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  1. Not to sound impatient - but ... ... any news here, Ben ( @Airline2Sim ) ?
  2. That's fair! 🙂 Don't overstress youself. Have time for the Holidays as well. I'll be looking forward to it.
  3. Looking forward to this, @Airline2Sim (Ben). When are you launching you new website? All you programs and works are excellent and to be honest, I'm really eager to get a look at the new Airbus program! 🙂
  4. What are you talking about?! I was confused as well - granted, the information could have been a bit clearer... but the email is legit. The information contained within the email is legit and the link is not malicious! Yes - as already said and stipulated, the information could have been clearer, but to hyperbolicly state the emails as spam and classifying them as illegal, is a bit of a stretch, IMO. Good to hear from you again, Ben! I'm glad you're picking up the torch again. Looking forward to new training programs from your excellent hands! Cheers and happy holidays.
  5. @sarp_79 Wow! You're in a good mood today. That's the second negative and obnoxious post, I've read from you in about 1 hour. 😮
  6. I'm having this issue again... *sigh*
  7. I don't feel any of these... or am I still in Stage 1?
  8. That does sound nice, however the big kill-off for me personally, is that they project/inject the local METAR data, everywhere in all directions. That's kind of a huge immersion kill for me, as I'd love to see fronts and weather systems moving and developing.
  9. Sooo... in essence (as far as I understand it): If you want to simulate the global weather in model, where fronts, thunderstorms, rain clouds etc are modeled everywhere in the world in real-time (but maybe slightly behind real-time weather), use the default MSFS Live Weather feature. Advantages: Simulated weather fronts. Fully modeled and realistic weather everywhere on the globe. One global system and simulation of weather system and air simulation. Draw-backs: Not exactly match of real-world weather conditions at real-time. Live weather conditions, may differ from simulated conditions. If you want dead accurate weather - but only on the airports (or where METAR stations are presently reporting weather data), then use the new REX Weather Force. Advantages: Accurate weather in airports from METAR stations. Useful for presenting correct real live weather conditions. Draw-backs: METAR station weather, will be injected and depicted everywhere in all directions. Cloud/weather smoothing (possible cloud-redraws?).
  10. Wow. That's extremely pessimistic. As far as I remember, they mentioned in one of their development videos, that they were in this, for the next 5-10 years. (Of course I could be misremembering...)
  11. Don't worry. Their marketing, will change your mind 😉
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