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  1. Next time better to write an informative title, instead of "this one" you write "with WB-Sim 172SP Classic Enhancement from Just Flight". Respect your readers.
  2. No it's not, it's still way below other STOL aircraft (notably systems depth is not good at all) ; buy the analog Caravan by Black Square, the Kodiak by SWS, or the Milviz PC-6 if you want quality STOL aircraft.
  3. No need to wonder, the answer is pretty easy to figure out. You've been here a long time, you know how third party stores work. Note it's Sunday.
  4. Flightsim.to liveries will not be shown in the livery manager. The livery manager is only for downloading liveries made by the Fenix team.
  5. Thanks for checking, can you notify this to Navigraph or shall I do it?
  6. Hello, whenever multiple approaches are available, often the ATC doesn't say which to fly. For example, I was assigned an RNAV approach to a runway, but on the FMC and Navigraph there are 4 approaches to that runway (RNAV E, RNAV Y, ...) ! Looking at the waypoint in Pilot2ATC didn't help either as an ILS approach was actually listed when I checked (not updated to the new approach?). Thanks Expect the NELS One Lima arrival with the NELSU transition with vectors for the RNAV approach to runway Zero Nine SCANDINAVIAN Three Two Two
  7. This bug happens with every Carenado plane. You need to deactivate the ground traffic and the AI traffic to fix it
  8. For your next topics, instead of writing "this", put something useful, it makes it less annoying to read. For example, "anyone heard of RealTurb CAT?". Of course, this would still be a terrible title, but less so.
  9. To avoid the bounce you want to push forward upon touching with the main wheels. Regarding lateral drift, I haven't figured that out yet 😅
  10. The Seneca still has some issues such as a bugged autopilot that can't be properly engaged in climb (aircraft will dive by -1000 fpm or more before reaching the commanded fpm).
  11. If you're eating anywhere near that range, you're typically getting defrosted industrial food.
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