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  1. Thanks Jim, much appreciated. Regards Steve
  2. Hi cmpbellsjc, I was waiting for that one! The fact is I fly on my desktop computer (with two screens) but it's also where I do my website work in the afternoons and record and watch TV at night and the truth is my son-in-law did buy me a Pro Flight Cessna Yoke with 3 Lever Throttle Quadrant but when it's all setup it gets in the way of all the other stuff I do on here every day so I used it once and packed it away in it's box. The truth is I actually felt a bit stupid like I was actually flying a desk and I would've preferred just a joystick that would suit flying the Airbus and Helicopters but he didn't ask me as it was a Christmas present. It took me 10 years to change over to using VC rather than 2D and that only happened after I bought a 777 that didn't have a 2D panel and then I discovered the trick of holding down the spacebar and moving the mouse to see around the VC easily but having said that we're all different and I really enjoy flying the way I do it and I just immerse myself in great aircraft and great scenery. I really enjoy going to all places I actually visited over the years as an engineer on cruise liners with P&O. Thanks anyway. Regards Steve
  3. Hi, Thanks for responding Olli, DJ and Jude but I don't have a hardware controller, I fly only by keyboard (on autopilot and using ILS autoland), so I guess there is nothing I can do to make it work other than buy a joystick, am I right? Regards Steve
  4. Hi, I know this is an old topic and I've searched everywhere for a solution but haven't found one yet so I thought I'd ask anyway in the hope that someone out there that reads this has worked one out. The auto brakes on my Aerosoft Airbus X A320 and A321 disconnect every time I land. I've tried low and medium and tried bringing the throttles to idle at a variety of hieghts i.e. 20', 30'. 40' and 50' just before landing but the deacceleration green light pops on for a second then both lights go out and I have to brake manually. I've also tried using reverse thrust and not using reverse thrust. I can't believe there isn't a solution to this very insignificant but annoying little problem. Any help from anybody would be sincerely appreciated. Regards Steve
  5. Hi, Has any PRO-ATC/X user ever added ILS to a runway using ADE (my version is 1.6 but I'm sure that doesn't matter)? I have which all works fine other than one strange problem. The PRO-ATC/X moving map shows the green direction arrow of the new ILS always at 360° despite the actual runway heading. The FSX default map shows the new ILS green arrow pointing in the correct direction (runway heading) but I've tried everything to find out where the PRO-ATC/X moving map gets that information from so I finally decided to email Mourad and I did get a prompt response but sadly he doesn't know either. So, if anyone's had this problem and knows the answer I'd be truly grateful. Regards Steve
  6. Hi Oliver, Sorry for the long delay I didn't realise people were still posting to this topic. I'm not sure if your comment is a question or a statement however if it's a question I've combined the two, I use the external views of the ERJ135 with the 2D Panel and extra fuel tanks of the Legacy. This has fixed the problem with the Legacy landing lights that's always bugged me so now it's my favourite aircraft, I prefer business jets to big commercials, you can fly in and out of just about anywhere. Cheers Steve
  7. Thanks very much for your excellent reply, it answered my concerns perfectly. Cheers Steve
  8. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has both the Feelthere Legacy 600 and the Feelthere Embraer E135/145 aircraft? If so, my questions are; 1. Are they the same aircraft (I know the Legacy is the business jet and the 135 a passenger jet) so I mean sim quality and features? 2. I have the Legacy but it has a problem with the landing lights not illuminating the ground so does the 135 have this same problem? 3. Basically is it worth me buying the 135/145 model or will I be just as disapointed as I am with the Legacy. 4. Is there a really well made business jet out there of the PMDG or QW standard? (I've already bought the Eaglesoft Citation X and that doesn't do it for me) Thanks for any help you can give me. Regards Steve
  9. Hi, I apologise if this has been asked before but I've searched this forum and Google and I can't find an answer to my problem. I'm using Opus (3.47.0) just for the weather and I can't seem to get rid of the hazy reduced surface visibility. I've ticked the ignore box and changed the > altitude to zero but it makes no difference, I've also ticked disable low overcast effect, disable fog effect and disable mist effect and nothing has helped. http://www.seadogs-reunited.com/Weather%20Opus.jpg I like the ground to look clear on a sunny day as I want to be able see the expensive payware scenery that I've bought. I hope there's a solution. Regards Steve
  10. May I ask Roy why you've deleted my PRO-ATC/X forum account without explanation or communication of any kind?
  11. The polls served their purpose, 70% of voters are not satisfied with the product, support and the way they're being treated or the update situation. Someone pointed out that they'd voted twice which can happen after 24 hours, I could change the questions but to tell you the truth I'm completely over this whole situation. I've had enough of the personal insults from the gutless wonders who gather around fights just to jump in and kick a bloke when he's down. Not that I'm down, far from it, but the term "flogging a dead horse" springs to mind.
  12. Due to the dictatorial efforts of the PRO-ATC/X Forum moderators who continue to delete my posts regarding this site trying to get an anonymous opinion of how people really feel about the situation that's happening there it's been suggested to me that posting the link in this unbiased forum would be the answer so if you wish to answer 4 simple questions completely anonymously about PRO-ATC/X please go to (http://amberfluid.net)
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