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Yawing during landing

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Hi, am an avid user of the training vids think they are fantastic and will be dipping into the most recent soon (cant wait for 737 or airbus)..anyway.


I have one issue which will not go away..


I use Saitek yoke/throttle/pedals configured through FSUIPC (latest version).. have also the latest version of the majestic dash8..


On approach and disconnecting the autopilot the plane becomes almost uncontrollable without a fight, yawing left and right and nose has a distinct drop ..I appreciate that it has a slight drop but this is down and right/or left   I have followed and also viewed other landing vids and no one seems to have this problem (all looks very smooth with small adjustments on disconnect).



Things I have checked:-


Yaw Damper.. is on


I click autopilot off with mouse don't use assigned z key etc


Elevator trim is at times out dramatically during the landing phase and given I am coming down on a 3 degree angle seems odd  should the autopilot be moving the trim so far out of sync prior to landing?


The aileron trim appears centred.


FSUIPC is calibrated..


Weather no turbulence and wind is sub 10 knots. (I use FS Global)..


The only thing I can think of is the weights and balances but all are within tolerances however it is perhaps the cargo /baggage positioning (front to rear) rather than the weight?


I also configure through FSUIPC and it appears the flight controls tool supplied by majestic never works (no movement).. so should I type in certain tolerances into it or is FSUIPC over riding this? 


So it sounds like something is out with my calibration of yoke / pedals or I am doing something wrong in the setup for landing ....


Lastly I started practicing with FSIPanel but find that I end up with the same result... no matter what I do...


any help would be much appreciated.



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Difficult one to answer really without seeing some pics or a video. Does this happen with any other aircraft or just the Dash?

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This has been posted about in the Majestic Forum. Take a look in there.

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Thanks for replying guys...I did check majestic forum (have not posted there yet) that specific issue looked like it was a key mapping issue to switch the autopilot on/off. (I don't do that) ...the other was a calibration issue using the majestic profiler..I'm using fsuipc...I'll jump on there....

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