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  1. That isn't an issue that we've ever encountered during the extensive testing process and neither did the many streamers who previewed the update, so we'd need anyone encountering that issue to get in touch with us via the support section of our website so that we can investigate. It sounds like a control assignment conflict rather than any autopilot logic issues. Martyn - Just Flight
  2. There are some great SimBrief profiles already available and we include GSX profiles with the v2 version of the product. Martyn - Just Flight
  3. That's exactly as per the real aircraft, so you'd need to take that up with the manufacturer. Martyn - Just Flight
  4. I can't speak for the comment that you're referring to as I've not seen it but we don't usually dismiss feedback or suggest that we aren't bothering with X or Y. Yes, the 146 cabin falls far short of the quality of our F28 cabin or one like you'd find in the Fenix A320, however that's because the 146 cabin was never designed to be viewed up close, it was designed for use with the exterior model (similar to what you'd see on something like the PMDG DC-6). The level of detail, both mesh and texture, is much much lower for that reason and by design. We debated when releasing the product whether to make the cabin accessible from the cockpit for this very reason and decided that it was better than having no cabin, which was what other products had at the time. We also tried to explain that at the time to manage expectations and certainly didn't market the product as including a highly detailed cabin. Expectations have obviously changed significantly since then, with the introduction of highly detailed cabins in some other airliners, hence all the work on our F28 cabin, which is probably the most detailed and functional cabin/galley to date for MSFS. As I'm sure you can imagine, that's a lot of work and cost, so we do have to look at just how much demand there is and whether the community are happy with the existing cabin. Maybe that's what the comment you referred to was trying to convey. If there is enough interest then we can certainly look at working on a detailed cabin for a future update. Martyn - Just Flight
  5. This update didn't include a WXR but we are working on one, albeit with the longstanding SDK limitations so it'll be simplified. That will be included in a later update, like the UNS-1. Martyn - Just Flight
  6. It's been explained elsewhere before but unfortunately the artist that was working on the Tomahawk had personal/health issues which first delayed and then halted the entire release. The artwork was brought fully in-house earlier this year and great progress has been made in recent weeks and months. We'll have more info on that soon. Martyn - Just Flight
  7. That is just the MS/Asobo recommended numbering system. v0.1.9 equates to v1.9 in traditional numbering terms. We don't release anything prior to v1.0. Unfortunately the RJ has been delayed by work on other projects, including the significant work on the recent PA28 updates and this 146 update. That's one of the challenges of the MSFS being a constantly evolving sim. We will be providing a detailed update on the RJ progress in the next week or two as it's certainly not been forgotten. Martyn - Just Flight
  8. As you can see from all our past and future aircraft projects, we are by no means interested only in commercial aircraft still in service. There are no shortage of other developers who focus on modern Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Martyn - Just Flight
  9. It's something that we'll consider adding to the 146 following the release of our RJ. Martyn - Just Flight
  10. Thanks for the feedback but we will continue to invest our time and resources into worthwhile EFB features. We are not able to reuse Navigraph's own app on our EFB and there is a lot more functionality to our EFB than just displaying Navigraph charts. Martyn - Just Flight
  11. The LNAV selector switch in front of the thrust levers just selects which LNAV system (1 or 2) is outputting to the HSI and autopilot. There is no middle screen that can display the FMS route, that is just a basic weather radar which will be made functional once Asobo provide developers with a means for getting weather data. The FMS/LNAV functionality is as complete and functional as the real 146. The RJ and Fokker 100 are different aircraft with more advanced LNAV/VNAV capabilities and those will be properly simulated. If you need extra situational awareness from a moving map then you can either use something like the Navigraph app or the MSFS VFR map (with FP SYNC enabled in our FMS). Martyn - Just Flight
  12. The LNAV is already functional in the 146? LNAV is working very well here and we're not aware of any significant issues left to be addressed for the 146, so we're more focused on adding in new functionality, for example adding even more features to the EFB. Please submit a support ticket via our website if you have issues with LNAV or anything else on the 146 so it can be properly investigated and addressed. As others have said, we will not abandon our 146 following announcements of new products, although naturally aircraft will receive updates less regularly as they mature and bugs are fixed. All of our MSFS aircraft have continued to receive regular updates, both fixes and new features (free-of-charge). Martyn - Just Flight
  13. The updates contain both model/texture (cosmetic?) and systems logic changes. The only issues not addressed in these updates are any related to the flight dynamics. We have been working on improvements to the flight dynamics but we want to avoid investing significant amounts of time in modifying the flight model when there's so much uncertainty about further sim changes coming soon. We should get access to a preview of SU10 shortly and that will allow us to make a decision about when to update all our aircraft to take full advantage of any FDE improvements. Martyn - Just Flight
  14. The updates have been sent to them this morning so hopefully they'll be available to you within the next 24 hours. Martyn - Just Flight
  15. v1.6 is now available: https://community.justflight.com/topic/3387/update-change-logs-v0-1-6-released-edited-23-6-22/1 Martyn - Just Flight
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