4 layers depending on the actual weather. In P3D settings clouds are set to "medium". That's my setup. Works nicely in most situations. I've noticed that the Orbx/FTX products are major contributors to stuttering on my PC so will be removing all of them during my next reinstall and just using something like UTX. Had enough of FTX taking over my sim with no easy option to uninstall. Hope this helps! Adam
  8. Ah ok thanks for the info. I'll wait for the official release then. Rarely go above 6000 feet anyway!
  9. I find the P3D default airport PAPI lights too indistinct in daytime - even with an overcast. Wish there was a way to increase the intensity.
  10. Would be nice if they posted the link on their download page rather than having to register and log in to a forum. Even better - redesign ASN so it automatically downloads the update!
  11. I didn't. Luckily I spotted the issue on this forum before trying new textures in REX4 so all looks OK. Just don't try updating your clouds in REX until they fix their software. I'm ditching REX for FEX anyway - always found their textures more realistic in FSX.
  12. Thanks for that helpful response. Damn that's annoying. I didn't notice much difference either. Maybe P3D makes a new copy of the fx file if you delete it (like with the cfg). I dunno. The search continues to eradicate comic waves from P3D!
  13. Right click folder and check your security settings?
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