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  1. Hi I don't own any CH products so am unable to comment on those specifically. My current setup is a Saitek X52, which works fine. I've never tried a route with departure and destination ICAO's only. However, I do recommend learning about SIDs and STARs as it takes your simming to a new level of realism and immersion. Try the following video which is a quick tutorial for SIDs and STARs:
  2. Hello I've created a couple of starter videos for the Flight Factor 767. The first covers take-off, the second covers full auto-landing. The videos are based on a short trip from Gatwick to Amsterdam. Take-off: Landing:
  3. If anyone's interested: A video showing how to get the Flight Factor 767 into the air quickly and competently: Part two is the landing phase showing full autoland capability.
  4. Tony This is awesome! Jaw droppingly good. As you know, I am doing a YouTube series on improving the look of X-Plane called 'XPlane - Ultra-Realism for FREE'. I'd LOVE to include some reference to this work you're doing, for a number of reasons: a. It's excellent! b. The area I am working with, Jersey in the Channel Islands, has poor OSM coverage Both major conurbations on the island are poorly described for residential properties such as those you exhibit here. Feel free to ping me off-line. Be great to hear from you. -- FSProUK aka MrCobolman on YouTube
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