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  1. Don't see those selections in FSUIPC listbox when trying to assign a button for FS Control. You wrote "FSUIPC, with the WASM module : Activate hvars" - how to activate, is it enable in the Add-ons section for WASM? I'm not familiar with WASM at all. I have FSUIPC 7.2.10 installed and also downloaded FSUIPC-WASMv0.5.4.zip - took the fsuipc-lvar-module folder from here and put in in the Community folder. The A320.hvar from the MODULES folder here contains the entries listed in your post. Then took a look in the FSUIPC folder, but the file A32NX FBW.hvar in the hvar folder is empty. As I said i'm a novice on WASM, so what is there to do from here? What haven't I done or what have I done wrong. Really appreciate you help if possible.
  2. Just installed the module and I can't make it work for the FCU buttons either
  3. Does your mouse control of the buttons work? Do you get those little arrows above and below the FCU controls?
  4. Now I have tried Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox (all with the extension added) and I cannot get it to work. Have you any special changes to default IDM settings, or did it just work 'out of the box'?
  5. Hi, I have the IDM (licensed), but never managed to get it working - how do you set it up?
  6. Hi Ben, Just revisited the whole video from start to end, and you're right everything I was looking for is there already - don't know why I missed it the first time around 🙂
  7. Hi Ben, Got this one last week and have been watching all - great videos, but not very detailed information related to the actual approach setups. I had hoped for a more detailed description of e.g. the Skiathos (LGSK) approach setup and execution similar to the level provided in the A320 Cadet training program. The LGSK approach in the videos take place in total darkness, with no visual clues, and without any detailed setup info. Something you would consider in a future Airport2Sim Greek Islands video series upgrade?
  8. Hi Ben, I have just started up on lesson 24 - Performance Flex. Do you have any Topcat FSL A319/A320//A321 CFM/IAE profiles (.txt files) you want to share?
  9. Hi Ben, When will it be possible to download the videos for offline use?
  10. Hi Ben, PTA ?? The only one I can find is for P3DV4.5 HF3 only.
  11. As for the unknown joysticks do what the error message says at the bottom. Go to the <flightsim folder>\Modules\linda-cfg\aircrafts\FSX Default folder and edit the config-hid.lua file (use notepad) and remove all lines except for the first line. If you have any of the controllers that is mentioned in the config-hid.lua file attached, leave those in the file. rgds Søren
  12. Hi, If I want to modifiy a function for a given aircraft in actions.lua, I will copy it to user.lua for the same aircraft and modify it here. Will variables declared in actions.lua be 'visible' from the user.lua function, or will I have to declare ir again? rgds
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