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  1. Hi Brian Thanks for the kind words! Yep that's the plan. Watch this space.
  2. Sorry for the late response guys - that's exactly it. Although in a plot twist, I think by the time Flybe went bust they'd changed it back again 😅😅😅
  3. Just a quick update on this again from me guys: As you know, I'm a stickler for quality and the smooth production of our training material takes a lot of time, a lot of outtakes, and a lot of rather adult language to get it right. The final three episodes were bolted on by me in a 'how hard can it be?' moment after we'd already shot and wrapped up the original episode run which was pretty much all shot at the same time in our studio. Unfortunately in an age of Covid, doing this stuff remotely is quite tricky and the resulting content is trickier to edit and put together in the way we usually do it and to my eyes, sub standard as it stands right now. And frankly I'm not going to release stuff that isn't up to standard of the rest of the Program. We are working through the final 3 episodes now, but it will be another few weeks before they see the light of day. I'm also hobbled a bit by my day job kicking back in (I work for an oil company in Saudi Arabia) and we've all been recalled back to the Gulf, so I'm currently living out of a suitcase until I get my apartment back which won't be until next week. Bear with us, we're on it.
  4. Update on this guys - I’m still not happy with the audio/visual quality on the stuff we’ve shot for the remaining few episodes as due to Covid it’s all done remotely/over zoom etc rather than in house face to face in our studio like the rest of the content. Bear with us a little longer while we bring these episodes up to scratch guys.
  5. We can always send it back to the cutting room and see what else we can chop. But glad you’re enjoying it so far.
  6. Thanks for the kind words. It’s only the procedural approach that takes place in darkness if I recall it correctly. The visual approach is in daylight, with visual cues of flying over the beach as in the description when Nick is describing the approach. It’s been a while since I watched it though. Let me rewatch this bit and I’ll respond again.
  7. Thanks for the kind words. Yep we’ll make downloads available for the others also.
  8. Just an update on this chaps, the remaining episodes will be not this week but next.
  9. Yes - once the program is complete in the next couple of weeks then we’ll have a solution. I’m sorry to hear that it’s buffering, I’ll take this up with Vimeo if so...
  10. Yeh that’s the one. Patch/compatibility, as long as it makes it work 🙂
  11. Guys, We're almost there with the A320 Cadet Training Program, but there's still some good stuff to come. As you may have noticed, we've swapped around some of the content of Module Six as the final few videos have longer run times than planned. For example the performance video was supposed to be 20 mins and turned into two hour long episodes, as there's a lot to cover! This is also true of the winter operations and GS MINI videos, which were supposed to be short demonstrations. However once you start drilling into the detail, it becomes a lengthier tutorial. These longer run times mean that we will now have 29 episodes in total (from 22 originally planned) which will take another couple of weeks to complete, so the plan now is two new episodes on Feb 9 and Feb 16 respecively, which completes the course. Cheers, Ben
  12. Hi Soren We just used one of the profiles inside the program - let me check which one and report back. Cheers Ben
  13. Hi Neil - we're already working on this great idea. Bear with me a week or so while we square away the remaining episodes and we'll do this. Cheers Ben
  14. Hey Fabrizio So this was filmed with a 2080ti on a relatively old machine - 6700k running at 4.3. I’m afraid I don’t have lots of great performance tips for you. We still get lags and pauses but try to disguise them where we can in the videos. It’s worth noting that the videos were shot using the 30hz trick which leads to very smooth gameplay - the frames are set to unlimited in the sim with vsync and triple buffer on, with the monitor refresh rate set to 30hz. Unfortunately not all monitors can support this. I’ll try to do a video covering my setup when we’ve got the rest of the program completed.
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