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  1. I keep hoping it's a simple matter of an unpaid hosting bill while Ben is out of reach (which he has been before), but a lot of time has passed now. I do hope he's well.
  2. Same here. Twice during my last flight, it hung for 2-3 minutes each time. And then things went back to normal and I was able to continue the flight. I'd never seen these hangs in any previous flight. The only change to my system was that this was my first flight with FSLTL. I had been using AIG for AI before this.
  3. I feel for you, I really do! I hope you soon get a nice heavy downpour that washes all that stuff down the stormdrains.
  4. Is it safe to assume that PMDG has not acted on this yet?
  5. Haven't had a chance to sit down with it just yet. Next week my schedule seems a bit more reasonable. I'll have a look then. EDIT: I actually had a little time right now and was able to track it down. It was a utility called RGB Fusion that came with my motherboard. I must have installed it as part of a utility package. I don't even know what it's supposed to do. Anyway, all's well now.
  6. Just deselect all the Envtex sliders. If you're not making any changes to Envtex, you don't need to leave those options on. With them off, installing the Envshade shaders should only take a few seconds.
  7. Thanks Bryan! It's an SSD. I'll look at my running background programs when I get a little time. I can probably run it down with a little diligence. I'll report back when I figure it out.
  8. Hi Bryan, I'm writing to see whether you might have an idea what could be causing my FS2Crew installers to hang. Right now, I'm trying to install the latest FSLabs Crew and it's hung at the 28% mark installing the FS2CrewData.ini file. I've seen the same behavior with the PMDG 737 and 747 installations. Strangely, the last few versions of the 777 Crew have installed very quickly and without issues. In the past, sometimes waiting for a while has been enough to complete the installation (like this very instant!). Other times, waiting even 10 minutes or more has not worked, so I've gotten it installed by going into Windows safe mode. I imagine this is something unique to my computer or I suspect I would have found others having the same issue. I just can't seem to find any spurious program running that would interfere with the installation. The only AV I have is MS Defender, and turning off real-time protection and excluding all the relevant folders doesn't seem to do the trick. This isn't a huge deal because I've always managed to get them installed in the end. It just would be nice to figure out where the issue lies.
  9. I run all these things and got the DXGI crash early on in v5, but since I toned down the overclock on my 1080Ti, I haven't seen it a single time. My card is one of those gaming ones that is overclocked from the factory. I had no idea about this overclock until someone mentioned it in one of the forums.
  10. Had some time to do a little troubleshooting on this and found that a good number of my JustSim sceneries had this issue. It seems the LGRP installer wiped out the windsock texture file in my case. What I did was reinstall another JustSim scenery – LEPA, I think – and the windsocks are back everywhere.
  11. Strangely, I don't see this. In my case, the FO puts the FCTL display on the lower center DU, as you're requesting. I really have no idea why that is.
  12. I did try out the new 200ER without my FS2Crew today. Nice flight! So automated, I didn't really need my co-pilot. But boy, was it quiet! And lonely. I'm glad the update is coming soon. 😀
  13. Thanks for the info, Bruno! Mystery solved...
  14. Right after releasing the parking brakes, if I notice that the airplane won't move, I fully apply the brakes for a second, and that breaks it free for me. It's a shame that isn't working for you. We probably don't have the exact same problem, though it sure seems similar.
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