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Found 14 results

  1. Hello folks, Yesterday i bought Carenado's Pilatus pc12 for p3dv4. I think i can't manage to get the weather radar working although i have As16 running. Flying trough thick doesn't show anything on the integrated avidyne radar screen. Do i have to direct the radar to the install path of As16 or something? Or does the radar only show very severe thunderstorms? Cheers Robin Goddyn
  2. The new CockpitStatus Edition 2014 (since 2010) (red line = Hdg, Violet line = Bearing to the virtual Wpt at 20nm aligned with Rwy) CockpitStatus is a advanced Radar and Automatic Approach System for FSX using FSUipc. Network via WideFs. CockpitStatus is including the special ATIasHold Approach and Radar System. A professional multifunction System for any Pilot. The Radar-System has been developed paying attention to what a Radar really should be, essential in any detail. This Radar System is also showing the Destination Apt/Rwy at any distance together with all Wpt/Vor/Adf around 100 nm. Radar is evidencing any Ryw with a virtual Wpt at 20nm distance aligned with the Rwy. (you never get lost) To mention the manual and automatic Radar zooming that is very important. Both Programs are not using any Frequency or FSX-Data, only real world Mathe Formulas by Ed Williams, based on world-position Lat/Lon. http://williams.best....net/avform.htm You approach any Rwy as well as the virtual Rwy you can create at any World-Position, Air, Sea, Ground and return to. visit Intrasystem: http://www.intrasystem.it/FSX/FSX.html There are 2 new Manuals you can download for any further information. Manual CockpitStatus: http://www.intrasyst...ckpitStatus.pdf Manual ATIasHold: http://www.intrasyst...SX/ATIasHld.pdf Flying with CockpitStatus is really different. Information The SIMCON Simconnect Approach and Radar system 2014 is now including the ATIasHold Approach System for FSUipc user. You can download the Freeware AiracSearch Approach System that is a limited edition of Simcon. Simcon Manual: http://www.intrasyst...iles/Simcon.pdf Raimund .
  3. Name: SYSK - Aviation Weather Radar Category: FS Instructional Videos Date Added: 07 October 2014 - 02:34 PM Submitter: scandinavian13 Short Description: None Provided Stuff You Should Know: Weather radar is a little more than you might think. View Video
  4. Hey there everyone! I'm new to the Avsim forums. On a flight from Manila to Los Angeles, after leaving Manila Airspace, I was being handed to Oakland Oceanic from Naha control and everything was fine until my ATC Chatter falls silent as soon as I was handed to another controller in Oakland Oceanic for the third or fourth time, approximately 2000 nautical miles from Los Angeles. I tune in to Los Angeles Center, Approach, Tower, and then Ground. I can't hear any ATC Chatter. I still hear the pilot, controllers, and other pilots but I don't hear the pre-recorded chatter. I checked the "usa" folder and verified the chatter files are still present. I've tried disabling and enabling pre-recorded chatter in-flight but still no luck. On my return flight back to Manila, everything was fine including Los Angeles. I have Radar Contact v4.3 and also tried rebuilding the scenery database but still no luck. Can someone be willing to help me with this problem? Here are my specs: Intel Core i3-2330M Processor 2.20 GHz Windows 7 Home Basic 64-bit 2 GB RAM 320 GB Hard Disk Space Intel HD Graphics 3000
  5. Hello Pilots & Carenado Experts! I own amongst to other aircrafts, the fabulous Carenado F406 Caravan II. It is a very fine aircraft and my favorite plane. Furthermore, I bought the Flight1 GTN 750 and have it successful integrated (F1GTN750F406II.exe) into the F406. Everything is working fine, SimStarter NG, ASN, the F406 including the GTN 750 and all my fantastic sceneries and tools but ... ... the included Weather Radar of the F406 does not work! I can press every button, turn the controller, especially to the ON Position, but the display remains blank. The device is definitely without function! There is nothing that I have changed to the plane, except the GTN 750 integration. By the way, I only fly with my Oculus Rift DK2, so I use only the VC and no 2D gauges! Now to my Questions: 1. Is there really a full weather Radar integrated or is it only compatible and I have to/must buy this WR tool? 2. Is there someone else with this problem? 3. Is there a solution to get the device run? I use for example the following Addons/Specs: Windows 10 Pro 64Bit AMD FX8370 MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GD5T OC (newest driver) 16 GByte RAM FSX Steam Edition (everything on a 500GB SSD) Carenado F406 Caravan II Active Sky Next (via Steam) Flight1 GTN 750 SimStarterNG FlyInside (for my Oculus Rift DK2) ..and much more I dont use DirectX 10, only DirectX9 settings (because the Rift DK2). I have a zipped File with some INI´s and CFG´s but I dont know, how I could upload it inside this thread? I hope someone can/would help me! Best wishes from EDHK, Marco P.S.: Sorry for my bad english but school is over since a lot of years!
  6. Hi, I re-downloaded the 737 NGX in order to get the update (SP1d version 1.10.6346), but everything looks extacly the same as in SP1c, and when I click "WXR" on the EFIS, it doesn´t show on the ND!!
  7. Hi, I have recently purchased Active Sky Next and PMDG777. I have never be able to get the weather radar working, so thought I would see if my Simconnect is working ok..eg, does it connect between ASN and FSX and the PMDG 777 radar. Is there a way to see if this is working ok? what tell's me, "yep, it works ok"? I do know that the weather reports are downloaded to the FSX FMC ok from ASN. I have FSX. No network(one machine) I use win 7 64 bit With the latest registered version of FSUIPC, it fires up when FSX starts, it's log mentions SimConnect_Open succeeded:waiting to check version okay Trying to use SimConnect Acc/SP2 oct07 Running in Mic..Fl..Sim.. X version 10.0.61472.0 Initialising SimConnect data requests now So, this seems to say SimConnect is working as far as FSUIPC is concerned. I have reinstalled the FSX SDK. I have copies of two logs from.USERS,NAME,APPDATA,ROAMING,HIFI,ASN,FSX............ I have no idea what they mean? From ASN_SimConnectionsLog.txt HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component. 3:18:15 PM:0544-FSX Connect Post Attempt: Instantiated = True / mConnected = False 3:18:15 PM:0544-FSX Connection Attempted 3:18:15 PM:0544-Post Connect FS_Connected = False 3:18:25 PM:0104-Pre Connect FS_Connected = False 3:18:25 PM:0104-FSX Connect Pre Attempt: Instantiated = True / mConnected = False 3:18:25 PM:0104-Sim general message:Sim Msg: fsx_simconnect is NOTHING ... 3:18:25 PM:0105-Sim general message:Sim Msg: Connection request sent ... 3:18:25 PM:0116-Sim general message:SimConnect Msg: Data request sent ... 3:18:25 PM:0117-FSX Connect Post Attempt: Instantiated = True / mConnected = False 3:18:25 PM:0118-FSX Connection Attempted 3:18:25 PM:0118-Post Connect FS_Connected = False 3:18:29 PM:0050-Sim general message:Sim Msg: Connected to FS 3:18:29 PM:0657-Sim general message:Sim Msg: Exception received: SIMCONNECT_EXCEPTION_ERROR From ASN_log.txt 3:16:41 PM:0908-Verifying Active Sky Next for FSX License 3:16:41 PM:0923-AppPath = D:\ASNext_FSX 3:16:41 PM:0923-AppDataPath = C:\Users\Geoff\AppData\Roaming\Hifi\ASNFSX\ 3:16:41 PM:0923-FSXPath = D:\FSX\ 3:16:41 PM:0923-FSXFlightPlansPath = C:\Users\Geoff\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files 3:16:41 PM:0923-FSXAppDataPath = C:\Users\Geoff\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX 3:16:41 PM:0939-ASConnect module load position was modified 3:16:41 PM:0939-ASConnect module installation/configuiration was successful 3:16:43 PM:0951-Wx Station Database loaded: 11903 station(s) 3:16:43 PM:0983-VOR station list initialized! 3:16:44 PM:0029-NDB station list initialized! 3:16:44 PM:0092-Airport station list initialized! 3:16:44 PM:0092-Weather station list initialized! 3:16:44 PM:0123-Loading previously loaded weather... 3:16:44 PM:0201-Bytes in bin section of extended data: 2686320 3:16:44 PM:0217-Map image provider initialized! 3:16:45 PM:0019-SimConnect found and initialized 3:16:45 PM:0059-Local client IP address: - Port: 19284 3:16:45 PM:0069-Weather read complete 3:16:45 PM:0139-SimConnect SP2 instantiated! 3:16:45 PM:0649-Current Version = 1.0.5410.16208 / Latest Official Version = 1.0.5410.16208 3:16:45 PM:0699-Downloading global weather data for 14/01/2015 (05Z)... 3:16:45 PM:0709-Scanning servers for best performance... 3:16:46 PM:0279-http://nimbus.hifitechinc.com/ = 773ms 3:16:46 PM:0969-http://stratus.hifitechinc.com/ = 786ms 3:16:48 PM:0219-http://cirrus.hifitechinc.com/ = 1448ms 3:16:49 PM:0599-http://cumulus.hifitechinc.com/ = 1382ms 3:16:50 PM:0429-http://calvus.hifitechinc.com/ = 829ms 3:16:50 PM:0429-Best server: http://nimbus.hifitechinc.com/ - 773ms 3:16:54 PM:0109-Using Client ID: A997B8F16FD64E50F14A860531C2FC07 3:17:01 PM:0273-Start Download Content License Result Check 3:17:01 PM:0273-Content Length: 2641130 3:17:01 PM:0273-Finished Download Content License Result Check in 0 ms 3:17:01 PM:0273-Start Download File Output 3:17:01 PM:0289-Saving weather to disk 3:17:01 PM:0289-Finished Download File Output 3:17:01 PM:0289-Start Decrypt/Decompress 3:17:01 PM:0289-Populating weather stream with new data... 3:17:01 PM:0351-Bytes in bin section of extended data: 2686320 3:17:02 PM:0007-Weather read complete 3:17:02 PM:0022-Download complete 3:17:02 PM:0022-Downloading pireps for 14/01/2015 (05Z)... 3:17:02 PM:0022-Using Client ID: A997B8F16FD64E50F14A860531C2FC07 3:17:02 PM:0537-Pirep Data Received... 3:17:12 PM:0896-Loading previously loaded weather... 3:17:12 PM:0974-Bytes in bin section of extended data: 2686320 3:17:13 PM:0644-Weather read complete 3:17:13 PM:0660-World Magnetic Model has been loaded... 3:18:29 PM:0054-FSX connection established! 3:23:46 PM:0644-Building the theme... 3:23:47 PM:0230-Copying theme file and loading to the sim... 3:23:48 PM:0734-Set Mode to weather theme 3:23:48 PM:0734-Aircraft location on theme load: lat = S19° 15' 20.28" lon = E146° 46' 11.72" alt = 31 feet 3:23:48 PM:0734-Ground elevation at aircraft location on theme load: 16 3:23:48 PM:0735-Set dynamic rate: 0 3:23:49 PM:0091-Allocated new memory during radar array creation: 409600 3:23:49 PM:0093-Allocated new memory during radar array creation: 409600 3:23:49 PM:0094-Allocated new memory during radar array creation: 409600 3:32:13 PM:0637-Downloading global weather data for 14/01/2015 (05Z)... 3:32:13 PM:0637-Using current server: http://nimbus.hifitechinc.com/ 3:32:13 PM:0637-Using Client ID: A997B8F16FD64E50F14A860531C2FC07 3:32:25 PM:0455-Start Download Content License Result Check 3:32:25 PM:0456-Content Length: 2641159 3:32:25 PM:0456-Finished Download Content License Result Check in 1.0001 ms 3:32:25 PM:0456-Start Download File Output 3:32:25 PM:0459-Saving weather to disk 3:32:25 PM:0460-Finished Download File Output 3:32:25 PM:0460-Start Decrypt/Decompress 3:32:25 PM:0460-Populating weather stream with new data... 3:32:25 PM:0529-Bytes in bin section of extended data: 2686320 3:32:26 PM:0192-Weather read complete 3:32:26 PM:0296-Download complete 3:32:26 PM:0297-Downloading pireps for 14/01/2015 (05Z)... 3:32:26 PM:0297-Using Client ID: A997B8F16FD64E50F14A860531C2FC07 3:32:26 PM:0822-Pirep Data Received... 3:32:28 PM:0762-Building the theme... 3:32:29 PM:0484-Copying theme file and loading to the sim... 3:32:30 PM:0986-Theme reloaded 3:32:30 PM:0986-Aircraft location on theme load: lat = S19° 15' 20.30" lon = E146° 46' 11.78" alt = 31 feet 3:32:30 PM:0987-Ground elevation at aircraft location on theme load: 16 Any ideas would be very welcome, as I am a complete novice "under the hood" Regards
  8. I've been learning something new each day about this impressive aircraft. I however, cannot get the weather radar to work. Is there a switch, button, or knob that needs to be adjusted?
  9. Hello everyone. I've not posted much on this site, so please do excuse my ignorance if this is not the right place to ask this question. I have been using Radar Contact V4.3 with PMDG Ngx for a few days now. I use flight plans made in vRoute (exported to pln files), which are uploaded on Radar contact. My question is one of realism, in terms of the radar controller's instructions. Usually, I get cleared to fly planned route as filed, and climb to say 5000 ft after take off. In my FMC on the PMDG, I have waypoints with speed and altitude targets, as you know, and I usually use the LNAV/VNAV mode with autopilot. However, sometimes, the controller will tell me to expedite my climb quite early (for example, my next waypoint altitude target maybe 300ft but he will ask me to climb immediately). I usually then switch ALT HLD and VS to achieve this, but it does throw my planned flight completely off course, I then have to change the target altitudes at the various waypoints ahead. During descent, the same thing happens, they ask me to descend well before the TD point, and always expedite the descent. To all of you who fly for real, is this how it happens in real life? I had thought that SID/STARS have these targets for a reason (weather, wind, traffic etc). Is it ok to bust these constraints based on the ATC's instructions? Also, I have another question. In heavy weather (crosswinds), the aircraft sometimes maintains a heading different from the intended heading to compensate for the crosswind. But the Radar Contact ATC immediately tell me I am offcourse, and ask me to turn in the opposite direction (which at 0.8 Mach is rather long and laborious). I sometimes correct with HDG SEL manually, but it does detract from the smooth flow of the game! Am I doing something wrong here? Please do help! I'm flying ENGM-EKCH today :-)
  10. Hey! What are you doing? Are you flying into some nasty weather? Not sure? Check it out with this: http://store.rexdownload.com/advanced-weather-radar-for-fsx-fsx-steam-edition-and-p3d-v25-v323/10-wx-advantage-radar.html
  11. Hi, there is a new ATC simulator online called Atc4real, it has two airports by now and claims to have real live traffic, any one has tried it?, how accurate it is? this is the link http://www.atc4real.combest,
  12. None of the simulations with which I am familiar have radar built in, except for TCAS. Do real world airliners, such as the 737, 747, 767, 777, have onboard radar that would enable their crews to see aircraft within, say, 50 miles that are not a TCAS threat? Thanks, Mike
  13. FSX,ASN authorized, PMDG 737NGX SP1D authorized. wx panel adjust auto or wx+t,the ND don't show weather nephogram?
  14. Hi, my weather radar doesnt work!! I have ASN trial installed and use OPUS FSI as weather engine. Not even with a valid ASN trial i can get it to work (without opus, just asn). Help is much appreciated. thanks!!
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