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  1. I bought the Lear35a effects but was not completely satisfied. You can view my images in the oldprop forum. I could not figure out what I was doing wrong and did not get much feedback from Oldprop or other users. You might want to check out other comments in the forum. Airbus
  2. Airbus

    Learjet 35A ILS Approach

    Just a guess; but did you arm NAV mode on the AFCS?
  3. Airbus

    Best/most popular FSX add-ons?

    All of the above suggestions are great! My favorite addons because they affect the whole experience and immersion of flying are Active Sky Next and Orbx FTX Global. Good luck and have fun! Airbus
  4. I have been using LatinVFR KBWI FSX version on and off for about 3 months on a PC that is about 7 years old and have never seen the lines or artifacts that are described here. Hopefully someone who has had this problem and found a fix will respond. My biggest problem had been trying to takeoff or land an aircraft at BWI before running out of VAS! I deactivated several options in the KBWI configuration utility and that helped. At first I a could not even start taxing my F1 B200 or Cessna Mustang before I got VAS alarms and the sim stopped. Even with my Aerosoft Airbus I could not takeoff! I have also reduced my FSX scenery level to "sparse" and this really helped. Even with a sparse scenery setting the airport scenery was surprisingly good. Hope you find a solution to your problem. Airbus
  5. Airbus

    Death Knell for Fltplan GO ?

    Scott Thanks for the SFRA entry stuff. would you edit my route shown above to comply with the rules? The two entry SFRA gates that I see on the chart close to KBWI are WOOLY and PALEO. Based on the error I got when entering my plan do I have to have both WOOLY and PALEO fixes in my plan somewhere? Also what is a "P/U fix" anyway? Thanks for your understanding. That's why I am a SIM pilot and not a REAL pilot . Airbus
  6. Airbus

    Death Knell for Fltplan GO ?

    I use FltPlan Go for most of my flights. Recently I have been having a problem with an error message I received when I entered the following VFR route for KBDL to KBWI. Route: VEERS PWL CMK DUEYS JERSY SBJ BIGGY COPES MXE NUGGY TRISH3 Error message: Your P/U fix () does not match your requested DC FRZ arrival gate (TRISH3) Anyone know what this error means and how to fix it? Thanks for your help! Airbus
  7. I believe it will run on FSX.
  8. Just found out that version 2.1 is out. What changes/improvements were made going from version 2.0 to 2.1? Is there an update to the Navigraph extension pack? Thanks! Airbus
  9. Just discovered that version 2.1 is available. Anyone know what changes/improvements with the update? Thanks! Airbus
  10. Airbus

    Best flight planning service?

    fppilot: I enjoy using FLTPLAN.COM. I like the situational awareness that it offers like using my ipad to actually see where I am on an actual approach plate or an airport diagram. I also like being able to switch between sectionals, street views and others. I cannot however always use a flightplan that uses a named SID or a named STAR because my aircraft requires RNAV capability. I always have to manually type all of the waypoints which is a real drag! How do you get around this limitation since I am not a real pilot with a real aircraft? Thanks for your help, Frank! Airbus
  11. I just got an email from Just Flight that Carenado updated 5 aircraft. Does anyone know what they updated? I don't want to update my aircraft unless it is an improvement, fix or feature I want. If it ain't broke don't fix it! Thanks! Airbus
  12. Airbus

    C441 sound problem

    What does support mean that "the sound files are heavy and your system is falling behind?" Are the C441 sound files much larger than your other aircraft sound files? I doubt this, but can you check to see if you get a sudden drop in frame rate? You might want to do a search on this forum for any discussion of C441 sounds. Sorry I can't help you more. Good luck! Airbus
  13. Airbus

    LatinVFR KBWI Performance Issues

    Brian: Good luck getting activated on the Cayman Airways (LatinVFR) forum! I have been trying for months even to the point of sending messages to Ricardo with no response. Maybe someone who reads this post can tell us how to get activated. Since I live about 7 miles from KBWI on the approach to 33L, I can't wait for the FSX version to come out since I don't use P3D (I know this is a P3D forum)! Good luck getting your issue resolved! Airbus
  14. Airbus

    Flysimware news

    Amazing images and preview video! I can't wait for this bird! I used to fly it all the time in FS9. Airbus
  15. I am considering purchasing X-Plane and would like to try the demo first. How much drive space will the demo consume? Is the demo a fairly accurate measure of performance? If I decide to buy this product how much drive space will the software consume? Will I be able to transition my sim hardware I.e. rudder pedals, yoke and flightstick to X-Plane? Thanks for your help! Airbus