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  1. Stofvel

    RealAir DUKEB60V2 & FLT1 GTN 750

    Thanks Bert...that was straightforward enough...appreciated. Brian
  2. Stofvel

    RealAir DUKEB60V2 & FLT1 GTN 750

    ...also posted in SimForums Hello Bert, Thanks for this. I had all but given up hope of being able to fly the RealAir Piston Duke again, after the lads understandably retired. The RealAir B60, one of my favourite twins, has been out of use since I began using the GTN750 and 650 in all my more vintage planes, thanks to you. All recent and current GA aircraft I acquire must have a GTN750 or 650 capability. My situation and question - I am running FSX SP2 on a Win 7 system and have never purchased the RXP GNS530 nor do i know the procedure for the following: (adding a dummy rxpgns.dll file to your FSX or P3D Gauges folder if you do not have the RXP GNS installed). Could you send me some detailed instructions for same and any other pertinent info for radios etc. OR a link. As always, thanks for this Bert. Much appreciated. Brian
  3. Thanks Ed - installed and tested - indeed puts a little spring in her step - and a keeper :smile: . I suppose it's the fact that some - me included - like Stephen, wouldn't have bought the plane, without some modification, that's the stickler. Trying to accommodate all, is a bit of a sticky wicket - sales are a key motivator. I am not a developer, so I don't know how much additional work is involved in creating a "restored" and a "with character" livery - with the same model release - but it possibly should be a consideration. For me, a major consideration in acquiring any GA aircraft, now, is whether it includes GTN750 integration. I have catalogued many somewhat sophisticated flight plans for flying at low altitude in mountainous regions. My older favourites including the Carenado F33 Bonanza, B58 Baron and others, have undergone GTN650 and 750 modifications thanks to Bert and his mods - which have kept these classics in the loop. As some of us curmudgeons get older maybe we are just getting too damn picky - but we all like what we like, and buy same. :wink: All the best. Brian
  4. Finally purchased the Shrike v 1.2 (FSX (SP2)), installed the GTN750, did a clean-up of the the interior with Ramon's excellent modification, added Ed Patino's recommended Avsim library sound set and took her for a spin. What a blast to fly. I understand SpiritFlyer's desire for a Restored version of the Shrike, inside and out - me too. The Real Air, Lancair V2, Duke Turbine and Duke B60 are in optimal condition and still my go to planes with the exception now of the B60 which is still lacking (a yet to come) GTN750 integration - a must any more, for me. Thanks to all in the community who have made the Shrike a more enjoyable bird to fly, and keep me posted on a potential Shrike "restore", or a B60, GTN750 modification - should any of these happen. All the best. Brian
  5. Stofvel

    Thinking about buying

    Hello Jack, There have been mixed opinions on the Carenado Phenom 100, not least of which is the ongoing love/hate relationship with aircraft made by Carenado - great graphics but realism the after thought. I have several Carenado aircraft including the Bonanza, Baron, Phenom 100 and 300 etc plus many A2A and Realair - like them all AND I have added the GTN 750 or 650 to them all - where possible - special thanks to Bert and those VC mod creators who enabled this for the older birds. Truth is these are all simulations and as such - the operational realism is always marginal and by degrees, in the overall - perfection does not exist. The Phenom 100 still holds a special place and I have put more flight hours on this bird than any other I have. I am still looking to get the "instrument reflections" permanently turned OFF so I can run my 750 without first having to go to the VC control panel - but I am sure someone more adept at mod creation and FSX programming, than I, will come up with a solution. I was so impressed when I first started flying the Phenom 100 - I created a video and posted same - that was back in May of 2014. Here's a link if interested: Happy to hear you're happy with it - me too. Brian
  6. Vaughan, I also have the amazing Duke Turbine and Legacy 2 - both with the GTN750 - and all aircraft utilize EZDok views. Hard to imagine a sim flight without these add-ons, any more. The GTN 650/750 have revolutionized flight, although I can only speak for the simulated variety. Finally on the download count from Carenado - just ask to have it topped up - never heard of a refusal yet. All the best. Brian
  7. Vaughan, Happy it worked out - same here - the seat belt from hell is gone and I suspect you are right, there may be some additional tweaks added. Do you use the GTN750? - if so, have you installed Ray's updated version 1.14 - available today. Brian
  8. Hi Vaughan, I have heard back from Carenado and the standard un-install is required prior to the updated version. This brings me to your question...excuse the paraphrase - How the hell do I know whether my vs of 1.1 is the updated version of 1.1? - :smile: The only way you can know in absence if an incremental update number (ie vs 1.1.1 or 1.2 etc) is to actually check the modification date on the newly downloaded file and compare same with the original. (right click on the downloaded files in your downloads folder) the modification date will appear as well as the actual size of the original file(s) which should be different. I just re-downloaded the CJ2 file from the Carenado site and indeed the modification dates have changed as well as the file size. AND...Eureka! Ray has just posted a link to the updated GTN modification files. As soon as I have completed my regular work stuff...I am on it Hope this helps. If not let me know. Brian
  9. Hi Vaughan, Here is the verbatim response from Carenado re the ticket I submitted to them (it was not a post). I suspect this is an incremental update (no visible identifiers), apparently already posted. I just went to their website to see if there were any identifying indicators for the updated file - but their website appears to be undergoing heavy traffic issues - right now. I have requested a clarification on the "un-install first" standard procedure. AND...I think I will wait until the updated GTN modification installer is ready; then have a go at both, then. If you want I can post their response, once I've received same. Brian
  10. Thanks Janek for the update - mistakes happen with everyone - we are not quite the automatons we would like to believe - thankfully- true, not as much despair, but not as much fun either :smile: A Solution to the Seatbelt from Hell I forwarded a ticket with Carenado yesterday re this issue and they replied today that it had been fixed via an update, that has been made available, post the initial 1.1 update release. So for those focusing on the cockpit of the CJ2 recently (at least in the FSX (SP2) version) and have not ventured into the passenger compartment - know a solution has now been posted by the folks at Carenado, should the seatbelt from hell, appear. Brian
  11. Hello Janek, I didn't test in depth anything beyond the NAV button issue, however the indicator lights for FLC did appear more normal hence the "possibly": I know there's a lot going on today for many of the Avsim crew so any help I can provide is a only a step toward pay back for all the help, provided to us. The downloaded file simply replaces the original - so its a quick and easy fix for many. Cheers. Brian
  12. Hello Bert I entered the changes to the "autopilot_button.xml" file via Notepad and did a quick circuit around my local. The changes have corrected the NAV button, and possibly other button engagement issues. Here is a link to the corrected file; It will appear in your downloads folder. Brian
  13. Hi Glynn, If you're referring to the mod, NAV and FLC are not running quite right - you have to use APPR which acts as the NAV button (I am using FSX, P3D may be fine). I think, from reading recent posts, that there might have been a mix-up in the files that were posted for download. I'm sure it is something that will get remedied soon. I read in another recent post that Ray was aware of the FLC issue, post the vs 1,1 update, but a solution, I think, had been instituted - again these may have gotten mixed up with the files that were actually posted. The lads did a great job - and I suspect a lot is going on with other events this weekend - so getting the right files posted may take a day or two. If not, I know where I can get a long digital seat-belt to hang my digital self from Hang tough. Brian
  14. Hello ALL, I purchased the CJ2 yesterday (vs 1.1) once the mod squad posted the incredible GTN modification. Great job! Today when I set up my EZ-DOK views I noticed the following graphic anomaly, in the passenger compartment- viewable only from the back of the plane. I linked two pictures having slightly different angles to get a better idea what I am seeing. It is not related to the modification - I put back the original - it does the same with both. Graphic 1 Graphic 2 Any one else getting this - I am using FSX (SP2) with Win 7? Suggestions? Thanks Brian
  15. I am having the same issue getting the "Nav" button to engage. The work-a-round, for now, from playing around, is to use the "APPR" button as the "Nav" substitute. I am running FSX (SP2) on Windows 7. Brian