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    I am the big cheese at Airline2Sim. We make realistic HD tutorials for FSX, using real pilots.

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  1. Vsync without triple buffering and fps

    I think vsync syncs to the refresh rate of your monitor, so a 60hz monitor will sync to 60fps. You’ll see stutters below this figure. I solved this by getting a monitor that supports 30hz (hence a 30fps rate) resulting in a very smooth sim. I believe that you can force a 60hz monitor to 30hz with nvidia inspector these days, but I can’t say I’ve tried it.
  2. Any new word?

    Thanks guys. The thing is, the Airline2Sim product is a creative endeavour. Just as when an author sits down to write a book or a screenwriter plots a film, there needs to be the right creative juices flowing and frankly I just haven’t been able to get to that place while things were happening elsewhere in my life. However this is now all in the history books and there’s a large queue of aircraft that need the Airline2Sim touch so it’s time to move on and get these projects out of the door. I appreciate your patience.
  3. Any new word?

    Hi guys Don't worry, I’m still here. This deserves a longer response to you all but in summary: - divorce is a biatch. It was emotionally very draining and literally only finished a couple of weeks ago. There have been some very, very dark days indeed. - the most stressful things you can do are divorce, move house and emigrate. I did all three over the space of a few weeks. It was at times absolutely overwhelming to do this all on my own. - I’m far from done with Airline2Sim. There has probably never been a more exciting time in the hobby than now and while I’ve been waiting for my rig to arrive at the port here (in pieces) I’ve looked on in enormous envy at some of the developments in the last 12 months. - I had a fully kitted out studio that was purpose built for the purposes of recording our material. That, and everything in it was left behind, through no fault of my own. I now have a six foot square space in my girlfriend’s spare room in a country with the slowest internet speeds on the planet. Somehow, with fewer resources I have to step up the game and improve on the products we’ve done before. Bear with me. We’ll do it. I’ll have news of the 717, the Maddog and the A320 to share soon...
  4. 777 Streaming Not Working

    Sorry guys I was traveling for a couple of days. I’ll look into this today.
  5. ATC

    Thank you Branko. Many people have found that our tutorials really enhance their enjoyment of the sim. Glad you’ve joined them ?
  6. Camera addon in Q400 cadet

    Hello there, glad you enjoyed the videos! We used Ezdok in the Cadet series. The setting is still floating around on the forum here I think but beware that the original Ezdok doesn’t work with the latest version of Prepar3d if you’re still flying it.
  7. ATC

    Indeed it is. We edited all the ATC recordings in afterwards. Sadly no ATC program comes close to this kind of fidelity.
  8. Aurasim unscheduled downtime RESOLVED

    It’s online again now guys. Apologies for the delay!
  9. Aurasim Q400 vspeed calc

    It’s back online now guys. I’ve just moved to a foreign country so I’ve had no chance to get it back before now. Apologies!
  10. ***EDIT - it’s now back online*** Apologies but the Aurasim site is currently offline. Tomorrow I’ll look into the issue. Please bear with me until then and sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. Aurasim Q400 vspeed calc

    Thanks for letting me know guys. It appears that the hosting side has gone offline. I’m travelling this week so can’t do much until tomorrow but will resolve it then. Apologies.
  12. 747-400/F Cadet Program

    Sorry for the delay - it’s still on the blocks. Bear with me and once my office move is complete in the next couple of weeks I’ll have a better idea of timetables.
  13. Chaps, you may have noticed I've been a bit absent around these parts for a while. Many of probably feel you know me quite well as the voice behind our training programs. So as we’ve possibly already made a more personal connection than with your average dev, it’s time for me to share this with you. The story is quite simple. A few months ago - on my wedding anniversary to be precise - I returned home unannounced from working away with a surprise anniversary gift for my wife. Unfortunately the surprise turned out to be on me as my wife was in middle of betraying those same wedding vows with another bloke. I’ll spare you the rest, but needless to say it has ended up in a messy, acrimonious divorce of the worst possible kind which has left me losing my home and my workplace. The emotional toll has been considerable but thankfully through the continued support of family and friends - some of whom had to pick sides as they often do in these cases - I’ve now emerged through the worst of it. And, just as life has a habit of falling apart in a heartbeat, it can sometimes reassemble itself again just as quickly. Many of you will know that my day job away from Airline2Sim is as a radio broadcaster. I went abroad shortly after this happened to lick my wounds and purely by chance was offered a job on an English radio network in the Middle East. On that same night I also met a lovely middle eastern girl too. You’ll be pleased to learn that the job and the lady are both progressing nicely and I’m moving from the UK in a few week’s time. So, Airline2Sim like me has taken a bit of a knock this year, but both are now back on our feet. The 777 Cadet+ Program was already in production and as soon as I’ve got my studio set up in my new home from home, will continue in earnest. The A320 is coming for V4 and we’ll be right on it with one of the most experienced Bus guys in the business. The 747 and whatever refresh PMDG give us of the 737 (Max, please Rob!) will get the Airline2Sim treatment. And let’s not forget that both the 717 and (when it’s a little more mature ) the CRJ are worthy of a LITE course. Thank you for your patience and continued support, guys. This has been the hardest three months of my life but the lesson I’ve learned is this - not everything you lose in life is a loss...
  14. 777 Cadet Training Program - Released!

    Sorry for the delay in replying- it’s still in the works. Marc, thanks for the kind words. It’s only when you watch these videos do you realise actually how little most of us in the sim world really know... I hope you get many years of enjoyment from flying your 777 with your new knowledge.
  15. Next 777 set and 747 QOTS2

    Hi Jack, thanks for your continued interest in our work. They’re all in the pipeline. I’ve had some quite serious personal setbacks this year that I’ll detail in an update at the top of the forum later today.