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  1. Thank you, that changed the unit. Now I have to change the setting depending on in which airspace I'm flying 😜 Wouldn't it be possible to add a switching option to the primary altimeter (which is digital anyway)? I remember the older versions of the Lear had this option. Boris
  2. Hi, I'd like to bump this up because it never has been solved. The painkit which I have dl'ed yesterday from the FSW website has neither a P3DV4 layer nor an albedo file. Neither in GIMP nor in Photoshop. The metallic surfaces are, together with all white sufaces, on a layer called BASE. So - how can I reproduce the metallic texture of the leading edge and the engine inlets for my own repaint? Also, I'm unsure about the DDS conversion. I have GIMP 2.10, which has DDS procedures, but none of the options seem to work - the output file always has a dimension slightliy different from 4096x4096. What does work (except for the metallic surfaces) is this weird workflow: Edit fuselage.dds in GIMP and save as bmp (creates a file with 65MB) Open one of the provided fuselage.bmp in DXTBMP (which is the only app which opens these files anyway) and send to editor (which is paint.net in my case, used for the texture creation) Paste the GIMP bmp over the texture in paint.net and save Reload and save in DXTBMP, either flipped as DDS or normal as BMP. Both output files have a size of 21MB and a res of 4096x4096. But this can't be it. So what is the correct procedure, and how can I get the metallic textures to work? Please note that I'm no GIMP/PS expert. I'm sufficiently skilled to paint stuff on existing templates, but most of the other things these programs have to offer (which is like the other 98%) makes my brain spin in overdrive. So keep explanations simple please 😋 Boris
  3. Cheers, I haven't flown the Lear in a while and have now updated to 4.3c. Did I miss something or does the altimeter have no QNH / hectopascal option anymore? If not, is there a conversion table which I can stick to the panel? 😁 Boris
  4. The problem lies within the SODE windsocks. The windsock_low.mdl file generates these textured boxes. Remove it, and the boxes are gone. Unfortunately, also the windsocks are gone then. I wonder why SODE deals with windsocks anyway - who really looks at them? RJAA has nothing to do with it - I don't have it, and I see a similarly textured box.
  5. Doesn't work. The starter switch cannot be held in position. Clcking and holding just activates it briefly before it flips back to neutral position. I cut the engines by closing the main fuel cocks. Boris
  6. Hi, Is it possible to fly a DIRECT TO WPT from PPOS with the Carenado Proline in the CJ2? What I observe when I follow the manual is this (on the DIR page): When presesing the LSK next to the WPT I want to go to, the plane wants to fly shortest way to the leg between the target WPT and the previous WPT, which leads to odd S turns instead of flying directly to the selected WPT. When typing the WPT into the scratchpad and press th eupper left LSK twice (as described in the manual) it erases my FPLN an leaves me with a blank FMC. Is that Carenado simplified Proline functionality or am I doing something wrong? Boris
  7. Hi Boris, no, Simstarter cannot do this. This is because PMDG aircraft save the panel state in the respective PMDG folder, and as long as this is not loaded with the jumpstart flight, the aircraft will load with the default state, which is with engines running. Simstarter does not copy these files when making the jumpstart flight. If it did, what you asked for should be possible. What you can do - I must mention this - is that you can edit the aircraft's ini file to default load with a specific panel state, for example cold&dark. Regarding the default flight, it is true that it can lead to problems when this flight is overwritten and a complex aircraft is loaded initially, so I would not recommend to do this. A cool feature would be, though, what you suggested in your EDIT 1. This will work for aircraft which do not maintain their own status files, even rather complex ones like the Flight1 King Air. It would be even better, when the user could specify which other files should be copied with the jumpstart flight generation with the same name as that flight, because then this feature would work also for example for PMDG aircraft. Maybe the developer will implement this feature in a later version :smile: Boris
  8. Hi, can Simstarter NG do this with jumpstart: Select a previously saved flight with a PMDG aircraft, which was saved with engines off and aircraft set up for turnaround Select a different location and time Start FSX / P3Dv3.4 HF2 with the formerly saved panel state? I tried the freeware version 2.7.4 and it cannot do this - it loads the flight, but always with the engines running. It does work, though, when I load that previously saved flight from the start screen - then the engines remain off. Please don't explain that I can load a panel state from inside the PMDG aircraft - I know that. I explicitly want to know if I can use Simstarter for the above. And in that context: PMDG recommends to not touch the default flight in FSX/P3D (not start the flight, just have it loaded in the background). I see that Simstarter appears to overwrite the default situation with the "jumpstart" situation. Can this have an effect on the aircraft initialization and functioning? EDIT 1: If this is the case: Can I use Simstarter to create a "jumpstart" situation without starting the sim with it, i.e. start the sim normally with the default situation and then load the "jumpstart" flight? This would also help. EDIT 2: Sorry, it doesn't help. The "jumpstart" flight always starts with the engines on, no matter how it is loaded. Thanks and Regards Boris
  9. All I need is a working gear horn silence switch function - mcp5500's code does not work for me. Does yours work (if you tried it at all)? Boris
  10. But would you make 1.0 available again? :smile: Boris
  11. Hi, I am using LINDA with my Thrustmaster T16000M Flight Pack for some frequently used functions in my addon aircraft. Although I am far from understanding what's going on in the scripts, I get along quite well with the scripts I have downloaded here - except the F1 B200. I am not able to assign a button to the gear horn silencer. Actually, with the script available here I can get NO button to work. Maybe it's because it is written for use with a shift function, which I don't use, I'd be glad if somebody could help out here. The function I need is obviously "B200GearHornSilenceSwitch", in the script I can find this: ipc.writeLvar("B200GearHornSilenceSwitch, 0") ipc.control (65823, 1) -- knob sound ipc.control (65823, 0) -- knob sound In the console, I can see the function when pressing the button in the virtual cockpit, which silences the horn. When I trigger the same function in the tracer, I also see it in the console, it even depresses and releases the button in the VC, but it does not silence the horn. Boris
  12. Hi all, I know, vasFMC is not supported anymore, but perhaps somebody knows my problem and has a workaround for me :smile: I am running vasFMC standalone with Thomas Ruth's A340 (same happens with the default A321, however) with the following settings: hardware throttle set to AXES_THROTTLE_SET via FSUIPC 4.95 A/THR mode in vasFMC to VASFMC Airbus A/THR in vasFMC to ON When loading the aircraft, the engines are running with the start switches OFF (for whatever reason). Now the throttle works fine: The lever commands N1, the FADEC does the rest. IDLE, LVR mode, all detents. Note the cyan arc following the N1 bug. As soon as one start switch is set to ON (and this necessarily happens, because I must stop the engines to program the FMGC) this does not work anymore. I still see the N1 bug in the ECAM, but simultaneously there is a constant IDLE input which keeps the engines in idle and prevents taxiing. The detents still work. The cyan arc is gone now, and IDLE is blinking. Any help is appreciated. Regards Boris
  13. Hi, yes, there is one. This and a txt-file with a list of what appears to be a unique ID number for every static aircraft. Disabling that file would be a less optimal solution; all static aircraft would be gone in this case... Boris
  14. Reviving again :smile: I also like this airport very much and want to say thank you to Max for this wonderful scenery. I have an issue, though; maybe someone can help me: A lot of the static GA aircraft have no textures, which disturbs the beautiful picture. How can I either add the missing textures or remove the untextured aircraft? Boris
  15. Hi,this is what I already tried, but it works only as long as the additional view window is open on the screen. When I close and re-open it, it has the default settings again.Boris
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