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  1. Hi sorry I’m moving house so bear with me for a couple of days so I can get my office back together.
  2. Such kind words ZK thank you. I use Chaseplane for exterior shots as it’s way more powerful and easier to use than Ezdok. However for VC footage I use Ezdok, currently V3 which I used for Amsterdam and Greece. I’m just in the middle of moving house so my studio set up is in disarray but if you give me a few days I’ll try to dig out my profiles for sure.
  3. Hi Rob, drop me an email pls via ben (@) Airline2Sim.com and we’ll straighten this out.
  4. Yep send me an email fo the addresse above and I’ll fix it up for you.
  5. I’d love Myron to be our trainer for the next one but there are some logistics issues that we’d have to figure out beforehand, plus our Dutch chap flies the Triple as we speak. Nothing is set in stone yet, I’ll keep you posted for sure.
  6. The plan is to do it by the end of this year. The instructor will probably be from a well known Dutch operator... I’ll have more details once the Airbus is out at the end of the summer.
  7. The steam edition was a little bit more optimised than the disc version, plus of course it was a one click install... But yes, we’ve all moved on to P3D now.
  8. Hi, can you drop me an email via ben (@) airline2sim.com and I can help you out? cheers Ben
  9. Hi - the 777 program was filmed using FSX SE, with DX10 and REX Texture direct. We also used Orbx FTX global and FSDT Hawaiian airports. Also bear in mind that a lot of post processing is applied to the videos - it didn’t necessarily look like that when we filmed it. Cheers Ben
  10. Hi when you say nothing works, what is the issue please?
  11. At least they’ll definitely have wing flex...
  12. Looks amazing. But let’s wait for the detail. What’s the deal with ‘the cloud’ anyway? Is this a way of delivering graphics that are rendered elsewhere and what - it streams to your PC?
  13. Hi Steve Thanks for the message. To be honest, the airline that Josh worked for did not have the capability to do RNAV approaches as they only had one FMC fitted, so the video we made was put together from a bit of research and other sources. We can revisit this for sure.
  14. We used the Alpes Maritime region (the bit surrounding Nice and Monaco) for our Airbus Cadet Training Series as we wanted to do the visual circle to land into Nice. One of the visual landmarks for the approach is Marina Baies Des Anges, which is a large and very distinctive sail shaped apartment complex that dominates the shoreline. It’s very faithfully represented in the France VFR scenery and in general I was very impressed. If I flew in France more I’d certainly buy the whole lot. Frames were also very good throughout and this is with the FS Labs running with a lot of AI at high settings in 4K.
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