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  1. Headley

    Prepar3d V4.3 has been released

    Thanks Marc...
  2. Headley

    Prepar3d V4.3 has been released

    Romain, witch developer and what product is it?
  3. Headley

    EFB coming for PMDG 737, 777, 747?

    It's all in the pinned topics on top of this forum😉
  4. Headley

    Preparing for P3D V4.3

    Thanks Dave ...
  5. Headley

    744 brake accu bug

    OK, i should have misread that then
  6. Headley

    744 brake accu bug

    If you referring to the Hydraulic Brake Pressure issue, it should be fixed with the upcoming P3D v4.3 release ...
  7. Headley

    Preparing for P3D V4.3

    Dave, you can confirm removing and reinstalling the scenery-update does not harm my settings for my scenerys? It will not change the scenery.cfg (or whichever regulates my scenerys?). I have both scenery-systems via the *.cfg and via the *.xml-method, if you understand me. I have already removed and installes the clients with is indeed painless, but i am reticent for the scenery-update... My first full install of P3D was 4.0
  8. Headley

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    That's another thing. I must restart Couatl almost every time. reason is pressing F12 (for the ingame menu of GSX) does nothing, and this happens in 90% of the flights. restarting Couatl solves this. I asked FSDT on their forum for advice but only thing they answered me was that "another program or process steals the focus and the shortcut, so no usuable solution from their side about this. I cannot give advice if this will also allow me to pass through the "Labrador border"😕. It's a long while now sinds i have done such a flight from Europa to US. My last flight in that direction was from BIKF to KSEA, and i passed way above the problem zone (or i have restarted Couatl as usual and thereby surpassed the problem zone).
  9. Headley

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Right click gives me only: "End task" or "End process tree". Witch one should i select? And can you restart Couatl afterwards when landed (or passed the problem zone)? Thanks,
  10. What are you guys think about Drzewiecki products, especially his latest release of KSEA City and airports? I have T2G KSEA and love it, is Drzewiecki an upgrade (taking into account the other airports in that package) or ...
  11. Will the EFB provide a "moving map" feature? As this is possible with Navigraph and Simlink.
  12. I can confirm this, definitely worth the price, especially when flying online
  13. Headley

    CDU tips and tricks

    And after you mastered FCOM and Tut#2, here are some nice vid's with more tips & tricks. Enjoy ... There is also FMS CDU Exercises Part 2 on his channel;-). Yes, for B744, but many (not all) are applicable for B737 and vice-versa
  14. In my case the context menu appears where my mouse is... Make sure you place your mouse in a usable part of the screen before applying the middle mouse button.