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  1. For now, no re-download is needed. It's all done by Oliver's fix. I was however approached by somebody with access to the original, and he will provide me with some good detail shots, to make this repaint even more immersive. So stay tuned for that 🙂
  2. Another really positive update: Oliver has taken this issue into account and fixed it with the lastest Ju-Update. What a great developer! My repaint now shows as intended.
  3. It's been quite some time since the release, but this beast also took quite a bit of that. But now I'm delighted to finally present to you my most meticulously-crafted repaint ever! N31JA
  4. Performancewise this is pretty much a memory thing, so if that's your bottleneck you will run into issues. However, you can always decrease the size of any texture.
  5. A little update on this: I have managed to get in contact Oliver Moser, the Jus creator. He has acknowledged the problem and while he can’t make promises, he has forwarded the issue to the modelers. Maybe we get lucky and they will pave the way for many more repaints on this beauty 🙂
  6. I’ve updated my package to include the modified version by MSFS forum member Archer374, so any download from now on can install a version of D-AQUI on the 1939 model.
  7. Okay I decided on the following compromise: This package will include two liveries. One version as is in the pictures Alternative where I removed the D-AQUI on the fuselage and allowed dynamic registrations, which will show up in a slightly too small size and under the left wing instead of the D-CDLH that should be there. D-CDLH
  8. In general, mirroring helps use less textures (e.g. one texture for both wings), which enhances performance because your PC has to handle less data. In this case it's a bit weird because everything except that door was actually done right this time, it seems almost like they forgot it and didn't want to create a new texture just for that.
  9. That's an option but instead of painting on the textures, you need to edit the model for that method. Other than that being above my current skillset, there's some other concerns I have with it: The base model might change, at which time any modified model can easily break I'm not sure every file needed for that is available because some config files are encrypted for Marketplace planes I'm not sure about the legality of editing and distributing payware models, even if from Microsoft
  10. Hi folks, I have to ask for your opinions. Yesterday, right after release I got right to painting the famous Lufthansa Ju52. This aircraft has a high sentimental value for me because I had the luck to fly in it as a kid. I had all the details (signature, stickers, plaques) prepared and naturally started placing those. When I got to the main registration I noticed a problem, however. As of right now, the main door is mapped to the opposite side of the fuselage, creating this nasty little effect when you put on a registration. The right side of the aircraft is unaffected. I did continue putting the registration onto the wings to "complete" the repaint for my personal use. Now my question is, should I release this (with a disclaimer), or is that a game breaker for anybody with a more objective point of view? P.S.: I'm trying to contact the creator to see if there is any chance of solving this issue, and I would of course update the paint if that chance materializes.
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