Cant’t get radar vectors for a VOR approach at LFMN

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first of all, a small disclaimer, I am new to this software. I think what encountered is a bug but I cannot be 100% certain.

And another note to mention that I use the software without a microphone (so with the sayit and sayit+ functions), on a second computer, connected via widefs to my p3d v4.1 computer.

That being said here is the problem.

I flew several flight to LFMN and would like to perform a VOR B 22R, using radar vectors to the IAF BADPO. I am currently using Aerosoft  1711 cycle and pilot2atc

I wish to fly the NISAR 6R arrival. In the flight plan I select RW22R, Arrival NISA6R, transition NISAR AND CLICK LOAD. 

Everything works fine here. But then I select the approach. I select runway RW22R, then VOR_DME - RW22R - D22RB , transition vectors to BADPO. Everything looks fine on the mini map as I can see the procedure and a magenta Line going to BADPO and the following points. But then, when I click on load, what happens is the plan goes direct from MUS (the last waypoint of the NISAR6R arrival) to BADPO. When flying the flight, ATC clears me for the whole procedure from NISAR and expects me to fly that and I am never vectored. In the config menu, I unchecked ATC assigns SIDs STARs and Approaches, and Randomize SID STARS. I checked Force Pilot Runway selection.

When I saw I was not being vectored, I wanted to try and ask for vectors using the sayit+ menu. But I then discovered that in this menu, I could request radar vectors for ILS, RNAV or Visual. But I could only request a VOR without vectors. Perhaps this is somehow connected to my issue. I made several attempts with the same result each time.


Please tell me if you need some other details.


Best regards.


Charles MOULIN


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Hi Charles.

I entered the flight plan you describe and it correctly goes from MUS direct to BADPO.  Just looking at it, I would expect to begin getting vectors to BADPO right before or right after passing MUS.

There could be a bug that is not giving vectors in this case...I'll have to do some testing to see what's up.

And you are right, the request for vectors to a VOR are missing.  I'll look into that one also.

Thanks for the report,


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Many thanks for your quick answer, much appreciated !

Don’t hesitate to tell me if I can help.


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