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    I am the big cheese at Airline2Sim. We make realistic HD tutorials for FSX, using real pilots.

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  1. Airline2Sim

    How to get the correct Departure Runway ?

    You can also force the winds in active sky if it is calm or variable to stop the AI shifting between runways. I find it quite useful. That feature is called ‘force ai wind lock’ I think.
  2. In the same boat as others here in being a 30hz/Vsync user and FPS gains are largely irrelevant for me. If a single 2080ti can get me to 30fps in the situations where my 6700k/1080ti combo can only get me to 27/28 then I'm game. Whether it can get from 67fps to 99 is not really what I can care about. If you operate using Vsync then 29.5fps is as stuttery as 4fps (well, it's not but it feels it!) 🤣 I'm also now a bit CPU bound - a 6700k which I can't get more than 4.7 out of, although I think I'll need a new MOBO for a newer chip.
  3. Airline2Sim

    Q400 RNAV approach questions

    @RALF9636 and @Michael Moe I am truly humbled. These projects take an enormous amount of blood, sweat and tears. So for all the hours I spent cursing and Josh spent shooting takes late into the night (when he’d often been flying the real one that very day), it was very much worth it. 👍
  4. Airline2Sim

    Q400 RNAV approach questions

    There isn’t a free trial as such but we did get a 5 star review from Avsim and of the thousands of happy customers I’d say almost 50% are from outside the Anglosphere. There are overlays and text to help you along the way. If you get it, I hope you enjoy it!
  5. Airline2Sim

    Q400 RNAV approach questions

    Thanks 🙏 music to my ears 🙂
  6. Airline2Sim

    Cabin Announcement

    In a video it’s very easy to overlay any type of audio on top. You’ll probably find that someone found a real YouTube video with the airline specific announcement in the background, ripped the audio and then added it to their video. At a guess.
  7. Airline2Sim

    Q400 RNAV approach questions

    Great to hear it. Here’s the thing, we actually recorded the original Cadet series with USB headsets which I thought would add a more ‘in the flight deck’ ambience if we remixed it a bit to sound less like a studio mic hence the scratches and pops. In hindsight it wasn’t a great decision as although native English speakers enjoyed the ‘immersion’, I know some non native English speakers would have preferred clearer and purer audio. Hence the Q400 FO and the 777 Cadet Program were recorded in a proper studio with high end professional mics and then we remastered all the audio again for the videos. Hope you enjoy it! @Radial9 thank you for the incredibly kind comments. These Programs are far from easy to put together and that’s why we only manage to do about one a year, but there will be more. I’m humbled, thank you. @fakeflyer737 yes it is massively out of date and I agree. But we didn’t make the site and to be honest I don’t even know how we’d do it. We have a fully fledged 777 calculator based on the manufacturer’s data for the -300, -200LR and the F which we can’t do anything with because this isn’t our field. I hope to come back to Aurasim one day and do it but for now it is what it is, I’m afraid.
  8. Airline2Sim

    Q400 RNAV approach questions

    Don’t worry, I was just keen to see the record straight 🙂
  9. Airline2Sim

    Q400 RNAV approach questions

    Thanks Micheal! We are still trying to chase streaming bug down. Hopefully we should have a fix soon.
  10. Airline2Sim

    Q400 RNAV approach questions

    Hang on, the aircraft did a perfect RNAV approach into Guernsey for the first approach and all the set up and information about how to perform it is in the very comprehensive video. After the RNAV arrival I intentionally flared beyond the touchdown marker (as we’d briefed that the short runway at Guernsey mandated a touchdown within the markers) and did a go around. We didn’t plan to do this initially but I thought it might be good fun to stress the importance of landing in the right place on a short runway. We then set up for another RNAV arrival but this time the aircraft failed to descend on at the calculated glide slope and we did another go around. We don’t quite know why this happened, or whether this was a sim thing or a Majestic thing but by now we were getting a bit tight on fuel so we did the ILS. The full RNAV tutorial IS in the video, except it didn’t quite work out for the second approach. We left the whole thing in the video as it’s actually quite interesting to see the decision making process once we realise that the aircraft isn’t going to play ball. Trust me, I will not sell a video that say ‘hey here’s a RNAV tutorial’ and then show you how to do an ILS. For what it’s worth there’s a huge amount of stuff in the FO Program that delves deeper into the modelling of the Q400 from rejected takeoffs, engine failures, balancing the fuel, single engine landings, dealing with icing on takeoffs and landing, CATII operations, circle to land, plus VOR and NDB approaches. The RNAV video is only a small part so I don’t think you’ll feel short changed. Hope that clears it up.
  11. Airline2Sim

    Taxi2Gate OTHH P3DV4.2

    I believe that there’s a fix for the black autogen on their iflysimx forum. Sorry you’ll have to dig around a bit for it as I don’t have a direct link.
  12. Airline2Sim

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    Can’t help you with Pro ATC but if you jump to a waypoint further ahead I’m fairly sure that active sky will just re-download the weather at the point you jump to, so don’t be surprised if you see a big shift in the weather that would be very gradual over a real time flight.
  13. Could be wrong as I can’t see the chart clearly but does it say 280kts/10,000 at DEALE? If so that will conflict with your default 250/10,000 restriction in the DES page. Try changing that to say 250/9000 and see what it says.
  14. Airline2Sim

    Just Flight 747 Classic

    It is going to be quite difficult to fly without an FMC as a huge number of SIDS and STARS require some kind of RNAV at most airports these days. You could manually punch the fixes and lat/long of the waypoints into the INS but that will get boring very quickly. Plus the high workload on the birds will overcome a lot of magenta line simmers. I hope they have some ideas on how to make it all a bit more manageable.
  15. Airline2Sim

    A Few Static Planes at Airports---All I Want

    Many sceneries come with optional static AI - Orbx and UK2000 to name a couple. Although I agree that there has to be a market for a good looking static AI product that simply fills up the gates at airports of your choice without taxiing around or taking off.