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Found 14 results

  1. Hey, so i have a little problem with the controls. First, im not a trained pilot, but already gained som basic experience. Heres my Problem: As soon as i engage the Auto Pilot, the Aircraft leans to the right but flies straight on. Even if the Aircraft is perfectly trimmed out and Wind is set to zero. As soon as i disengage the Auto Pilot, i can fly the Plane completely horizontal and it still flies straight on. I have this Problem with any Aircraft that features an Auto Pilot. What am i doing wrong or is this a known issue? Thanks for your help in advance. Sebi Bockelmann
  2. After downloading a 3rd party airport I'd like to take a look around it and its adjacent scenery. Before, with P3D I would start at the new airport's location, then close the planes' cockpit view, and switch to Slew. Use F3 to gain a 100 feet or so AGL, then use the flight stick to move about and investigate anything of interest. Note that I'd programmed the flight stick's axis commands from P3D's Controls - slew mode page. Can I set up MFS to do something similar? I've programmed the keyboard slew commands, but that's insufficient because (a) I haven't found a way to remove the aircraft from the scene; and (b) the keypad moves the scene too far and too quickly left/right, forward/back, and without a means to change heading. So can the Drone Camera be used to accomplish the same purpose? All I've been able to find in forums and on YouTube is advice to buy an x-box controller to manage the drone camera's motion, which I have no idea how to set up or use. Is there another way to accomplish what was so easy to do in FSX/P3D, without more hardware? (I'm using a Thrustmaster "Airbus" flight stick.)
  3. With the Honeycomb flight yoke, which is awesome I might add, you are able to set up flip switches that act as toggles. For example, down is off and up is on. In order to do this for the FS2Crew main panel toggle, I'm checking the variable, "A:PANEL AUTO FEATHER SWITCH:1, Bool" to see if it's enable/disabled and do the corresponding action/ enable/disable based on the state. This does not work, so I'm wondering if FS2Crew is not actually setting that variable, but just overriding the functionality. Is there a specific FS2Crew variable that will tell me tell if it is active or not so that the switch can properly toggle only when the condition is correct. For example, if I switch FS2Crew to "off", I only want the switch to turn it off if it is "active". If I close the panel with the mouse and not the switch, then moving the switch "off" should do nothing, and then moving the switch back "on", should activate FS2Crew main panel again. Thanks!
  4. I have a Saitek Yoke with Chase Plane and, as such, have assigned various keys to control my views in Chase Plane. But when I attempt to delete those same buttons assigned to P3D, it doesn’t work. Any assistance will be much appreciated… Regards,
  5. Hey, I'm a new FSX user coming from X-Plane 11. Just thought I'd give FSX a go. I'm not having much luck though, after a while I got a grip with the throttle controls, and views and stuff like that. I'm still having issues with turning any knobs or switches in the cockpit of any plane.... What am I missing?
  6. I am trying to add some functionality v4 that FSUIPC provided me in v3, and I can't seem to figure out how to add new key assignments. I am currently attempting to add new assignments to the standard.xml file in AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Controls In particular, I'm trying to add keys to toggle my beacon, taxi, and navigation lights. I'm using the eventIDs from http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv2/LearningCenter/utilities/variables/event_ids.html For example, I added this in my <Name>KEYBOARD_MAIN.Native</Name> section <Entry> <Key>CTRL+SHIFT+P</Key> <Down>TOGGLE_TAXI_LIGHTS</Down> </Entry> Upon loading P3D v4, that assignment gets removed. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  7. When you press the rudder buttons in FSX it toggles them instead of pushes them down. I am more used to push so I am wondering if it is possible to change it to push instead of toggle.
  8. Evening all! I've been using FSX-SE for a while now and I am a dedicated pixel pilot (I'm claiming that term!) and I'm an avid reader of our hobby's magazine - like everyone else I've seen FSX and other flight sims develop pretty much exponentially over the years. Graphics have gotten better and better alongside the hardware we all use. The graphics and visual realism are genuinely staggering these days ... notice I say 'visual realism'. This led me to a conversation I have been having with myself recently and thought I would post here to get other people's opinions. Although graphics have improved, I've not really read about, heard about or seen discussions around physics. Physics is everything to flight, so I'm wondering why we don't talk about it more and why developers aren't focusing on it more (I appreciate scenery and graphics sell better!)? I've been looking back at release notes and updates from Dovetail regarding FSX-SE and I can't find anything about physics. It's all about graphic performance. I am very happy if someone can prove me wrong (again I appreciate that Dovetail's likely business plan for FSX-SE was to sell more to a mass market). There's quite an array of things that could be improved in FSX-SE with regards to the physics engine, I've named a few that I can think of: Friction - ground friction is something that can be controlled through the aircraft config file but I've never noticed a difference in surface texture comparing grass against tarmac. Aerodynamics - I think the principles are there but aerodynamics in relation to wind and especially changing wind conditions are not modelled well if at all. Environmental physics - how gusts and the wind interact with the aircraft, I really don't think the way it works currently is realistic - mainly during changing winds, is there even a wind gradient modelled? What about the effects of objects? For example, a tall line of trees alongside the runway will significantly impact the wind, considerations and handling on take off. Downdrafts and updrafts, eddies and vortices. Even having no wind during a landing can make for a profoundly different landing experience in real life. Instruments - as a pilot of small aircraft in the real world myself I know that the airspeed indicator needle is rarely still just because the air around it isn't! Especially during manoeuvres such as side-slipping. This isn't modelled in FSX I don't think. Maybe I'm asking too much of our beloved sim? I appreciate that for many this would be too much, are there other sims which do a far greater job of this? What does everyone think? Should be looking more closely at physics and less on scenery or am I just being a pedantic pair of buttocks? Very interested to hear people's thoughts. Cheers all! Dave
  9. I have been following this project since its Kickstarter, and from the looks of things on their twitter page production and shipping will be happening soon. I'm looking forward to getting rid of my Saitek pro in favor of a yoke with more precision. Has anyone had a chance try the IRIS yoke. Based on pics and videos that I have seen so far, I'm leaning towards pre ordering one. If you ordered an HDK kit have you received it and also what is your opinion? Also do anyone know how the force feedback functionality will work with fly by wire aircraft? If you're not familiar with the project you can see their twitter page here. https://twitter.com/IrisDynamics Thanks Jamal
  10. i have an issue with fs2020 which is that my joystick wont show up in fs2020. It can detect the input but the controls and everything else is blank. Does someone know how to fix this?
  11. Hello, I'm flying and really enjoying the DC-6. I'm using P3Dv4. My question to the community is this: how can I map joystick buttons to autopilot functions? If I knew the control names, I could do it. I fully understand how to use FSUIPC. It's that there's so many entries in FSUIPC for autopilot functionality... I'm wanting to map the following items: On/Off switch Alt Hold switch The disengage lever (sorry to not recall its name) An axis (if possible) or buttons to the gyropilot left/right knob Mode selector (gyropilot, localizer and approach) Glide wheel or pitch wheel up/down I'd be very grateful if someone has this information. Thanks
  12. How can I move the camera while in the cockpit? I know I can set it so whenever I use the mouse it moves the view, but is there a way to set up a X Plane type view where you hold the left click to move the camera? I've looked through the settings and can't find anything. Can someone walk me through how to do it, if it's even possible.
  13. Apologies if this is duplicating any other thread, I did a search to see and nothing came up. Is anyone using Elgato Streamdeck with FS? I'm a big fan of the Streamdeck as a productivity tool in various pro apps I use, and can imagine it would be great in the sim. If there's nothing out there ready to go, I'll probably put together a profile myself - perhaps to control ATC, camera views, etc., I need to give it some thought.
  14. Has any one else noticed that when your on a climb or windy conditions, if you move your mouse onto an open window like the vfr window, or the flight log window when flying a bush trip, that the aircraft reacts like no one is at the control? Even when flying at altitude, in clear skies, when you move your mouse to scroll the text, or use the "get back on track" , the aircraft drifts. Also if you accidentally leave your mouse in an open window, the yoke does not work at all!Standard CH Flight Sim Yoke... works perfectly when mouse is NOT in a window. Running in full screen mode.Is there a cure for this?can anyone else confirm this ?
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