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  1. This was bloody fast !
  2. Thanks a lot for your answers. Product bought today ! Charles
  3. Thanks for chiming in Rob, (And by the way thanks for your great P3D V5 videos :) ) Just to be clear, I do understand these update take a bit of time. I don't know when I'll move to P3D V5 (but I'm pretty sure I will at some point). So I just want to make sure that if I buy today, WHEN an update is released I will be entitled to use it in V5. If it's not the case, I'll wait a bit before considering a purchase. Charles .
  4. Hi and sorry to bother you. I am tempted to take advantage of the current offer to finally make the switch from "the other GTN" to RXP. But with P3DV5 jus announced, I wanted to know if anything had been annouced regarding future compatibility with V5. I do not want to buy the GTN right now just to be unable to use it in a couple of months. Best regards. Charles MOULIN
  5. Many thanks for your quick answer, much appreciated ! Don’t hesitate to tell me if I can help.
  6. Hi, first of all, a small disclaimer, I am new to this software. I think what encountered is a bug but I cannot be 100% certain. And another note to mention that I use the software without a microphone (so with the sayit and sayit+ functions), on a second computer, connected via widefs to my p3d v4.1 computer. That being said here is the problem. I flew several flight to LFMN and would like to perform a VOR B 22R, using radar vectors to the IAF BADPO. I am currently using Aerosoft 1711 cycle and pilot2atc I wish to fly the NISAR 6R arrival. In the flight plan I select RW22R, Arrival NISA6R, transition NISAR AND CLICK LOAD. Everything works fine here. But then I select the approach. I select runway RW22R, then VOR_DME - RW22R - D22RB , transition vectors to BADPO. Everything looks fine on the mini map as I can see the procedure and a magenta Line going to BADPO and the following points. But then, when I click on load, what happens is the plan goes direct from MUS (the last waypoint of the NISAR6R arrival) to BADPO. When flying the flight, ATC clears me for the whole procedure from NISAR and expects me to fly that and I am never vectored. In the config menu, I unchecked ATC assigns SIDs STARs and Approaches, and Randomize SID STARS. I checked Force Pilot Runway selection. When I saw I was not being vectored, I wanted to try and ask for vectors using the sayit+ menu. But I then discovered that in this menu, I could request radar vectors for ILS, RNAV or Visual. But I could only request a VOR without vectors. Perhaps this is somehow connected to my issue. I made several attempts with the same result each time. Please tell me if you need some other details. Best regards. Charles MOULIN
  7. Sorry for the delay, I was a bit busy. I just submitted a support ticket. If I have an official answer I'll post it here.
  8. Hi Claus, and thanks for your help. Unfortunately, that is not how the B777 is designed.There is no ADIRU1 and 2. The architecture you are referring to is basically that of older airplanes like the B744 (3 Air data systems, each connected to an Air data computer). On the B777, ADIRU feeds both PFDs when everything is OK, and will isolate a source if it is deemed wrong. If ADIRU fails, then SAARU will take over. Stanby instruments are only fed by SAARU on non ISFD equipped aircraft. But you are right, you see different results with the other failures. Hi again Dan, and thanks for your time. First I asked a B777 pilot on another forum (PSX). He told that he never had this failure in real life or in simulator training but that he basically expected to see some data. This is not hard proof but made me want to ask here. The only data I have is the Boeing FCOM. It says: "Air Data / Attitude (AIR DATA/ATT) Source switch Off-normal position (ALTN not visible, switch out): *the ADIRU provides air data and attitude information to the PFD and ND *Alternate sources or the SAARU are automatically selected to replace ADIRU air data or attitude, as required. ALTN-non normal position (ALTN visible, switch in). The PFD and ND alternate air data/attitude source is selected as follows: *air data (captain): SAARU single channel *air data (first officer): ADIRU single channel *attitude (captain and first officer): SAARU" It does not explain what this failure should do in case you leave those switches in normal position (the automatic reconfiguration algorithm is not explained) BUT it does state that if I push the switch on the captain's side, Air data comes from SAARU single channel. So I don't see why a failure called "ADIRU air data invalid" would prevent air data from being displayed, at least on the captain's side. Do you think with those references I can send them a ticket ?
  9. Thanks for your input, Dan. In that case do you think it would be appropriate to submit a ticket to PMDG for such an issue in order to get their official statement ? I'm asking you because you are a beta tester, so you might be familiar with their procedures. I don't want to be a pain in the...well, somewhere ! Thanks again.
  10. Thanks for the help. I do agree with you, this is clearly an unreliable airspeed situation. Nevertheless, I still find it strange that with AIR DATA/ATT switches in alternate there is no data. I expected wrong data, possibly on all 3 systems, but at least some data. After reading the FCOM I had the FEELING (I insist on this word because I might be wrong) that the purpose of that very switch was basically to force "Raw data" on PFDs to allow the pilot a possibility to decide if one is valid or not. (Otherwise, the aircraft is deciding on itself). Any further input appreciated ! All the best.
  11. Hi everyone, There is something I can't figure out regarding this failure. When I trigger it, here is what happens: AP and AT disconnect. That part seems logic of course. But I loose Air data on both PFD (Capt and FO),while ISFD is still displaying Air Data. The way I understood the FCOM, both PFD should display some data, although they should disagree. I have the NAV AIR DATA SYS EICAS message, and the associated checklist says (First page, second item): "Crosscheck airspeed and altitude on the PFDs and standby flight instruments for accuracy. Each display is receiving data from an independent source." This is exactly the way I understood the FCOM. Now, let's assume this is due to the automatic behavior of the ADIRU. When I push the AIR DATA/ATT switches to ALTN on both PFD's, it is clearly stated that each PFD becomes single channel sourced (One from ADIRU, the other from SAARU), and that I should be able to see some readings on both, although different. Could someone tell me if this is a bug of if I'm missing something here ? All the best !
  12. Well, I had some time to test it and it seems to be working fine.Sorry to have bothered you but I was turning nuts !Actually, your post gave me the idea to re install simconnect on the client, so thanks again for answering so fast.Best regards.Charles MOULINBy the way congratulations on the SP2 :)
  13. Hold it !!!It seems to be working !!!!I uninstalled simconnect from the client and re installed it.It seems to be working !UNBELIEVABLE!!! Sorry, that's a lot of "!"...I'll go test it right now and let you know.Charles
  14. Hi!Thanks for answering so fast.Actually, I already tried that. I started again from a fresh FSX install with sp1 and...no result.On the client I'm certain that FSX is not installed.But How can I know if simconnect is installed on the client ??The only thing I have on the client is the result of the simconnect.msi that I ran to install the client files.By the way, I had no problem to run ASX in local mode directly on the server.Best regardsCharles
  15. Hi everyone!I'm trying to get ASX run in networked configuration without success. I keep having the error message "Simconnect SP1 managed version was not found...."on my client PC.Here is my setup:Server : Q6600,4Gb,GeForce8800GTX 768Mb,Vista Home Premium 32bits(french version), only the windows firewallClient: Pentium M1.6, 1Gb, XP SP2,only the windows firewallI followed everything to the letter.I have FSX SP1 (french), SDK patched.After a few hours of work (thanks Vista...) I could share the folders and check that I couls access the files from the client.I set up simconnect on both PC, opened port500...adn when I run AItraffic for a test on the client,with FSX running on the server, I can see on my client "connected to flight simulator! Received:2" so I guess it's working .I'm out of solutions here please help !!!Best Regards.Charles MOULIN
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