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  1. rheinis

    747-8 let down

    Noticed it in the 744 too, the newest - newest - version (the one I could activate) First I thought it was caused by GSX Level 2, which I had just installed. Thought maybe some passenger - new in his role - had accidently bumped against the plane and caused the engines to wiggle like a set of christmass balls, after the dog in all it's happiness tried to get it's toy from behind the christmass tree (where it somehow always ends up...) Didn't give it much attention though, as I soon entered the cockpit and didn't pay attention to the engines much more. I was way more curious about the new ACARS login functionality in the 744.. 😎
  2. Hmm...actually...it looks like it's crashing... Soon (TM)...into my desktop! 😎
  3. rheinis

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    ... * door slams - quickly running to supermarket for popcorn *
  4. I don't recall us saying anything about what you can fly, and where. You just need to pick a plane up where it is. You can take it wherever you want from there. Actually, you did say something about what I can fly. Twice in this very same post. From the remark above: "You just need to pick a plane up where it is." And 2 remarks down the line... Bottom line: if I can't pick up a plane I want at the location I want, I can't fly it. Sounds like a restriction to me. However - semantics aside - you may have a valid point about the subscription. Maybe it is unfair to pay you once for software this elaborate, that has to be maintained and be online at the same time 24/7 for years to come. So how about this then, as an alternative option: GFO Lite ? GFO, but without the need to get your data online from your server or share airframes, so this specific version can be sold at a fixed price. Aimed for all of us who like to get comfortably walled in - in our own private virtual world where there are no restrictions, but do like functions as CPDLC and some of the other benefits GFO will offer. From what I hear there are hundreds of functions yet to come, of which I'm sure there will be some of them I will definitely like but are not necessarily dependend on 24/7 online data. Anyway, looking forward to the final product. My curiosity has been awakened
  5. Was not really surprised by the presentation of GFO. I myself already suggested an external program to be used alongside the sim (page 10 of this thread) We all knew it wasn't going to be an airplane or new sim, right? So, after having seen the presentation twice now and having read this forum, here are my thoughts on it. Well, I really like the idea of having CPDLC and ACARS - means more buttons to push on the FMC and more flight related info to read during cruise. And of course a greater understanding of real world operations. These features alone make it worthwhile for me to consider the product. Small features, maybe. But still, I like to get to know them since they're used on a daily bases in the cockpit by real world pilots. And, like I said, it gives me something more to fiddle with during cruise But to be honest - having the info that's available at the moment - I'm not really sure how the rest of GFO will fit in my FS immersion. I already continue every flight exactly from where I left (just saving the flight via the FSX-SE menu) so that function is not really worth the extra money for me since this already works absolutely fine on my setup. If I'm parked a bit next to the yellow line and accidently left a door open, it will be parked the same way with the same door open when I reload the saved flight and the panel will be in exactly the same state as I left it in. Just have to use AS16 for updated weather and I have to set the correct time of course. And to keep things organized, I just keep a simple text file containing the whereabouts of all my aircraft, so I can choose where to depart from. Also, I consider myself the proud owner of most of the PMDG fleet. For me to fly when I want and where I want. That's part of the magic of Flight Simming for me. If I want to go island hopping on Hawaii in a KLM 747-400 or a 777-300, I can do that (in real life KLM doesn't fly to Hawaii and the only hopping they do is Cityhopping) So for me, having restrictions on what I can fly and where I can fly is not a selling point. And the only one who may fly my Boeings around the world...is Me, period. However, if I were able to create my own GFO VA, only to be used by me, then I will most likely consider the product even more. Nonetheless, I'm very curious how GFO will handle the 'one-airframe-available-at-a-time' concept. For example - according to planespotters.net - KLM only has/had 26 747-400's (current and historic airframes combined) So, what if 2500 people want to fly a KLM 747-400? Not even mentioning the fact they had only 10 MD-11's and only 5 737-900's.. I'm sure you thought of that (I really am) but I'm just genuinely interested in how GFO will handle that (multiple sessions maybe, so if GFO is out of airframes requested by the user, it'll open a new session, for others to join?) Another letdown for me is the fact that it will be subscription based. The only subscription I really want is the one of my paycheck, where my boss pays me for having me around. Getting a bit annoyed to be honest that more and more companies are demanding a periodic fee to use their software. May be small amounts per month, but if you add it all up over a couple of years then the price you pay may - or may not - scare the sh*t out of you... "Wait a minute, did I pay THAT to use this software???" Concluding, I'm actually only really interested in the things that I can use in the cockpit, like the CPDLC and ACARS. Like I said, the 'shared airframe' concept is not really my cup of tea and all the info about the flight history of an airframe is also not something I consider a selling point for me personally. But, if the GFO software will be sold at a fixed price, in which I can create my own VA to be used by me alone, I will buy it in a heartbeat. If it will be subscription based, without the freedom of flying my own fleet, I think I'll pass. Still, many thanks for the effort. I'm sure there are a lot of people who will greatly benefit from this software. And sometimes you just can't please them all, which is absolutely fine.
  6. rheinis

    PMDG new klm repaints

    Some more info you might like on KLM registrations
  7. How about this... A new PMDG Desktop Training Center ? A completely standalone desktop application, similar in function to real world Level-D simulators. So, you can set up your own scenerios for you to train (SID, STAR, approaches, take-offs, landings, patterns, etc.) and immidiately get feedback from the program in the form of Robert or Kyle, kindly explaining to you why you crashed again and that next time you really should pull the landing gear lever a bit earlier in the process... Of course it includes complete training courses, which makes it a "line" - since you have to buy these seperately for each aircraft type. And to complete the line, a PMDG Level-D(esktop) Chair will be the cherry on the cake, with force feedback and movement in all directions. Of course - or not - only compatible with PMDG aircraft. If not, then I still think it's a great idea!
  8. rheinis

    How far has the 747-8 been developed?

    Hmm...and I thought you were MY father... Ah well, may the Forces of Flight be with you!! 🕵️‍♀️
  9. Funny you mentioned Goat Sim, since Sheep Sim is obviously the better one of the two. The hairs of the sheep are WAY better portrayed than the ones in Goat Sim. Also, the eyes of the sheep twinkle in a much, much more realistic way. And Sheep are - and will always be - the better looking ones. More importantly - of course - the tailflex...need I say more?
  10. rheinis

    [20JUL17] Update thread for XPL users

    My favorite inflight movie. By the way...in case you missed it...someone (not saying who) left his TPS report in my 747...
  11. rheinis

    Winter Operations

    To make it complete:
  12. rheinis

    Winter Operations

    Found this tutorial video in which a real-world pilot is using the PMDG NGX to explain a bit about winter operations. Very revealing.. To be quite honest, this was a bit of an eye opener for me. Never really took the time to read the Supplementary Procedures about this, but it's all there (SP 16.1, see the PMDG documentation) funny enough...somehow the word Ray-Ban is not to be found in the Boeing documents...while hugely important I think, to not being blinded by the bright white snow and low hanging sun in the winter...
  14. rheinis

    P3D v4 and PMDG

    Attilio, I while ago I created quite an extensive EZDOK (v1, not v2) / ChasePlane package for all PMDG airliners, wich I gave the rather catchy name PMDG made EZ... https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/497544-pmdg-made-ez/?do=findComment&comment=3596778 See the entire post for all the needed info on this package (or read the included readme.txt) I have even created "2D" overhead panels for the NGX and the 747 v3. And if you want to pan around, just assign a button combination of your choice for this and use your mouse as your eyes and the arrow keys as your feet (really great for doing a walkaround, for wich I also created a view) See the included EZDOK - My Keys and Button Settings.jpg file I included in the package to set up this function. I use this package myself and most of the time I only use my keyboard and mouse while flying or walking around. The hatswitch on my joystick (MS SideWinder FFB2) I basically only use to enjoy the view while cruising along and for taxiing. Maybe this will be of help for you?