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  1. I bought the 780ti and a week later sold it and grabbed the G1 980. I run just the I7 4771@3.5 with H97 Board. NIGHT and DAY. Im not going to run numbers about each card and ive never cared about framerates, (If I cant see it stuttering, Its fine) But the 980 is a monster. I havnt ran across a game yet that looks like im playing it for the first time. I thought I had dust bouncing off the dash on my 172 when I landed. This is with FSX, Ran P3D V2 briefly and it looked pretty good. Dont like P3d as much for some reason. X Plane my settings are "almost" maxed. Still playin with that. Ive got a ton of OC left also. Def reccomend the G1 Giga
  2. There has to be a better way. People pay good money for this stuff and this addon sure seems buggy for everyone. Ive been trying to get this to work for 3 days. Ive read the manual, Watched the tutorials, UAC is off, Anti virus is uninstalled, Ive stood on my head, Ive deleted the fsx controls, Ive tried it with FSUIP and without FSUiP. Give me a break............... And do you thjink You are able to contact the guy who wrote it? Hell no. Whatever. Keep it!!
  3. stingray15

    How is V2 ATC?

    Just started with V2 yesterday, Apologize in advance if stupid question. Can I set ATC up so it tells me what heading and altitude to fly at when going from point A to point B?