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  1. Happy new year all. I have just purchased Airbus A320 Cadet Training and want to download each episode to my hard drive. Is this possible and if so how?
  2. I have assigned four views - on board and they work whithing chaseplane but not on my joystick Secondly and despite of assigning my mouse as per picture, the is not reaction within the sim https://ibb.co/cHmV3p https://ibb.co/g7PTpU Any ideas? Chase plane would not work unless I have registered it, right but run without me beeing able to use it in the cockpit but for doing presets etc. Hope you can help as I´ve been following many youtubes and this seem so simple. Fsuipc most recent for p3d installed, if it matters. All default assignment in p3d deleted.
  3. Hi I am new to Chase plane. I´ve read the manual and just followed a very good video by Q8Pilot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kyWobvZpLg I have assigned three views in my cockpit and assigned the buttons on my joystick to them. I have deleted all assignements in P3D. Despite of my new assignment Chase plane will not change the views. Picture 1. Picture 2 shows that I have enable mouse button control for various movements within the cockpit. However the moving the mouse with the scoll button pressed does nothing. Can you advise me PS the Insert existing attachment in the right corner editing this post does not allow me to attach the files described
  4. What kind of a review is this, it tells nothing
  5. What kind of a review is this?
  6. Hello. Is the DC6 compatible with the most recent version of XP11. I can not get rit of the head mic in my vs cockpit I also find it very annoying that I don´t seem to be able to find images to attack here to explain in the Insert other media button.
  7. Does the fmc support sid´s and star´s from the Navigraph database. Is route programming possible using the Navigrap database
  8. When will the documentation for the 747 be updated for P3D V4.2 users? The documents I have dl and printed out are aimed at MFS user
  9. I´m trying to file a flight plan in the Garmin 530 in the CT210 for P3D v4 and am getting nowhere with it. Can anyone give me a hint what I am doing wrong. My navigraph is up to date. I wish there a was a place to attacht files directly here to explain. But that appears not to be an option. It would make things a lot simpler
  10. Is this forum not run by good manners rules. This is the most insulting reply to a post I´ve ever read and I´ve come across a lot in the simworld. I can not see that you display you´re full name but a silly nick name. For you´re FMC my full name is stated in my profile. Goodnight!
  11. Sir. I appreciate your long distance answer. I am fully aware of how aircraft of all sizes operate as a ATPL holder. You claim : what you are seeing is a result of how realistically the aircraft has been modeled. You do not ask about payload or fuel that I loadet for this flight. I would expect a tripple 7 to climb more than 500 feet per minute at or above FL1000 at or above 250 IAS. If not the plane should be groundet. Please be mindful about asserting things as lack of knowledge on my behalf when you do not have the backing for that assertion.
  12. The climb performance (vertical speed) is very bad on you Prepar v4 for the 777. It was impossible for me to reach FL 430 from BIKF-RJAA The stall warning was constantly on. This needs to be fixed by you´re coders! Thank you
  13. I purchased LEVEL D 767 many years ago and threw the files in the bin months ago since it was not compatible with any platform. Now there is an update but the purchase is not anymore on m Flight1 order list. Can you suggest a way for me to retrieve the whole thing. This was a milestone at that time in large jets
  14. I´m having a problem figuring out how to make all 4 throttles move with one throttle on my thrustmaster. Been through a lot of documentation and gone through calibration options and setting in x plane. To be precise I´ve come so far to move 1 and 4 all the way forward but 2 and 3 stopping half way to full throttle Can anyone assist me here. Árni Stefán
  15. Are the pmdg products designed for dolby digtial sound/4 speakers? Or are two speakers sufficient?
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