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  1. christoph25

    adjust control problems need help

    do you have any reverence datas for me ?
  2. hello i have hard problems to control the dash when TO and landing, the ailerons, mostly they but also the elevator controls are horrible sensitive and makes the landing almost impossible. i already tried the simulator control adjustment and the majestic control panel, without succes. is there any recommandation, how to reduce the sensitivity ? now, the ailerons are extremly moving left and right end point and i cant land it propper. what should i set for sensitivity range numbers ? using the pilot edition able to use full fsuipc as requiered what is my fault ? thanks
  3. christoph25

    additional sound pack missing

    hi yes thats a good thing, i got the aaron swindle files and that was what i am looking for, used that before..
  4. hi, there was an additional sound replacement sound pack for the majestic dash 8, from mattias feltenbacher i think. it was available from the majestic homepage but the download link from majestic homepage is dead. after new install i am missing that files a lot, it gaves the prop more intensity.. does anyone know, where i can find that file again or does anyone have it ? thanks
  5. christoph25

    Initialization of license library failed

    hi, same problem here any news ?