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  1. Another mean-looking little machine. 😎 Make sure to check this one out in different lighting conditions, as the stripes are metallic. C-GLUV
  2. Thank you all very much for the praise! I second that Make sure this MSFS label is green (otherwise you do not see my repaints for MSFS)
  3. In celebration of the latest Sim Update and TCAS joining the list of WT CJ4 features! N232JS
  4. If your browser warns you that means the credentials you used there are part of a list of leaked credentials. It is very important to understand that, by itself, that says absolutely nothing about SimMarket. Depending on the sources your browser checks your credentials against, you might even be warned if that specific password has been leaked because somebody else used it on some other site that was hacked. It's a nice idea for a feature but it's half-baked and has damaged a lot of site's reputations because of misunderstandings like this. All that being said, changing your passwords every now and then is always recommended anyway.
  5. Thanks for all the warm words, much appreciated! Here's another livery which allowed me to experiment with metallic effects again: N79JS
  6. Thank you, here's one more to make your life really hard! 😄 D-CBCT
  7. Wow, I did not expect this much positive feedback, thank you very much! @Midin You can click on the respective repaint in my News section and you will automatically taken to the specific download page.
  8. Hey there, maybe you’re familiar with my work, I did a little bit of painting over the last 10 years. A lot of it on FSX and P3D, so you might know this type of thread. With this one I would like to present you my work on the Working Title CJ4 for MSFS. As always, all repaints can be downloaded from edrm-repaints.com D-CHRA N1411M N325CJ N481AM N52141 N760PT N80HB
  9. I have the same issue in my scenery. What did you do exactly? Replace object and rebuild?
  10. Indeed it is. I'm taking this new sim as a bit of a chance to learn a new workflow myself. I'm currently taking ideas from this video to get the mapping sorted.
  11. To my best knowledge (which isn't much for that matter), models can't currently be imported with enough fidelity, animations etc. that they would be of any further use. Exactly! This, let's call it the classic approach, is still available. Be warned, the UV mapping doesn't make it easy, though.
  12. That's what they did. Liveries are part of the model and can be controlled via a single file (set of colors and alpha to get a white plane). I assume there must also be some similar definition on where exactly the registration has to be rendered. EDIT: I have just double-checked and there definitely is a definition for registration placement in the model.
  13. Sorry for the late reply, folks. Unfortunately I am currently unable to do any repaints with no ETA on that changing in sight.
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