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  1. I think the difference versus feedback from those who have actually used the product extensively, including many independent and respected community members and YouTubers, and from the Org and JF forums where feedback is perhaps more considered, is very telling and a clearer indicator of the product quality/value. We've been really pleased with all the great feedback, especially given this is our first study-level airliner for XP11. Content from Flightdeck2Sim, 320 sim pilot, X-Plane reviews etc has been incredibly enthusiastic and positive. Criticism about the lack of the custom FMC at release did initially catch us by surprise given the aircraft type - this is an aircraft designed in real life with no FMC rather than an A320 or 787 where it's a central component - but we recognise the importance of FMCs and automation to some of the community, especially those simulating modern operations (e.g. VATSIM), hence our significant investment in adding a custom FMC at no extra cost. In terms of value for money, I think it's pretty rare (if not unique) to find a study level airliner with 8 variants, 34 liveries, 250 page manual, regular updates and direct input into future development/features etc for under £60? We will also be releasing a demo soon so you can see for yourself just how much you would get for that price. As ever with our products, hopefully it's clear that we're keen to interact directly with our community and will take on board your feedback, good or bad. We've already released a handful of small updates in the days since release, and the custom FMC work is progressing very well (more on that soon!). Thanks for all the feedback, Martyn
  2. Quite simply there is more market demand and interest in airline traffic, hence the focus on that. We've been developing our Traffic series for 15+ years so have plenty of experience in this area and fully appreciate the interest in both GA and military. Past versions of Traffic have included GA and military, typically added after the initial release, and that is our intention with Traffic Global too so we can focus on getting the core airline functionality right first. ------ We are currently looking for some new testers to join our Traffic Global (for XP11) testing team, specifically those with significant experience using existing AI traffic products for XP11 and an understanding of the XP11 AI system. If that sounds like you then please send me a message! Martyn - Just Flight
  3. Even if those don't make it into the initial release (our focus must remain on scheduled airline flights as the core product) then we are likely to add them later on. Martyn - Just Flight
  4. We are currently looking for new beta testers with experience of realistically operating study-sim level aircraft in FSX/P3D and/or real-world F28 knowledge, and sufficient free time and an interest to regularly contribute to the testing process. If that sounds like you then please get in touch - martyn@justflight.com Thanks Martyn - Just Flight
  5. We're trying our best and would love to see Air Hauler in X-Plane!
  6. We have now added some FAQs to the in-development page - https://www.justflight.com/product/traffic-global-xplane We will continue update the FAQs as development work progresses and will post the 'dev diaries' shortly. Martyn - Just Flight
  7. Thanks for the feedback Clayton. The early-access forum is only accessible to owners of the software as the purpose of that process is to allow owners to provide their feedback directly to the development team and engage in the development of the product, but you're of course welcome to provide feedback on our public forum too. We've still got plenty of fixes/upgrades to add as part of the early-access process, ahead of it reaching v1.0 later this year, but the FSX/P3D and XP11 versions of the product are separate developments by different teams, as per below. Here are a couple of my replies on the other thread:
  8. Please get in touch if you didn't receive the email on 21st February and we'll provide you with the discount information - https://support.justflight.com/support/tickets/new
  9. We have an in-development section which shows progress of our upcoming products - https://www.justflight.com/product/fokker-f28-fellowship
  10. We've just announced our F28 for P3D v4, and will likely follow that with the F70/F100.
  11. Hi Martin, We'll look into adding a 2D panel for controlling the various passenger and cargo doors. Thanks for the suggestion. Martyn
  12. Hi Ernie, We appreciate the feedback and as mentioned above our Traffic Global FSX/P3D dev team continue to work on the product with the intention of leaving early-access prior to completion of the XP11 version (and will continue to update you on progress in the forum). There's no overlap in those two teams so our work on the XP11 version has no impact on the FSX/P3D version, and issues with one won't translate to issues with the other as both simulators have their own technical challenges/limitations for us to tackle. Thanks Martyn - Just Flight
  13. The two products share their databases and aircraft models but are being developed by two entirely different teams. Traffic Global for FSX/P3D continues to be developed and regularly updated by its development team, including adding of new airlines and schedules (f you haven't already done so, I'd suggest visiting the early-access forum). Any issues with how FSX/P3D handles the traffic database (e.g. empty airports) will not automatically apply to the XP11 version. The product is currently focused on airline schedules but GA and military are being considered for future upgrades. This is not an early-access product and we require no cash infusion, but thanks for the concern. This is one of eight products that we currently have in development with a variety of separate teams.
  14. We've posted about it here - https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/176159-traffic-global It's also announced on our Facebook page and website (in-development section). It's been in development for several months but there is plenty of work left to do.
  15. I can't reproduce the issue here but please submit a ticket to our support team and they'll find a solution. Thanks Martyn
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