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  1. R.I.P Microsoft Flight Simulator

  2. Not offensive I am just asking what actual qualifications you possess You claim you are a Chief Flying Instructor? If you actually possess any flying qualifications PM me your license details then I'd be happy to discuss your findings with this game. Happy to share my license and log book back. Otherwise stop posting nonsense about something you know nothing about.
  3. Real airlines or Virtual Airlines? Where are you Chief Flying Instructor? Which airfield?
  4. You have some wonderful VFR corridors through New York for sightseeing. Try doing that over London now and you'd get a massive fine and a prison sentence.
  5. Hardly a "hardcore simmer" just a real-world flyer looking for that FSX/P3D "experience" I used to enjoy many years back when I was a student Pilot.
  6. Hey no disrespect to you Sir - my comments were in response to the posts I saw on the official forum 🙂
  7. My point being some people keep moaning about FPS, stutters blah blah but then vote for non-flight related stuff like moving trains and animated shock absorbers. Jeez 😉
  8. LOL. I'd love to meet your students.
  9. Which hobby? Flying Aircraft or OCD 😉 One of the threads on the "official" forum (for "official" read "censored") was "Why are there no animated trains in MSFS" It was at this point that I stopped reading the official forum. It's obvious to me where MSFS is going and it ain't in the flying direction!
  10. Yes. Really (*&*"£& annoying and unrealistic. Unless the xbox kiddies notice it I doubt Microsoft will ever bother to fix the flight dynamics/weather issues. We are not their intended market any longer.
  11. Have you installed the latest G1000 update? https://github.com/Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages/releases/tag/g1000-v0.3.5 Bonanza Turbo plus this latest G1000 update works fine at the moment on my system. If still not working you could remove the Bonanza folder in the main installation and download it again if you think it may be corrupt. I did that with the Longitude a while back.
  12. The problem is there are people (you'll find them on the official Flight Simulator forum;) who would actually buy and download this nonsense. "Never mind that the aircraft doesn't fly properly. As long as my shock-absorbers look cool it'll be fine...." R.I.P Microsoft Flight Simulator.....
  13. No idea how that crept in weird. I can't edit the post anymore. Thanks JimBrown for posting the correct link.
  14. Ta for info. I'll try again and go through all the importer options. Are you flying it using the Legacy flight model?
  15. Chock is that the Just Flight Lightning? I tried to import mine from my FSX installation but the engines wouldn't start *sob* That B-17 is booooootiful!
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