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  1. Will the EFB provide a "moving map" feature? As this is possible with Navigraph and Simlink.
  2. I can confirm this, definitely worth the price, especially when flying online
  3. Headley

    CDU tips and tricks

    And after you mastered FCOM and Tut#2, here are some nice vid's with more tips & tricks. Enjoy ... There is also FMS CDU Exercises Part 2 on his channel;-). Yes, for B744, but many (not all) are applicable for B737 and vice-versa
  4. In my case the context menu appears where my mouse is... Make sure you place your mouse in a usable part of the screen before applying the middle mouse button.
  5. Headley

    HDG SEL troubles

    Thank you for replying. The reason i started this thread was indeed having trouble with the plane behaving unexpected when in HDG SEL. And every time i was under control of an approach controller (i fly only online - IVAO) who put me: or to high above the glide slope or let me turn to short on final approach course, witch is why i had to turn to fast and the plane started to behave like i discribed (turned the opposite direction). I thought there was some logic behind HDG SEL (like there is a logic behind VNAV PATH and VNAV SPD), but is was all pilot error by turning the HDG Knob to fast and confusing the autopilot, like Bertie said earlier. When flying without controller i roughly follow the path like i see on Flight Tracker and usually have no problems at all. Thanks again for your real live input all ...
  6. Headley

    TOPCAT 739 Perf

    Thank you ...
  7. Headley

    TOPCAT 739 Perf

    Hi, Is this a stand alone prog or will it integrate somehow with P3D (or FSX or ...)? I ask because of this announcement on their website: >Fix a bug that crashes the program when the detected FSX/P3D paths contain illegal characters.
  8. Headley

    HDG SEL troubles

    Thank you, Well i was aware of that indeed. Anyway thanks for the advice about the progressive heading turn.
  9. Headley

    PMDG 747 QOTSII - Speedbrakes??

    Thomas, I assume you don't have a free axis where you can assign the spoilers? That's how i did. If you have FSUIPC (you have FSUIPC otherwise you can't use LINDA) i think you can assign the spoiler function to even a simple keyboard button.
  10. Headley

    HDG SEL troubles

    Thanks for the reply's Dan & Bertie. As i said, it's difficult to explain, but i will try again. I was in HDG SEL and FLCH, and over the aerodrome, the controller vectored me on a heading 030. When out of +/- 10miles of the Rwy , he turned me Right HDG 240, and cleared me to intc ILS Rwy 24. At that point i engaged LOC and APP. I think: maybe i turned the Hdg Sel knob to fast to Hdg 240 (as Bertie said) and the "Thing" was confused and turned the other way around... Will try to keep this in mind for the future. One more question: The speed at witch you intercept the localiser, what should that be ideally? I was flying +/- 180 knots at the point of intercepting the localiser. Too fast? @Dan, don't worry about the tutorial, i flew the tutorial when the QOTS came out for FS9 and FSX. But nevertheless, i learn every day
  11. Captains, Is there someone who can explain me in simple words the logic behind "HDG SEL", (you know, that annunciation on the FMA) in conjunction with LOC/APP. My problem: when appraoching for an ILS landing, and when being vectored to the ils-interception point, all of a sudden the plane starts to turn the complete other direction… Only way to interrupt is to deselect AP and FD and select both back on when established in the good direction. I have selected a STAR and APPROACH, but as i’m being vectored the plane flies away from the original route. It is like it wants to turn back to one or other point behind me?!? The problem usually starts after i have engaged LOC and/or APP modes. Difficult to explain this intelligible. The FMA shows me: SPD | HDG SEL | FLCH SPD (or VS) in conjunction with LOC and/or G/S What can cause the plane to react like this. I’m sure i miss something but i am unsure what.
  12. Headley

    PMDG 747v3 CTD P3D v4.2

    With all items in "Miscellaneous text" disables it works for me. But unfortunately after every startup of P3D one item enables itself (Message text), if you don't disable it before a new flight you have a CTD (with B744v3).
  13. @billkirk888 I have +/- the same setup: In CP Preferences/Control assignments: Mouse Look (Hold) => [Ctrl+Shft+L] (or wathever, just make sure these combination are nowhere used). Then program a button on my mouse as [Ctrl+Shft+L] Everything works fine, also zooming with mouse wheel at the same time. I tried over pop-up clickspots but i have no active pop-up. I'm using PMDG planes. Just make sure (again) that in P3D ALL your view functions and settings are disabled or deleted (in P3D i have only "pan view" connected to my HAT-switch).
  14. Hi Yardenbe... Are you aware of this topic? Workaround is to launch your sim with the default F22 at the airport to your needs, then switch to PMDG B747. There seems to be another workaround, just see the latest contributions to that same topic. Try it, if this does not work, then you have to dig deeper along with Andrew.