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  1. Hi Bryan, I am for some reason really trouble getting the software to recognize the words "Yes" and "sure". Recently, FS2Crew also had really trouble picking up the word "on", as it constantly confused it with "arm". What I did was to close P3D v4.5, start Windows 10 native speech recognition program, and then open the speech dictionary. I specifically trained the software for "on", "arm" and "armed", in additin to running voice training 3-4 more times. Afterwards, I rarely have any problems with "On" anymore. Having issues with "Yes" and "Sure", I tried the exact same approach, using the native windows speech recognition. Surely enough, after adding "Yes" and "Sure" to the dictionary specifically Windows 10 picks them up easily when testing with Notepad and just saying the words over and over again. But in FS2Crew, there is absolutely nothing on the green speech bar with these two words. I have been running the voice training over and over again..and I am not too keen on having to start all over with creating a new voice profile here.. Using SOP3, UK1 voice set. My language settings are US English in Windows 10, as well as US English as speech recognition language. Does it matter what my keyboard setting is? Kind regards Kyrre Andersen
  2. Hi Bryan, I just did some more flights. So far, I have only seen this with one of the UK voice sets - not the guy with the irish accent, the other one. Kind regards Kyrre Andersen
  3. Hello Bryan, I am using SOP 3 and completed one leg, thus I ask for "transit shutdown checklist". Upon starting the preflight events once more (FO says, "ok, onto the next sector"). After receiving the loadsheet at +7 minutes, I am using the phrase "are you ready for the departure brief?" the FO comes back to me with "Just let me finish my preflight procedure first". No matter how long I wait, I can't get past the briefing. I did check that the green bar was showing the correct phrase.. But, what preflight procedure is this? I thought that in SOP3, the captain is doing most of the work.. Kind regards, Kyrre Andersen
  4. So, you will consider implementing it for a future version then? 🙂 GSX already has this option.. Br. Kyrre Andersen
  5. Hi Bryan, Maybe as a suggestion for a future update. To get the ramp guy to wait until the captain confirms good engine starts? Now, the german voice at least says "good engine starts from down here", which is not the case always. On the 747 for instance - during a shorter pushback, there is no way to be able to start the engines that soon. Or could you maybe consider an option for this? It's a really nice software, but just to make it even a little bit more realistic? Br. Kyrre Andersen
  6. Now it worked 🙂 I guess it might have been the chocks - hehe. Have a nice day 🙂 Br. Kyrre A.
  7. Thanks Bryan 🙂 I'll give it another go then Br. Kyrre Andersen
  8. Hello, After a couple of attempts now, during pushback the FSL A320 tips back on it's tail during pushback. And yes, I am 100% positive that my parking brake is off and that the chocks are removed. It's happened twice now. Latest versions of UCGX (2.0) and FSL (v2.0.2.450) with P3D 4.5 HF1 being used. Airports: Drzewiecki Design EPGD (Gdansk) and Aerosoft ENTO (Sandefjord Torp X) When the pushback is completed, the nose gear settles back on the ground as normal. The rest of the pushback works "as normal" I would say. A bit of a scary experience for my virtual pax 😄 Br. Kyrre Andersen
  9. Yes, FS2CrewAirbusLabs64.gau is present under the gauges directory On my system it\s on E:\Prepar3D v4\gauges, but I guess that's the right location for it. Br. Kyrre Andersen
  10. Hi Bryan, I am using: Prepar3D_v4_Academic_4.5.14.34698 FSLabs version: v2.0.2.450 FS2Crew: Version 1.4 My antivirus is currently Malwarebytes and I have completely excluded the following folders: Prepar3D main installation folder Prepar3D user/appdata/roaming/Lockeed Martin/Prepar3d V4 Prepar3D user/appdata/local/Lockeed Martin/Prepar3d V4 I just tried to uninstall and then re-install. Same result. There is no "Enable" buttons visible. It is as if the FSLabs was not installed, even though the program is able to locate the parent FSLabs folder. Br. Kyrre Andersen
  11. Hi Bryan, Just before I started the FS2Crew configurator (upon installation of the program) I get prompted to point to any panel.cfg file for the FSLabs. On my system this is located here: E:\Prepar3d v4 Add-ons\FSLabs\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A320 CFM\Panel\Panel.cfg I then got the message that FS2Crew has sucessfully located the parent folder of the FSLabs addon. After entering my details (name, order number and email adress) and pressing activate, the configurator once again asks about the location of any panel.cfg file. I then choose the same file location (as shown above). Afterwards the configurator tells me that the parent folder of FSlabs was sucessfully located. However, the "Enable FS2Crew" button is missing, despite giving the same panel.cfg location twice. Br. Kyrre Andersen
  12. Hello, I use the voice control option with the PMDG 747 QOTS II. When I push back and start from the departure airport - all is working just fine - except for the issue of CTD when using custom made pushback routes (which has been reported here before). I don't mind that too much for now, I just use the computer generated ones - which work just fine for me. However, when I arrive at the destination, I stop to request towing to the stand. The tug comes up and the guy on the ground contacts me. But I am not able to reply with voice - and the menu with the "Go Ahead" option comes up. When I press it, it works fine. But it is as if the software reverts to Menu Control when I request towing to the gate. Br. Kyrre Andersen
  13. Hello, Now, just tried the same pushback once more. The only difference was that I pushed in another direction. Now it worked flawlessly. Very strange indeed! Anyone else experienced this issue? Br. Kyrre Andersen
  14. Hi Bryam I just happened to try a flight out of EDFH. All seems to go well until after setting the parking brake when told to do so by the ramp agent. But after that the guy seems to freeze. Nothing happens and I have to "kill" the program to remove the ground equipment. My aircraft has a bypass pin, and he is supposed to remove the pin after removing the tug, but he justs stands there.. Using P3D v4.5 with QOTS II and FS2Crew. All voice control. No issues in talking to the ground crew using voice. It's just that nothing happens when the ramp agent should remove the pin. Br. Kyrre Andersen
  15. Hi Bryan, The next time I do a flight I will try to reproduce it. I twas thinking it might have something to do with the units setting. I did a flight with the freighter version. I can give it a try with the passenger version and see what happens then. Br. Kyrre Andersen
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