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  1. Hi, Tried but does not change anything...
  2. It's exactly the same as in this topic: http://www.flytampa.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=10516
  3. Currently P3Dv4.1 is installed. It works, no problems ... As for KaiTak there is an issue with tower buildings on the apron, don't know if this is fixed already?
  4. Great, makes it a lot easier, thank you...
  5. Keven or others, Within P3D i see the recommendation to delete the <Shaders> folder after installing new scenery or upgrading to a new version. Now i wonder what this function in ChasePlane does? Anyone?
  6. Hi roger, Check your settings within chaseplane : go to <Aircraft> <Hot Corners> and see if there are some settings in there. If you don't want to change views set them to "None", otherwise select to your needings. Hotcorner is a feature that enable you to select other views when moving the mouse to the edge of the screen. After reading your last post it could be related to this setting in Chase Plane. Hope this helps you...
  7. Thanks for the quick update ...
  8. OK, will try this, thanks...
  9. Hmm, not sure what you mean by this. I'm a beginner when it comes to moving things in the taskmanager (except closing apps when it "hangs"). Where and what should i move then? Thanks ...
  10. Update to this (minor) problem: When started manual, there are no problems, returning to normal presets is as expected. But when starting automatic, returning to preset views only happens when moving mouse/pressing mouse button (pressing a shortcut for presets does nothing)!
  11. Always start everything "as admin". I had my previous mentioned "error" even when P4D was not even running (only once, and as said very rare)! Will continue starting AS first, then all the rest. Thanks everyone for advice...
  12. Thanks both, But i had (not always, even rare but it happens) a warning from AS telling me that the sim must be restarted to load the AS-module properly (or something like that). That's why i thought AS must be loaded first?
  13. Don't know where i read it but i saw a post from Chris (Olympic260) that they could no longer reproduce the error (no, NOT a bug) by the test team, so it should be fixed. I still am on 4.1 so can not confirm ...
  14. Hi all, Stupid question, but anyway: Starting order, first Active Sky then P3D or the other way around? Does it care if you change the startup logic?
  15. Hello Keven, As i hear (read) several rumors as to Chase Plane has to be updated to work properly in P3Dv4.2, just want to know what is the situation up to now? Do we have to expect an update/fix for P3Dv4.2 or is it working as it is? Untill now i am still on P3Dv4.1...