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  1. thanks, will give it a look!
  2. Hey All, I was wondering, what is the easiest (hopefully inexpensive) way to get real world weather into P3Dv4 (like I could in default FSX)? thanks!
  3. I have ported over a few default fsx planes without difficulty. In principle, if the plane uses .dll files then they might not be compatible with the new 64 bit architecture of the sim. I've tried porting over some older payware, but I'm having trouble with P3D showing the aircraft. it gives an error that it can't display the model. If anyone has ideas about this problem I'd be grateful.
  4. I would also like to know this...I'm enjoying flying the b1900 around in XP11 but the included GPS shows some odd behavior. I assume in planemaker but I have no experience with modifications of this sort.
  5. Several of the annoying bugs in the default planes have been fixed in this update. Good job DT!
  6. Thanks for the info; I thought that might be the case, that is why I asked "Is it possible" .
  7. Steve, Thanks for posting, the wavers were looking weird to me as well. Great job with the quick fix. Is it possible for you to post the corrected swoosh.bmp and swoosh2.bmp files? I have no experience manipulating bmp files. Is there a bug reporting system in P3D?
  8. See above thread for a way to add aircraft, scenery, etc. to P3D while keeping your P3D install "clean". Moving FSX aircraft this way avoids any trouble, and would allow effects to be used custom to each aircraft, if desired, without messing up the default P3D effects. I am new to P3D and got this procedure working without much trouble.
  9. Mark, As a relatively new XP user, I too am missing the ability to show terrain on the GPS like FSX had (and P3D still does). I'm not sure if the real life garmin has this option or not. But, XP has other advantages that I'm enjoying :-)
  10. New to prepar3d, just bought version 4. Does anyone know how to get the simulator to download real world weather? This was easy in FSX, but I can't find the function in P3D. thanks!
  11. I've already reported this bug to Dovetail via their official site. I don't think its anything we are doing wrong.
  12. Piper mirage: pilot's heading indicator is stuck in one position, doesn't show real heading. Copilots heading indicator works fine. I'm wondering, is this just something I'm seeing? It seems so fundamental that it couldn't be missed...
  13. That's not a good sign... Its not enough for the planes to look pretty, they have to be functional. One easy way for DT to fail to capture regular, experienced simmers is to put looks ahead of function, and ignore the fidelity of their sim. Yeah, they'll get some new people to try it who don't know better, but that won't be enough to sustain the sim long term.
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