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  1. Hi, do you use any camera addon? There is a known issue when you are too far backwards (in the headrest) one can no longer click the knobs in the VC. Move your camera viewpoint a more forward can help this issue.
  2. Is the option "reset camera when trackIR is paused" not wat you looking for? you find this option in PREFERENCES > Camera ... I don't have the isue you describe when pausing TrackIR.
  3. This was announced in other posts earlier: cold & dark, short and long panelstates are corrupt, and for some reason there is no way to fix this by PMDG... Only work-around is save your own panelstates starting from the default one. Lucky us that the default is not (yet) corrupt ...
  4. Usually stored in c:\Program Files (x86)\PMDG Operations Center\...
  5. Great, thanks for enlightening things a bit ...
  6. So to clarify things up: that (VECTOR)-thing in some procedures (Sid - Star) we encounter when entering a procedure, is this something build in by Navigraph or is it also existing in the RW?
  7. In the CDU: PMDG SETUP > Options > Simulation > Page 1/10: Show thrust lever pos: YES
  8. Oops, it's certainly not my intention to teach real pilots a lesson. "always" thought it was the intention to close those disco's. Now by reading some lecture more closely i must confess that I was too fast with my assessment. So disregard my last post, lesson learnt. I'm always open to learn something, in fact i did now... edit: perhaps a good idea to give RW pilots a kind of badge in their profile so that other readers can better judge the quality of their post ...
  9. Did you activated the "show throttle position" in the options menu of the CDU? It shows exactly where your (fysical) throttle position should be before diconect the autothrottle
  10. Not agree with you i'm afraid ... A "disco" or "discontinuity" are the five emty boxes in the LEG's page, these must always be "closed". What OP surely means is the (VECTOR) line in the LEG's page (I refer to the Tutorial 1 - page 37 witch came with the NGX). There you see a (VECTOR)-entry" witch means the pilots can expect vectors from ATC. This can be on approach, but also on a SID. That (VECTOR)-entry gives an infinite magenta line on the ND. That is the moment for you to switch to "HDG SEL" untill you are vectored to the next waypoint by ATC if you are online, otherwise if you are not online or there is no ATC online, simply "vector" yourself to the next waypoint...
  11. Check this threat: The work-around explained by Chris Makris (Olympic260) works for me!
  12. I callibrate my throttles via FSUIPC, there is possibility to set a wide curve for throttle in the lower power settings, it makes it a little more easier to control speed while on ground, on the other hand, while in the air it makes it more difficult as the curve is steeper then, but mostly i let the automation dot is work while airborne (except on final ...). But you have to keep your feet near the brakes for sure when taxiing...
  13. A similar threat is going on here: I have the same "problems": low on weight it accelerates down the taxiway, but if i have some loads then it is easier to control speed. In contrast with the B737NGX, the B747 QOTS II is a lot easier to taxi, once you have set taxi thrust and rolling, you can put throttles back to idle and the plane keeps rolling, but will slow down at an acceptable rate. It feels more realistic than with the B737NGX. I don't know what difference in programming PMDG-guy's have used (yes, QOTS II is a fairly recent release while the NGX is an "old" release), but i think it must be possible to implement this alwell in their NGX-product, not?
  14. And i can confirm a very good support from a developper who knows what he is doing ... A lot more features than EZdok had and ever will have ...
  15. Go to your CDU (FMC), press MENU > PMDG Setup> Options > Simulation then page 2/3: Disable Capt PFD pop-up and set to NO. Bear in mind your sim "can" CTD, thats why this option is build in