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  1. Hey! I love your profile picture!

  2. But do you think people have the right to not want to be asked questions like that and never answer them at all because it is private? Because did you know that some website hosts do tell what would happen to their websites like if they retire?
  3. Hi, I have a question. Can anyone tell me whether a reason no one is answering all of my AVSIM messages, including emails and forums is because they have the right to be annoyed and never answer the questions or discuss them because they are private? Thank you so much for your help. -Connor Richey
  4. Because I very curiously want to know so much, you know that?
  5. Because that is private, isn't it?
  6. Does it mean the administrators keep that information private? Because why?
  7. Well, does everyone want to know that information?
  8. Who are you talking to? Because what do you mean?
  9. Then why do you think not?
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