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  1. as i said, always has to have the last word. I would like to discuss further on the Pro-ATC/X Forum but guess what ? It is down
  2. Next Round: 1. The fix does also work for cbiflight and maybee for others as well so where they get the Updatefiles from now ? 2. - just different opinion - dosn't make sense to discuss any further 3. same 4. Why does it has to be like this ? don't you think you adore (not legaly) it to the users egarly waiting for an update ? 5. if you Quote Peter, please Quote the hole sentense. He dosn't call anyone to be a pig. You didn't rebuke him rudely ? You told him and some other guys (probably me ?) that they are not longer welcome in the Forum if they not stop post like that. 6. what about "wow the trolls must be out there today in force" wasn't that meant for me an Peter ? it must be very hard to not have the last word and the ability to lock, isn't it ? :lol: @amberfluid where has the opinion poll gone ?
  3. Roy Strange enogh that the current Version of pro-ATC/Xdosn't inclucde all subsequent updates but if it is difficult for you to find the Software how difficult would it be for me as a non pointsoftware member ? My Statement: lousy Support is not against you personally, it is against pointsoftware. Even if you knew it just from the 20.March on it is still lousy Support to let me wait until 26. march. Maybee some users here can help me out on asses my expectations. Isn't it a bit to Long to wait a month just for download a subsequent update (which shouldnt be necessary and included in the current Version) ? Are my expectations to high ? (maybee they are) Now we come to the part where you treat me like a fool: Why on earth did you test a whole week and wasting time and let me wait instead of just send me the update ? I told you from the begining i need an older vesrion to sort out my Problem but you knew it better and told me that the older Version won't help. So why do you do that Roy ? Why don't you belive me when i say i need it to sort out my Problem ? I tell you why: I'm just a dumbas customer in your eyes, You Pro-ATC/X guys are kind of "elite circle". The user don't have to know and don't have to get involved or with the words of my beloved, and very special good friend Alpha 117: "there will be an Update soon but we will not tell you what's inside so don't even ask about it". What Kind of Information should that be ? i don't get it. You can see me as a dumbas customer or you can see me as a fligtsim community member and work together. unfortunatley, you and Mourad Chose the first. But then please don't you wounder if a behave like a dumbass customer and moan arround if thing aren't working. I'm still openminded to work together, let me know if you are. Yesterday in the Pro-ATC/X Forum Peter just did a Joke about the Update Release Date and you rebuke him rudely and immediatly locked the tread. 2 post before, your friend ywiman called Peter and me trolls. So what about rebuke him as well to don't do personal offenses ? Not objectively at all and there is where censorship starts. If there is anything against your opinion you start to lock and delete. Abuse of Administrator privilegues in my eyes. best regards Andi
  4. it's not only about the Update, it's about there lousy support to ! wait a month for just a downloadlink for the Software it's far from aceptable. If you ask them some details about the software in order to help yourself and find a solution for your problems, they are not interested. They treat you like a fool. Roy has to comment almost every thread, and has to have the last word and then he imediatly locks the thread. newer saw that on any other Forum and we are not talking about personal offences. i hope this thread stays a neutral discussion space where everybody can discuss (without personall offenses) and Roy can't do amything about it (censorship)
  5. Well done ! there dictatorial behaviour in there Forum is unaceptable and not objectively.
  6. default fsx, default fsx cloud textures, pmdg 747 Airport addon fsdt lszh an a-a vtbs. Longhaul from lszh to vtbs (11 hours) cloud layers default 5. after 4-5 hours of flight the crash occurs, not only with the 747 but also with the 777 i tried 1024 32bit Textures and the fsx default ones. can't reproduce it with a short fligh but it occurs everytime on a longhaul, probably the hotfix help, will try it out....
  7. Anyone have the same Problem ? As Long as i fly in good and moderate weather conditions everything is fine but as soon as thunderstorms becomes visible the Framerate drops darmatically to 1-2 fps and vas fills up to 4gb within a Minute or 2. This happens with the Default FSX as well as with the Rex Textures. Running DX10. Turned down the visibility and Cloud drawing distance Options already but this dosn't make any difference. CPU and GPU around 60%
  8. ok i got it. Please delete this thead. FSX was set to Metric instead of US :LMAO: :blush:
  9. I'm facing issue i newer had before: while descend and pass FL300, The FO announce "passing 100000 feet" and switch on the landing lights. Inside the Plane it shows the right altitude and also aivlasofts EFB get the right values but iOS Airtrack also get the wrong altutide. This makes me think that it is not an FS2Crew issue. Does FS2Crew get values like altitude from FSUIPC ? (Maybe there is something wrong with my FSUIPC installation but all the button and axis asignments works as usual). Did anyone else have/had this problem ? thanks best Andi
  10. Is it just my config or does anybody else have the same Problem ? While playback a recorded Video or instant Replay in P3DV2 i can't switch the OpusFSX camera view. It dosn't matter if i press the assigned key or if i select the view manualy from the OPUSFSX Server Applicaton, the Camera view will Stuck on the last selected. Switch the internal Default Camera view from P3D via the Menu works.
  11. good hint, i will try that, thanks Gesendet von meinem iPhone mit Tapatalk
  12. I don't know if it is P3DV2 related but i don't had it in FSX and as far as i can remeber don't had it in P3D 1.4. Creating a new Camera View is only possible for Virtual Cockpit. When i Switch to "Aircraft" the P3D Camera don't Switch to external and stays in VC. That happens with all planes and even activate/deactivate camera funktion (to rewrite the camera in aircraft.cfg) in OpusFSX don't help. Does anyone have the same Problem ? Greez
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