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  1. jcpg

    Virtual Memory Issue

    Thanks a million Jim. I had a suspicion that was the problem, but wanted to hear from the expert/experts. Thank you. John.
  2. Hi there, I had to re-install W7 and FSX recently, and all the planes and scenery, etc and afterwards sometimes I get a message saying "computer ran out of Virtual Memory-restart". I very rarely got that message before the upgrade. What I wanted to know is if there some setting or way to stop this situation as it can be frustrating. I'm using W7 ult. I5-7600@3500 4core cpu, 8GBram 64bit . I cannot find answers anywhere. Thanks in advance. john goncalves
  3. Thanks guys. Yes 2 dvd's were from the DeLuxe edition my first sim, then upgraded to Gold edition. They were mixed up. They're not reproductions. All originals'. I don't believe in fakes, lol. I got the sim going now. It registered again, No problem. I tried the wrong sequence. Now, maybe weeks loading all addons. Hard work. As I had a try at QW787 and seems a bit slow. I'll have to do some tweaking, I suppose. I really appreciate the help you 2 guys are always prepared to give. John.
  4. Hi there Charlieron, thanks for the help. W7 was totally corrupt. I had to re-install windows from scratch. Reformated the ssd clean. Now I'm trying to re-install the gold version of fsx. I pop in 1 and 2. Then it asks me to register and as I write in the prod. key and it says its not right. and goes off. If I pop in the accelaration it asks for the registration first. Now I cannot register cause the reg. window doesn't pop up. My fsx version has got 5 dvd's. I'm a bit stuck here.. it's not a fake sim. I believe its the gold edition cause I kept it in the wrong holder. Consists of 5 dvd's. 2 yellow ones deluxe, 1 acceleration, and 2 light blue ones. Which ones are to be installed first? Thanks. John.
  5. Hi guys, I tried to supposedly open up all cores on my PC. It showed 1 core and when I clicked on 4 working cores my comp just went dead after a short while .I couldn't start windows and I took it in for repairing my W7. The guy did what he had to do, as technically I dont know much about computers, and after fixed, when I wanted to start FSX by clicking twice on the icon a msg pops up saying ''FS cannot run due to the version of DirectX is not a 9.0. Pls reinstall DX9.0''. I got a hard disk for C- drive and a ssd-E where I play FSX from. There was also a msg popping up saying that side by side the 2 drives aren't equal or something like that but that has stopped appearing. And it doesnt start at all. Can any good guy please give me advise as to 1. what should I do to fix FSX. 2, If I have to uninstall what is the best way. Can I use the same harddisk and ssd? Also,3, the link to the right DX9 cause the ones I get on the internet dont seem to be the one I'm looking for. I'm a bit desperate as I have years of stuff in the sim. My sysyem is: W7 prof sp1 64b. I5-7600 @ 3.5Ghz GTX1050 8G ram Thanks a million in advance. John goncalves
  6. jcpg

    FSX Clouds Issue

    Hi there Bill, Yes indeed my cloud, weather settings were out. Simple clouds instead of detailed. Although not done by myself. Thanks a million for your input. Appreciate it. John.
  7. Hi guys, I got a problem with clouds in fsx. My clouds look thin almost in a straight line. I used to have beautiful clouds but all of a sudden they're reduced to misery. I first used ASNext which just faded" and I couldn't recover it. Then I got Rex4 Weather Architect. I use it sometimes. Anyway no clouds or very little of it. Very frustrating and unreal. Can some expert help a bit here? Thanks indeed in advance. John Goncalves
  8. jcpg

    FSFX Immersion Packages

    Thanks Ernie. I'll go ahead and download the Immersion 777 and if I do need it will get it. I probably do have the .Net Framework in the sim as I have a huge hangar. Thank you. John.
  9. jcpg

    FSFX Immersion Packages

    Hi there, just a question, I'm planning to buy the Immersion 777, but the .NET Framework 4.5.2 download worries me a bit. What is this for? I have fsuipc downloaded so that one should be enough!? Can someone help here? Thanks in advance. J Goncalves.
  10. jcpg

    Traffic replacement.

    Hi guys, 'My Traffic 2013' seems to be out of action, for some reason. The more I try to fix it the worst it gets. I was thinking about getting something else as my Ai traffic. I don't really know what's good out there. Any advise on what to get would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. J Goncalves.
  11. Hi guys, My in game recorder does not work anymore. When I open the window, the recorder word is not even highlighted. Sometimes it gives me an error, but it is not recording. If I try to to see a recording it shows Error and might even ask to close the program, FSX. Does anyone know how to fix this? Can not find any solutions/posts on this. Also how do you see all your previous recordings? The file if possible. Thanks indeed in advance. john goncalves
  12. The pmdg planes will even change the heading on the crs if it's not the updated heading. you can dial the wrong heading on the crs and the system will change to it to right one before landing. Example, tncm-mpto in the Caribbean. FSX heading (for mpto/ rw3) is 30 degrees. Real heading 33 degrees, with navigraph. I set Ngx 30 degrees and it corrected itself on the crs. No problem landing... Cheers. john
  13. Hi guys, Jim, here is some feedback on the issue of re-installing FSX due to a change of MB and processor. Ok I ended up getting a I5 7600, a Mb(not even a gaming one!) and a gtx1050/2Gig. It keeps fps on non demanding aircraft on 50/100fps. On demanding aircraft/scenery about 18/35+fps constant. I'm running fsx/8gb corsair/W7. I'm not even using any booster accelarator. Luckily, I managed to use the old operating system and kept my fsx planes and scenery completely on the ssd. When re-installing fsx I just had to use the accelaration code, as you said, and in seconds all worked well, surprisingly. All planes worked properly. On PMDG planes I had to re-activate. So, the new set up, when flying, is very smooth. Really nice, at least on my rig. Note that the processor is not the 'K' and the graphics card not the 'ti'. Lower prices and still good fps. The sales guy advised me on this and he was right. On the second day, pmdg 747 V3, has an issue. When I load it, it does not start the initiation steps. It sort of freezes, although it worked well straight after re-activation. Only the 747 V3. All others ok. I guess has nothing to do with the fsx re-installation. I've repaired, removed and re-installed, but no joy. Might be an activation problem, although I did it. Ngx and T7 work right. I might have to contact pmdg support. So, for the guys with a limited budget this set up works well, not very cheap though. Beware of fake, cheap processors on the market. It's flooded with them. Thanks for all the issistance. john Goncalves
  14. Hi Jim, Thanks for the good info. Will see what I can get. John
  15. Hi Jim, Ok I do agree that overclocking is a bit of a different ball game. It would require better cooling and I'm trying to keep costs as low as possible. There's a difference of about $55 between the I5 6600 and 6600K. I wonder if it's worth it. But the K is better. Will see. Also, help me here pls.; 1) Should the moterboard be a gaming one? A friend told me it doesn't make much of a difference. 2) Will the ssd keep everything as it was before I changed the processor and mobo? All planes and scenery addons? In advance, thanks for the time and help. John