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  1. I can't seem to find the Dropbox link for this scenery. Could someone please direct me? Thanks!
  2. You are right! I think the timezone difference did me in this time! Airbus
  3. Looking at Simmarket now. Won't let add me add Croatian airports to my cart yet. Hopefully I can still get it! I keep refreshing the page!! Airbus
  4. Thanks for the warning! I just removed the downloaded file from my system. I never executed the file. Al
  5. rwilson881: Thanks for your help! I decided to live without the popup. Airbus
  6. I might have missed this fix earlier. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks for your help! Airbus
  7. Rest In Peace Jim. You will be greatly missed!
  8. Thanks guys for your help! I am using the Flight 1 GTN 750 and I am also going to play around with the user fields. Thanks! Airbus
  9. I have been trying to set up the Falcon to use the GTN 750 VNAV function and was wondering if anyone is using it successfully. I have been unable to get the vertical descent indication on the primary flight display to track the descent. I was watching a Garmin video on the VNAV function and it appears that the PFD needs to use a Vertical Deviation Indicator (VDI) coupled to a Garmin autopilot to work properly. Has anyone got this function to work and how did you do it? Airbus
  10. Is there an FSX version???? Just kidding 😁😁 Airbus
  11. I have the 1.9H version and I thought there was a sound made when the throttles were moved to the cutoff position. Is that true? Al
  12. Love the sounds! Can't wait for the update! Airbus
  13. Hello Falcon 50 pilots! I am having difficulty trying to set up various panel views. The Falcon 50 is a challenge because the instrument panel is loaded with gauges and I am using my trackIR to move my view as needed. But it is still cumbersome to get a steady view. . Using the shift key and choosing various number keys to select 2D views helps. I have seen videos of the EZ dock and chase plane product and was wondering if Falcon pilots were using these products. Any ideas or suggestions welcome. Thanks! airbus
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