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  1. rubrog

    New landing airport

    Hello! The other night i was flying frm Bergen (ENBR) to Manchester (EGCC). Right when i passed FL280 i had an emergency, and had to land. The flightplan had taken me to Sola (ENZV) before turning to England. I had one problem, how do i make Sola (ENZV) my new airport?? I could only choose Bergen (ENBR) and Manchester (EGCC).. I figured out how to make Sola a aternate, but could not choose it.. Can anybody help ?
  2. rubrog

    Check alt tgt

    Ok tnx :-) but does i get a "Check alt tgt" message on the fmc as well? I installed it from the download link i got from PMDG, and selected the fsx steam folder. Im a noob at this i know.. Done all the tutorials, but is impossible to remember all of it.. I appreciate all of the help!
  3. rubrog

    Check alt tgt

    Ok tnx ! i'l try to reset my packs after engine start. But can this be the reason for all of this ? :0 No i installed fsx via Steam.
  4. rubrog

    Check alt tgt

    Hello! Everytime i climb to FL350 or above i get the same message in the FMC: Check ALT TGT, and a INSANELY enoying sound (same sound as when you set full thrust on ground).. How do i get this to go away? Last time I changed the CRZ altitude, and everything screwed up.. The passanger oxygen Lvl went to 0, the pressure in the cabin went sky high, the LNAV disconected and on the preassurisation panel whent blanc... Is this a bug, or have i done something horrible wrong? Ps: I have the FSX Steam edition now, and this never happend on the boxed edition... Please help !
  5. rubrog

    Update navdata 737 ngx

    Ok,sorry :-) Yes i use the manager, but the other installed automaticly.. Do i use the steam folder in my documents/roaming, or c:/prog.files x86/steam? And where in the steam/pmdg do i save the navdata ? A lot of questions, but hope you can help! :-) Tnx for the reply and link! Couldn't find a answer there.. Oh, and btw my name Ruben Rogne
  6. rubrog

    Update navdata 737 ngx

    Hello! I used navigraph to update my pfpx and topcat, but cant figure out how to update the NGX... When i download i get a installation file, and have to choose a folder, but where can i find this folder ? :0 I feel like i have tried everything.. I use FSX steam btw Please help ! :-)
  7. Hello! When i installed EFB on my computer, and tried to import a flightplan from pfpx, it said it couldn't find ICAO code in FSX. What can i do? Do i need to fix the folders within EFB, or something else? I have the fsx-steam edition..
  8. rubrog

    ezdok problems

    Hello! I have used ezdok for a long time in fsx. I recently reinstalled fsx and all my addons. When i start fsx and ezdok now, it always starts in a 2d cockpit.. When I remove the "2d panel", I can't see anything but the runway. It works if i use the "copilot view" in fsx, but when i try to change the view (A & S), it changes the "copilot view"... I have removed the key commands in settings.. its the same with deffult planes and the ngx.. Software and addons: - Fsx sp1 and sp2 (no acceleration) - ezdok - Active sky - PMDG 737 NGX Can anyone please help me ? :-)
  9. rubrog

    second flight

    Ok ! Takk skal du ha Har flydd den første tutorialen fra PMDG, så har er flydd AOA sin tutorial til Innsbruck (Ok! Thank you ! I have flown the first tutorial that came with the PMDG, and the tutorial to Innsbruck from AOA) Do you mean "Enjoy it" ? If so, it is: Kos deg - or - Nyt det But i am impressed ! Where are you from ?
  10. rubrog

    second flight

    hello ! Gonna ask a newbie question.. I fly alot in my home country Norway, ant the flight doesn´t last for more then 40 min approx.. I know in Norwegian air shuttle every pilot fly 2 routes each day they work. When they reload the plane, they use 20-30 min.. Is there a quick way to shut down the engines without shutting the entire plane down? PS: I know there is a way, but not what to turn off Sry for my english !
  11. rubrog

    time remaining to lannding

    Ok ! Tnx for the replies! Yeah in the ngx.. I dont mean 15 hour flights, but 4-5 hours :-) I dont have time for longer flights like in the t7, so i mean long haul for the ngx
  12. rubrog

    time remaining to lannding

    Thank you ! I like to do everything as close to the reality as it gets ;D Yes pfpx does a pretty good job, but the winds can change and so on when i'm on a long haul
  13. rubrog

    time remaining to lannding

    Hello ! Can anyone please tell me how I can see when my accual landing will be? When i plan the flight i pfpx, i get a ETA and STA, but how can i see when to increase or decrease my cost index to make the STA? Do i just go through the steps on the CDU?
  14. 10-12 fps.. It really lags when im on a airport.. (no addon airport)
  15. Hello! I just bought this pc. It´s a very good pc, and I get 60 fps on every game i play, except FSX... I have installed fsx on the /C drive, the same drive as the OS. The addons i use in game is: Pmdg 737ngx Active sky next ezdoc aivlasoft EFB When i`m on the ground, it lags alot... But when i get airborne, it doesn´t lag at all.. Is this because FSX and OS is on the same drive? Or do i have to overclock the cpu? the cpu is a intel core i7-477k 3.5 GHz. My rig: CM Storm Stryker Gaming Big Tower Vifter: 2x 120mm Front, 1x 200mm Topp, 1x 140mm XFX ProSeries XXX Edition 850W PSU ATX 12V V2.2, 80 Plus Bronze, Modular, 4x 6+2pin Intel Core i7-4770K Socket-LGA1150, Quad Core, 3.5GHz, 8MB, 84W, HD460 Cooler Master Seidon 120V CPU Kjøler 775/1150/1155/1156/1366/2011, AM2(+)/AM3(+)/FM1, Crucial DDR3 BallistiX Sport 16GB KIT 16GB kit (8GBx2), Sport,1600MHz, 1.5V, ASUS Z97-DELUXE, Socket-1150 ATX, Z97, DDR3, 3xPCIe-x16, SLI/CFX, HDMI, DP MSI GeForce GTX 780 Gaming 3GB PhysX "Twin Frozr IV", with WATCH_DOGS MSI GeForce GTX 780 Gaming 3GB PhysX "Twin Frozr IV", with WATCH_DOGS Kingston HyperX 3K SSD 240GB 2.5" SATA 6 Gb/s (SATA3.0), 555MB/510MB/s read/write, Seagate Barracuda® 1TB SATA 6Gb/s (SATA 3.0), 64MB Cache, 7200RPM, 3.5" Samsung DVD Writer, SH-224DB SATA, DVD±R: 24x, DVD±R DL: 8x, CD-R: 48x, Bulk, CM Storm Devastator - MS2K & MB24 USB 2.0, 800~2000 DPI, Nordic, Custom membrane, MS ROYALTY Win Ultimate 7 Nordic 32/64 bit 1.00 497608 MS COA Label Windows Ultimate 7 Nordic, 32/64 bit MS DVD Win H.P/Pro/Ultimate 7 NO 64bit MS ROYALTY Win Ultimate 7 Nordic 32/64 bit