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  1. Thank you gentlemen, I will experiment with each method. Fun to be back rebuilding my sim world from scratch (meaning reinstalling FSX and XPlane11 and the many, many aircraft and scenery packages I've acquired including the latest Obrx Global during the weekend sale here).
  2. Happy to be back here after several years with a new instance of FSX and a lot of Orbx scenery installed. I used to fly with FSX up on my left screen and Plan-G on the right screen. I don;t seem to be able to have anything but a blank screen on the 2nd display when FSX is active. Could some kind person please remind me of what I need to do to make this happen like I used to? Windows 10 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti here running NVIDIA driver FSX and Acceleration cleanly installed with Orbx scenery.
  3. Thanks for posting Dan. To the other poster here, I would certainly support a website for the exchange of camera profiles, I have posted about that here previously.
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