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  1. Just doing a follow up on this matter. It's the 1.3.v available yet?. I have not seeing or noticed a release topic. FRL
  2. Standing by for it here...Out!🖐️😎
  3. 😕Having that same problem when ever use a 747 & 777.....Any other aircrafts works fine. So, there will be a remedy (v1.3) for this available soon then....correct??. This one it's an awesome one for sure. To be honest, better than the one used in GSX for pushback.
  4. Thanks for the advise GS. This past weekend after an extensive and long search, I finally located that Reshade file and kick it to the curb. Shaded area on top of the Splash Screen it's now gone history. I am suspecting that that particular file was causing a whole lot of hell in my system. I will be doing some testing flights with all the vehicles this week to confirm. Best.
  5. Thanks for the reply and understood completely GSalden, however the problems is that this Reshade thing appeared in my screen after downloading and installing PTA the first time and I have searched all over my files for that file to uninstall and try to re-install again it but cannot find it in any file on the PD3, FSX, Pfiles. During download and installation, I was following a tutorial that it's available in youtube at the time. I was wondering if there it's another PDF or instructions available other than the one listed under un-installation in the website. I have followed but the file does not guides where the file appears so can un-install. Any suggestion or advise on how to accomplish this process please? v/r FRL
  6. Hello; I am have a small issue here in my Sim with an application called Reshade that appears on the splash screen. I am suspecting that t might be causing some deficiencies on my Sim since installed. At the time, I was trying to install the application "PTA" and see what good will do in my system but I have not set seeing any way out difference. I have poste previously on the form to consult this matter and looks like that Reshade application it's the wrong one. I have received a reply but I am not quiet clear of the advise. I posted a question in reply but have not received any replies so far, therefore I must ask the question again. I have attempted to un-install in order to make that Reshade.com text on the top left corner disappear, following the un-install instructions posted on Q&A area but cannot find it anywhere in the files in my system to start the process. I have posted assistance at that PTA Forum on how to un-installed correctly but it's being almost seven days pending reply to my post. Have anyone posted or reported similar issue requesting Tech Assistance before on this Forum ???? Note: I attempted to attach a screen shot of what I see on my screen but it seems that I am unable to do it. Could you advise please? v/r FRL
  7. Anyone with some advise to share on the last post Gentz???😓
  8. 😖OMG!..I knew there was something wrong!!..Thanks for your reply pdge. You are referring to the presents listed on the website link correct?...I did not use any of the three listed it's the first time seen it. I am now very confused🙄...I did the download and install straight from the PTA Website and follow along with the installation but never saw that at all. Have any remedy to correct this matter and get the right one or present?
  9. Hi Folks, I have just started using PTA with my Sim recently and since then I have being curious about a header that appears on top of the screen after installing the PTA application. Reshade by crossfire Visit hppt://reshade.me for news, updates, shaders and discussion. Reshade is now installed successfully! Press "Home" to start the tutorial. Is it supposed to stay there or can it be hidden?. I have attempted to click on the Home key to see what takes place and so far nothing happens. Could someone advise in that regards?, I really would like to find to hide it if it's possible since I see no function of just sitting there on the top of the screen. I attempted to attach an image from my screen but I can see a button on the tool bar above to enable me to do so. Can anyone assist and advise? v/r FRL
  10. Yes Sir..success...waiting for their reply
  11. Thanks Dan✌️😎, will try that asap and send back feedback on that matter however, I must now need to figure how to get the password reset on the website posted above so I can submit the ticket. Don't see a link yet to accomplish it🤨.
  12. Hi; I have just recently purchase and downloaded the PMDG 737NGX Base Package for Prepar3D (1861-44). When downloaded the Ops center works, able to download livery, shows up on screen, exterior sound it's audible, livery it's visible, however the whole cockpit it's totally inoperable. Panels are visible but not functioning and some controls are just slogan in it's place. Nothings works in the interior and noticed the usual green bar that appears while uploading the simulation it's not visible. Additionally, license serial number block or window to enter the product license number does not appears. I did uninstalled from the PCHD once, downloaded again from website link and re-installed once again with same results. Could you please advise. ATT; Fernando Rentas
  13. Hi Simbol; Well it looks like the previous system problem still persist. It freezes on the 1st and 2nd attempt to complete a full flight. I have notice that on the 3rd attempt it I am able to continue the flight however, to much time has being consumed during attempts. The system continues to go on freeze mode aprx. 45 minutes from initiating on the ground. The system have gone into freeze mode either during pushback or taxiing to runway or after take off aprx. 5 into the flight. I did uninstalled all liveries and reload to test which ones were not working properly. Anyone have reported anything further similar to my scenario??...does it look like that must address this straight to PD3 techs on their website?
  14. Success!!...I think I have found the solution to the audio response trouble Bryan. Once again I lost it during the "Before Taxi Checklist" sequence and the I gave command "Resume Checklist", the FO responded by going through the whole checklist alone and then I repeated "Before Taxi Checklist" then responded and executed accordingly. Audio remained good through the rest of the flight. Looking into what other command comes up from SOP2 while using SOP1.
  15. Roger that Bryan...Will look into that action of the 3rd line. I did some voice testing with the options on the General Commands options section on the MOM and regained the audio response from the FO. Once lost the audio I tried a few of them but not sure which command activated the FO to reply back and repeated the checklist a few times aprx 3 but did gained audio response for the remaining of the flight. I think it was the command (Lets try again). I used (Set & Checked) and did not get a response right away. I don't think that (resume chklist, or restart did it) commands did it. Nevertheless, I' am going to keep a close eye and take note right away on the next flight and see if it does it again and report. Note: One strange thing happened but great as well that took place was that during (Before Taxi Procedures) I called out for the "Flight Controls check Your Controls from SOP2) which it's not listed on SOP1 and the FO responded and executed, that was a total surprise. Indeed this it's truly an awesome program Bryan.
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