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  1. targetpractice2

    Yawing during landing

    Thanks for replying guys...I did check majestic forum (have not posted there yet) that specific issue looked like it was a key mapping issue to switch the autopilot on/off. (I don't do that) ...the other was a calibration issue using the majestic profiler..I'm using fsuipc...I'll jump on there....
  2. targetpractice2

    Yawing during landing

    Hi, am an avid user of the training vids think they are fantastic and will be dipping into the most recent soon (cant wait for 737 or airbus)..anyway. I have one issue which will not go away.. I use Saitek yoke/throttle/pedals configured through FSUIPC (latest version).. have also the latest version of the majestic dash8.. On approach and disconnecting the autopilot the plane becomes almost uncontrollable without a fight, yawing left and right and nose has a distinct drop ..I appreciate that it has a slight drop but this is down and right/or left I have followed and also viewed other landing vids and no one seems to have this problem (all looks very smooth with small adjustments on disconnect). Things I have checked:- Yaw Damper.. is on I click autopilot off with mouse don't use assigned z key etc Elevator trim is at times out dramatically during the landing phase and given I am coming down on a 3 degree angle seems odd should the autopilot be moving the trim so far out of sync prior to landing? The aileron trim appears centred. FSUIPC is calibrated.. Weather no turbulence and wind is sub 10 knots. (I use FS Global).. The only thing I can think of is the weights and balances but all are within tolerances however it is perhaps the cargo /baggage positioning (front to rear) rather than the weight? I also configure through FSUIPC and it appears the flight controls tool supplied by majestic never works (no movement).. so should I type in certain tolerances into it or is FSUIPC over riding this? So it sounds like something is out with my calibration of yoke / pedals or I am doing something wrong in the setup for landing .... Lastly I started practicing with FSIPanel but find that I end up with the same result... no matter what I do... any help would be much appreciated. tks
  3. targetpractice2

    EZDOK not functioning in FSX-SE

    I had a similar issue and started another thread where EZdok would not find the steam path correctly in the users folders.. the solution unfortunately was to do a complete clean and re-install of my OS. Which was also mentioned by another user. When I installed Steam on its own then EZdok 1.18 (after 1.15 ) it worked .. I only got one option (steam) vs the usual two
  4. I have done a full re install of OS, after cleaning registry there was still something there that EZdok did not like and was continually looking for the FSX route.. complete clean and reinstall of my OS and EZdok worked first time.. normally it would give me two options to click on FSX Boxed or FSX SE.. now on install it just provides FSX Steam option... its fixed now.. pain in the rear to do but solved the issue..
  5. targetpractice2

    EZDOK not functioning in FSX-SE

    I have updated to 1.18.6 but I have exact same problem.. however it still works it appears in my addons . I have yet to put in new cameras however. but still have the issue where it cannot write to the folder as the folder does not exist... apparently the only time the FSX-SE folder would appear is where you are running both FSX and SE versions on the same system. So where you only have steam edition it only creates FSX folders in the same way as the old boxed version.. would suggest the EZdok is looking for a file that will not be there for the camera.cfg .. no idea if EZdok can be changed to point to the correct USERs folder... Ok it actually does not work now I have tested.. just keeps crashing FSX.
  6. Hi did a full uninstall and cleaned the registry etc.. have a clean version of SE now on the system. no addons.. have tried to install EZdok and once again its looking for the FSX-SE/camera.cfg file which does not exist as FSX-SE creates an FSX folder in USERS not an FSX-SE folder (due to only one version being on the system).. on reading some other forums this is the norm where there is no FSX on the system. So it may have worked before because I had two versions of FSX on the system and if you do, FSX SE create a folder called FSX-SE apparently.. could not find it though.. so I am thinking there must be a way other than changing the name of the folder to FSX-SE to point the EZdok installer for the camera.cfg at the FSX folder... cheers
  7. thanks for the info and assistance. I think I will just uninstall everything and start again, bit of a pain but perhaps in the long run it will be beneficial. Unfortunately its only EZdoK that has the issue all of a sudden.. it was working absolutely fine with SE so no idea why it decided not to work When I did install SE originally FSX was still on my system so I do think it is something I have left in there so the only option to get everything working on SE is to uninstall and start again..
  8. Hi All EZ Dok last night decided to stop working. ( I am using latest version) This may or may not be related to an install of the drivers for the Saitek proflight yoke and throttle quadrant. Anyway when trying to reinstall EZdoc, it is looking for the FSX SE folder in roaming/local but I only have an FSX named folder. I used to run FSX but uninstalled it and moved to FSX SE.. after a lot of work, all my addons work with SE including my original install of EZdoc... I actually renamed the file to FSX-SE and ezdok found it but my adons stopped working.. When I launched FSX SE after changing the file name, it created another folder named FSX. I am now confused.. when I read the forums they suggest there should be FSX-SE named folders in both roaming and local..but when I run SE it creates just FSX.. so is there something I have left in error that is creating the said folders? the only other idea would be to get EZdoc to point to the FSX folders... just so annoying because everything has been running so smoothly on SE without any crashes and it looks fantastic.. I have an awful feeling I need to uninstall everything and start again clean.. which is hours of work... thanks for any assistance/replies in advance.
  9. targetpractice2

    Airline2Sim coming out with some new videos.

    Really enjoyed the q400 series and would love to see PMDG 737. I personally had no issues with the way the originals were presented and being videos was able to rewind but like my comment below could see for some rewinding all the time could get frustrating.. actually managed to fly circuits and land after a few hours. My only feed back .. when running through the checks a yellow box would appear to show what was being looked at or switched on/off etc.. but only for a couple of items, would liked to have seen that carried through for much of the first flight videos, as some of the items were not zoomed in so was not immediately clear. rgds. TP
  10. targetpractice2

    I'm really embarrassed....a simmer's confession.

    FMS in PMDG's 737 is pretty easy to use.. but it does depend on the model of plane.. i.e I have the Dash8 q400 and whilst it has an FMS it is very different from the 737 one but basics are the same. Waypoints are given to you when you create the flight plan.. the use of the FMS does require an update to navigation to be accurate but you could probably get away with using the simple FSX flight planner to start with. Navigation is actually the easy part to input the more technical aspect is working out fuel/distance/weights and measures etc. you then input the codes (may look something like DEC or GOLUM for the waypoints (on ramps) or UL610 which are the airways (or motorways if you will) The way I imagined it in very basic terms was motorways and of and on ramps... whats my first on ramp to the motorway after I leave the runway.?. the SID to some extent does this, its the route to safely get away from the airport in a controlled manner and access your main route... The STAR is your departure from your main route down to the runway (off ramp if you will)... again very very basic explanation and others will perhaps provide better.. if you use Skype and PMDG737 I would be happy to help you out ... just PM me ...
  11. targetpractice2

    Dash8 q400 Turns and circles on descent without my input

    May have figured it out but not completely sure.. I am using ProATC X which is better than the standard ATC but can be frustrating! .. whilst it is not on my route it appears the pilot not flying is changing the heading on me , but not clear why. as there is no call from ATC and my FMC does not show a circle route etc...(proatcx you can have the co-pilot take over the headings/radios/flaps etc).. so turned that off and its not been doing that.. have looked on their forums but nothing in regards to this. anyway issue seems to be another third party product and not the Dash8.
  12. targetpractice2

    Dash8 q400 Turns and circles on descent without my input

    HI thanks for taking the time to post.. I thought you had drawn my manual landing attempt route! there is a hold at Chase where you need to sit at FL900 but its not programmed in the FMS as a hold only to be at fl900 by Chase.
  13. targetpractice2

    Dash8 q400 Turns and circles on descent without my input

    Thanks for replying .. its a very short route with only 4 way points including the airports (isle of sky to Birmingham).. I have not even reached the entry point of the STAR which is CHASE1c before it begins its turn.. but will take pic and post ..
  14. Hi all.. Using FSX version of Dash8 q400 Just purchased the Dash8 and loving it.. working through the cadet training from airline2sim which helped greatly. I do have a problem in descent however. When using autopilot/FMS in decent all of a sudden the plane decides to circle, basically banks off to the right away from the heading track / waypoint and circles back on to it, other times it just seems to decide at some point during the decent to stop following the track... I do not have a holding pattern .. I have followed as much as I can the videos from airline2sim but still end up in the same situation. I do not change anything (and can see NAV and LNAV highlighted) I use VS mode in my descent .. I thought that it perhaps was going into some holding pattern automatically to lose speed ! it seems to do it once every flight then gets back on track and I can land with no issues (other than my lack of ability to land by hand!).. I am experienced in using the FMS in the 737 so have a good idea what it should be doing, but appreciate that it is a different model.. so assume user error somewhere! many thanks for any assistance.
  15. targetpractice2

    Complete List Of The Best Fsx Addons For 2014

    Think its great effort, and as for someone just coming back to Flight simming and enjoying it more than ever, a great resource... everyones a critic and you will never get away from that.. I agree with the comment about freeware.. trying to really drill down into it on AViSiM is an evenings work, things do get drowned so its a fair point.. being the biggest is good, but if poorly organised its not the best.. so a small site like this was perfect. It picks out some great adons that stand above the rest and that's really what you want from the freeware packages too..... and yes were only half way through 2014 .. so for all those pedantic so and so's maybe just put at the end of the title ... 'so far'...