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  1. Hello Charlie Aron: Thanks for responding. Turns out I already had the JF C152 and therefore I just removed the downloaded file. airbus
  2. Hello Charlie Aron: I downloaded the freebie JF C152 and executed the exe to install the software and a strange popup asked if I wanted to completely "remove" the application!! How did you handle this situation? Thanks for your help Airbus
  3. Will this new scenery run on FSX? Really looks beautiful!!! Thanks! Al
  4. OK, mine seems to be working now! The first time I ran FSX the error screen appeared and I selected yes to continue. The load flight screen came up normally and I loaded a flight successfully. I exited FSX and ran FSX again but this time there was NO error and the load flight screen came up normally again. What is a quick way to test FS2 Crew to make sure it is working properly? Thanks Bryan! Al
  5. I started getting this message 2 days ago and like others I tried the same solutions and nothing worked. I have the locked version of fs2 crew which I think was installed when I purchased Aerosoft airbus extended many years ago. Never had a problem until now. This is really strange that several people are having the same problem and the same time!! Thanks for any help! Al
  6. I found my boxed version for FS2004 and was wondering if anyone tried to install it in FSX. If it does not work, is there a way to patch it for FS2004? Thanks! Airbus
  7. Can anyone please suggest a FREE, EASY, MALWARE FREE, NO BAGGAGE youtube downloader software for my windows 7 PC? I did the internet search already and it was overwhelming!!!😲 Thanks!.
  8. I was thinking of getting the original Grand Caravan 208B with the expansion pack. Can this version be fitted with the GTN 750? Any comments regarding sounds or flight characteristics? What is the difference between this version and the "EX" version? Thanks!
  9. Anyone still using FSX and this aircraft know how bad the VAS hit is on windows 7? Could I successfully fly from Orbx KSBA to Flightbeam KSFO without a PC meltdown?😀 Thanks for your help! Airbus
  10. Anyone still using FSX and this aircraft know how bad the VAS hit is on windows 7? Could I successfully fly from Orbx KSBA to Flightbeam KSFO without a PC meltdown?😀 Thanks for your help! Airbus
  11. Do you think it would be possible to replace the "GPS Navigator" with an FMS such as the GTN 750? How does this plane fly? I guess for $10 I am expecting too much! Airbus
  12. It would seem to me that if the P2A flight plan REQUIRES the procedure turn, then it should be done automatically UNLESS ATC says otherwise, If the software skips ahead something may need to be fixed with the software, Hope this helps🙂 Airbus
  13. Just installed version 2.4 and according to the change log the seat belt and no smoking chime was added. I don't hear the sound. I am using FSX in W7. Is there a setting I missed? Maybe not modeled in FSX? No big deal! I love the aircraft! 😀 Al
  14. Hi Al: What should I look for as a good battery voltage? Are both battery switches supposed to be on? I don't have any saved flights that also automatically load the Lear. Most of my flights in FSX begin with the default Cessna 172 at my choice of airport. How would Lear saved flights affect battery voltage? Al
  15. Hello: I am running FSX with Lear version 4.3c. I love the new sounds! The inverter sound was initially working fine but over the last couple flights I noticed that when I click the switch the sound starts and about 5-10 seconds later it stops completely! Has anyone experienced this? It takes away the immersion just a little but it is quite noticeable. Any suggestions appreciated! Anyone know the file name and location for the sound? ??Al
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