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Commercial Support Forums (Hosted by AVSIM)

These are commercial support forums hosted by AVSIM.  Forums are moderated by the respective developer. 

AVSIM’s (Tom’s) Policy Regarding Commercial and Freeware Support Forums at AVSIM

Did you know AVSIM provides free space for commercial and freeware developers so they can provide support for their product(s)?  The Board of Director’s continues Tom’s legacy and the commercial support forums are still free.  Developers can also advertise within their forums and even provide links to their respective product(s).  There are rules the commercial developer must abide by though and this document is to provide information about those policies since there was never any written policy provided. 

  • If a commercial or freeware developer wants to create a support forum here at AVSIM – Using the AVSIM Contact Form, please provide the name of your forum; a short description, to include sub-forums, if applicable; a link to your website if you have a website; a logo we can use to identify your forum (see examples in our commercial forum section; logos cannot be wider than 170 pixels wide), and name of individual(s) who will help you moderate the forum (they must be members at AVSIM in good standing).
  •  Rules after forum is created – Must be flight simulation related (i.e., an add-on for a flight simulation product).

AVSIM reserves the right to remove or close any forum at any time. When necessary, we will contact the forum owner of any action taken.

Advertising is allowed within main forum and all sub-forums.

You are responsible for moderating your forums.  AVSIM moderators will moderate the forums only for certain violations of the AVSIM Terms of Service as follows:

  1. Threats and Intimidation of Staff and Members
  2. Stalking, Predatory Practices, Pedophilia, Pornographic links or material
  3. Piracy, Key Sharing, Link Sharing, EULA Busting, etc.
  4. Spammers
  5. Copyright violations

Use the “Report Post” inside each topic and post to immediately inform the AVSIM Moderating Team of a violation, to include posts or topics where you believe the member should be warned (you will have the ability to remove or delete an offensive topic or post).

If necessary, pin Forum Rules.

AVSIM must be the only location for your support forums (does not apply to Freeware Forums).  If it is discovered you have forums setup on other websites, to include your own, the forums at AVSIM will be immediately closed and the developer notified of the violation.  AVSIM does not provide free advertising for any developer and, having a forum on several websites would constitute free advertising.  Advertising revenue is one of the resources used to keep AVSIM running.

Your website, if any, must include a link to your support forums at AVSIM.

Notify Forums Administrator or AVSIM Staff immediately when you decide to close your support forums. 

Forums will be closed when discussions end.  Forums are then locked/read-only and eventually sent to the AVSIM bottomless pit.

AVSIM reserves the right to change any rule and charge developer’s for use of the AVSIM site for their support forums.  We will provide at least a two weeks’ notice if the CEO or Board of Director’s decided to implement an annual fee.

The main contact for creating/removing forums is the Forums Administrator (currently Bob Scott- w6kd) and/or Jim Young.  These Administrator’s will also be the contacts you should use if you have further questions or need further assistance.


  1. 62,901
  2. Mindstar Aviation Support Forum

    This forum is the official support forum for Mindstar Aviation’s avionics products for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator as well as Microsoft’s ESP and Lockheed-Martin’s Prepar3D.  Website:  http://www.mindstaraviation.com/

  3. The RealityXP Support Forum

    Find answers, ask questions, and connect with our community of Reality XP users from around the world. Website: www.reality-xp.com

  4. The Official DX10 Scenery Fixer Support Forum

    DX10 Scenery Fixer Forum for official support for this product.

  5. The Multi-Crew Experience (MCE) Support Forum

    Official support forum for the MCE program and its users. Own the MCE? Have questions about it before registering? Want to learn the in's and out's of MCE? Here's the forum for you.

    Website - http://www.multicrewxp.com/index.html

  6. Lorby-SI Support Forum

    This is the Official Support Forum for Lorby-SI Products.
    Website: http://lorby-si.weebly.com/

  7. Pilot2ATC Users Forum

    The place to get information, announcements and official support for Pilot2ATC and share experiences with other users. Website: www.P2ATC.com

  8. The Carenado Support Forum

    The Carenado Support forum is a user-to-user support forum for members to use for the various Carenado products. Carenado relies on a ticket system to provide official support.

    Website:  https://www.carenado.com/sitecarenado/

  9. 4,074
  10. Aviasoft Remote CDU for Phone / Tablet Official Support Forum

    Have you ever wanted to use your tablet / phone as a remote CDU? Well now you can! This free-to-view server will allow you to use your favorite mobile device (Android tablet / phone, iPhone / iPad, Windows tablet / phone) to interact with the CDU in a variety of P3D and MSFS aircraft. This is the official forum for support.

  11. Airline2Sim Support Forum

    Official support forum for Airline2Sim's flight training tutorials for the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 and PMDG 777, plus preview content and your questions for a real pilot answered.
    Website: www.airline2sim.com

  12. SX Airport Design Forum

    Official Scenery Design and Expansions for FSX and P3D! This is the official support and user-to-user discussion forum for SX Airport Designs.

  13. SimSettingsManager Official Support Forum

    The OFFICIAL Support Forum for SimSettingsManager. If you have a problem or need to ask the developer about this product, post your questions here.

  14. simFDR General Support Forum

    Welcome to official Flight Simulator Flight Data Recorder and Cloud Logbook Forum. Here you can receive general support and discussions with the developer of this product.

  15. Blue Sky Star Simulations Support Forum

    This forum is the official support forum for Blue Sky Star Simulations who provide super detailed sound packages for X-Plane, FSX, and P3D. Here you can obtain support directly from the developer regarding any of his products and receive the latest news.

  16. Capt. PERO Support Forum

    Support forum for software projects of Capt. PERO. Feel free to post your questions and support requests. English and German language is welcome.

  17. Flysimware Forum

    Product information on upcoming projects and some user-to-user information. This is the official support forum for FlySimware products but developer support is provided via their official website using a contact system located on their website. Website:  http://flysimware.com/

  18. Mid-Atlantic Air Museum Simulations Support

    Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum Simulations (MAAM-SIM) Support Forum. Here is where you can get support for the B-25 "Briefing Time" and other releases from the MAAM-SIM team!

    Website:  http://www.maam.org/maam_sim.html

  19. FSReborn Series Support Forum

    Discussion and official support forum for FSReborn products. FSReborn comprises a range of products created by Flight Sim Technologies Ltd. with the goal of providing a new level of immersive experiences for different flight simulators.
    Website: https://www.FSReborn.com

  20. Desk Pilot - Shared Cockpits

    Discussion and official support forum for the Desk Pilot that allows you to share cockpits operations between users.

    Website:  http://www.desk-pilot.com/

  21. PhotoSim Labs - Bahamas sceneries

    This forum is the official support forum for PhotoSim Labs. Founded in 2017, PhotoSim Labs has become a leading developer for Flight Simulation in FSX and Prepard3D. We are a small team of professional developers who envision a simulation experience that closely resembles what a real pilot would encounter, whether you are a small general aviation enthusiast or a commercial pilot. We promise to keep surprising our audience by producing the next best thing in flight simulation scenery time and time again. At PhotoSim Labs, customer satisfaction is our #1 goal, and we go the extra mile to make sure each and every one of our flight simulation simmers has a memorable experience. Check out our site and see what makes PhotoSim Labs so special.  Website:  https://photosimlabs.wixsite.com/website

  22. Fulcrum Simulator Controls

    This is the official support forum for Fulcrum Simulator Controls hardware. Support issues and questions relating to our flight simulator controls can be asked here.

  23. The PILOT'S Support Forum

    This is the official support forum for Pilot's add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D, and X-Plane.

  24. Stick and Rudder Studios

    This is the official support forum for Stick and Rudder Studios

  25. Honeycomb Aeronautical

    Official support forum for Honeycomb Aeronautical's line of flight sim hardware controls

  26. SimFly Pad Support Forum

    SimFly Pad is a mobile application featuring interactive checklists, in-game photography and video capture, as well as cockpit control functionalities. This is the official support forum for SimFly Pad.

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