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  1. https://secure.simmarket.com/snow-palm-studios-sps-8-q4ng-msfs.phtml Even though they're not officially calling it that, for all intents and purposes it is pretty much a Dash 8-400. This product is bad. Really bad. Like FS 2002 Abacus bad. Any old timers here will remember that company. Here is the first video review posted:
  2. Just out of curiosity what ever happend to the Antonov An-2 that was supposed to be one of the first local legends releases ? Is that still stuck in legal limbo because of licencing issues ?
  3. First review of this product, btw I highly recommend this channel.
  4. Sorry, I meant to say historical hurricanes will be modeled. I do wonder how the weather engine would handle something as complex as a hurricane. I feel like this add on will have a lot of nice eye candy, but not something terriby realistic from a physics point of view.
  5. https://sofly.io/storm/ It's going to be interesting to see how they model things like hurricanes. Looking forward to the trailer.
  6. http://www.atsimulations.com/an2 https://www.facebook.com/ATSimulations/ On their Facebook page they explain that even though the project is essentially complete and ready for release, due to licensing issues with Antonov, the release will be delayed until next year. Is this a thing that happens regularly ? Are Captain Sim addons licensed by Boeing ? I sure hope not.
  7. Here's a review if anyone is interested. Based on what I've been reading on other sites it seems like they watered down the way the aircraft flies in terms of handling qualities to make it easier for beginners. One one hand I understand that, but on the other hand if an aircraft is "too easy" and doesn't have any sort of learning curve that kind of ruins it for some people.
  8. Here's review of the scenery package. The big disappointment is how awful the scenery is once you leave the airstrip. But considering how little satellite imagery there is in this part of the globe, there is no easy fix for this.
  9. https://fselite.net/news/samscene3d-releases-new-york-city-times-for-msfs/ This looks absolutely stunning. If you love flying around the NYC area this is a must buy !
  10. This is one area that needs improvement in the future. Also toward the end you get to hear some of the ambient sounds they've prepared for this game.
  11. Hello everybody. Just wanted to post this video of Niagara Falls. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-s3n_X7o9sE Unfortunately, the game really struggles with waterfalls. But I assume it can be corrected in the future with the release of the SDK.
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