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  1. Then why bring it up? And you are correct. iFly isn't a lightweight. This is primarily because the developers listened to me and a select few others that were in their small circle of technical advisors to make the 737 the product that it is today. And I will say that the 737 that they initially released, and the product that it is now are completely different animals. But alas, this is a PMDG forum, so I will leave it at that.
  2. LOL. Simmers are a funny lot. You all make car forums look polite
  3. What iFly is doing has never stopped PMDG in the past.
  4. Practically identical? Have you seen pictures of the cockpit? Or the new wing rakes? I don't think we would see a lot of difference in the way it flies. Better fuel economy, and of course the cockpit. It would seem to be a logical step for PMDG to take since they have the foundation already with the NGX. I wouldn't hold my breath for a PMDG C-Series. PMDG hasn't been one to tackle foreign made airplanes...other than the Jetstream. But that one was kind of a one-off for Robert. We'll see though!!
  5. Oh boy! Another thread to stroke PMDG's ego! BTW, Flight1 offers a $40 off coupon if you owned the FS2004 version of the 767.
  6. I completely understand that. I worked extensively on the iFly 737NG project, so I have a good idea about the general 'bugs' that you are talking about. But I am not talking about random issues that would arise due to operator error, incorrect installation procedures, or different system setups. I am talking about glaring flaws and/or issues that are present for everybody and is not true to the aircraft the software is simulating...such as the throttle spike issue that people keep speaking about. The biggest 2 examples of this problem would be AirSimmer and Ariane, but I have seen it time and again on a lesser scale with other developers. Wilco, CaptainSim, and QualityWings with their 757 (They did much better on their further releases) would be good examples. Anyways, I'm not trying to derail the thread...just a passing thought through my ADHD brain. Now what was I doing?
  7. I don't have this aircraft...yet. I am definitely interested in it though. One of my pet peeves with developers, though, are those who utilize the general public as a Secondary beta testing pool without their consent. Either that or releasing the product before they should have in an effort to bolster waning development funds...again without informing (potential) buyers that the product is essentially unfinished. Then upon release, promising disappointed customers a "massive" service pack to fix all of the issues that should have been sorted before initial release. Do youall believe one of these scenarios might have been the case with this aircraft?
  8. What's the difference between this and the free navdata updates available from aero.sors.fr?
  9. LAX is newer, so it will be better visually. It is also already HD (4096 textures.) However, FSDreamteam is coming out with a new version with LAS which should have all of the major changes that the airport has undergone over the past 5 years.
  10. Thanks Andy. I'll keep playing around with the lightning effects and see if I can figure out which ones light up the cockpit.
  11. Call your credit card company and tell them you want to file a chargeback against McPhat Studios. Explain to them what transpired and that you are not the First person this has happened to. The cc company will try to contact McPhat. If they don't respond, they will flag McPhat and no longer process payments to them. If you wanted to go 1 step farther, you could file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (or your country's counterpart.) I imagine that once the cc companies get involved, somebody over there will wake up. It makes you wonder just how many people this has happened to that haven't said anything. All of the website "depreciated' errors should have been a major red flag. The final straw for me would have been the fact that the last time the website news was updated was July 2, 2014. Good luck getting your money back.
  12. Hi all, First, I am wanting to get rid of the cockpit flash that is supposed to represent lightning flashing. To me, it is incredibly unrealistic to be flying at 38000 feet 20 miles away from a thunderstorm and have the entire cockpit light up like somebody just set off a strobe. So I need to know what effects file it is, and if I delete it, will anything bad happen. Secondly, I want to lower the thunder sound that I hear inside the cockpit. Again, I find it incredibly unrealistic to be in the same scenario as above and hear thunder. Do I need to lower the volume of all of the .wav files or individual ones? I don't mind hearing it outside...just inside. Thanks in advance for the help
  13. Anybody actually bought this? Is it just FSRecorder on steroids?
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